Wooden pallets and creative ways to use them in the interior of a country house

Lately, the growing popularity of furniture made from pallets (wood pallets). It is used mainly for decoration of country houses and resettlement of the local area. Pallets are affordable, environmentally friendly, and meet all the requirements of fashion. In the collections of some top designers can observe the interior, made or styled after them. Besides durable untreated wood will serve as an excellent framework for the creation of original furniture and implement your design ideas.


Furniture, hand made, will bring to your home warmth and comfort, and the interior will sparkle with new colors. You can decorate your home in a quirky and original decor items, functional accessories, with comfortable tables, chairs, shelving, the design of which will develop independently. You will be able to consider all nuances and to design furniture size is right for you. Very convenient for this use wooden pallets, which represent a special packing material (more specifically – a wooden container with a flat base) that is used to transport various goods. The wood, which manufactures trays, very durable, can withstand high weight load and the structure is quite stable. To buy such pallets can be from manufacturers or carriers; information about them can be easily found on the Internet.

Pallets are very convenient: they are easy to understand, held together and combined, they can be painted in any colour, or covered by any material, so your design can be virtually no limit. In essence, these trays are a universal constructor, which is convenient and pleasant to work with.

It is worth noting that no matter how limitless your imagination, before using the pallet they should be produce a standard manipulation: sanded, sanded and be sure to put some antiseptic or other special solution so that the furniture could last you for years to come. You should also carefully select and paint, because not all of them are suitable for street, or, conversely, for areas. Always be attentive to such nuances, because they can harm the health of your loved ones.

For anybody not a secret that the texture and sustainability go hand in hand. In order not to lose, but rather enhance these qualities, the pallets can be painted stained or clear lacquer. But if you are a lover of bright colors, and not afraid to experiment, make their bold colored paints and let the design of your home will turn out non-trivial and expressive.

So, what you can make with your own hands from the pallets? First, garden furniture. Pallets are perfect to create benches and tables. After headsets will be manufactured, it can be framed soft cushions and built-in niches to be equipped with shelves where you can store, for example, plastic utensils or other necessary detail. If the countertop decorating glass, then it will look stylish and solid. Second, the pallets perfectly suitable for the decoration of flower-beds, then your flower beds will always be smooth and neat. Third, the pallets will be fine to look at as the fixture on the wall under the pots. Enough to place such a construction on the wall or installed as a standalone support (for example, near your new furniture), put on her vines. Of course, you can simply hang up the original pots, they will serve as a wonderful decoration of your interior.

If you’re in the shower not only a designer, but also familiar with some building techniques, you can build from pallets comfortable swing for your kids. And for the smallest you can make the crib safe with high bumpers. When the child gets older, the crib can be modified, completed top, then you will get the original Playhouse.

Do not forget about our brothers. Tray would make a great stand for feed or, alternatively, a great scratching post.

Pallets can be used not only in the country but also in urban apartments, for example, setting them as a suspension structure for the TV, it pre-painted in the color of your interior. But the most popular way to use pallets is the creation of the frame of the bed. Here your imagination can be endless, ranging from color selection and ending with the size of the structure. You can decorate your sleeping place, lighting, paving led wire on the inner perimeter of the frame, or having attached to it a garland. Such lighting will look stylish, original, beautiful, and will create a special atmosphere of coziness.

The space under the frame of the makeshift beds from pallets can be used as a storage system. The higher your collected frame, the more stuff can be put there. Still made from pallets you can build a headboard. Just imagine how interesting it will look to your bed – made of wood and with decorative elements!

Pallets are perfect for building shelving for books or simple shelves, which will look wonderful as washing supplies (in the bathroom), and larger items like vases or other decorative accessories (living room).

If you are among the people who decided on the creation of furniture and other items out of pallets, it speaks about your creativity. Besides, buying pallets and making them different from functional things, you are not only doing interesting work, while saving the family budget, but are processed and recycled, helping the planet to breathe and become a little cleaner.

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