Wooden beam: the best solution for the house in the suburban area

If you prefer natural building materials, pay attention to wooden beams: the best solution for your home, from the point of view of environmental safety. The article will be discussed about the existing varieties of timber, the advantages and disadvantages of each. You will be able to estimate construction costs with the use of a material and to make informed choices, learn the costs of different types of timber and the price of insulating materials.

Hardwood timber is the best solution for building a house

The contents

  • 1 the specificity of the projects of single-storey houses of timber and the price of construction
    • 1.1 Hardwood lumber: the best solution for your home
    • 1.2 Why is it better to buy a house from profiled timber than timber frame
    • 1.3 Insulation of houses of timber: how much to build a cottage taking into account the cost of insulation
    • 1.4 Disadvantages of building houses based on the timber
  • 2 Common projects of houses of timber: the price and photo
    • 2.1 Features, pictures and free drawings projects of houses of timber
    • 2.2 Advantages and disadvantages of timber houses, how much the finished building under the key
    • 2.3 Country house of the profiled bars: projects and prices on the purchase of material
    • 2.4 the Advantages of construction from a profiled bar and building costs
    • 2.5 construction defects on the basis of profiled material
    • 2.6 Construction of houses from glued beams: projects and prices for the purchase of blanks
    • 2.7 Houses from glued beams under the key: the cost of construction and disadvantages of the material

The specificity of the projects of single-storey houses of timber and the price of construction

Specialists recommend to think about before the construction of houses of timber turnkey, how much is a similar construction with all costs for materials and services workers. Perhaps, buying a ready-made structure in some circumstances is not so problematic and costly.

A useful tip! To come to some reasonable solution, you first need to determine the type of construction, to pick up the material and compare the prices offered by him.

Wooden beam: the best solution for your home

The advantages of this construction technology enough to every year was more and more supporters.

The construction of one-storey houses of timber

Advantages of cottages of wood:

  • sustainability and purity;
  • high thermal insulation performance;
  • a simple system of construction;
  • affordability in price.

Most of the developers attracted to the performance properties of wood, which made harvesting timber.

Quality timber does not contain vices or defects which destroy the structure of the wood

Building market offers several varieties of timber:

  • profiled;
  • cut;
  • glued;
  • double.

Each of these types of material is accompanied by its own advantages and disadvantages. For example, a typical rod, called a cut, allows to build houses of timber turnkey at the budget cost. However, the construction using this material needs to shrink by at least for one year. In addition, the usual timber is susceptible to cracking.

For the production of glued laminated timber used is softwood

The adhesive material is more resistant to deformation changes, however, the cost of such construction is much higher. The main advantage of profiled products is the processing special impregnations, which reduce Flammability.

The use of shaped timber opens up opportunities in terms of design. The material is characterized by easy handling and can be used to construct buildings with unusual shapes.

Why is it better to buy a house from profiled timber than timber frame

For the reason that the connection between the profiled elements at the expense of the locks and system of grooves, ensures a snug fit and as a result increases the ability to retain heat. In relation to appearance this material is very aesthetically pleasing.

Construction of wooden houses of timber

A useful tip! Given the high decorative materials, building walls can be left intact, rejecting the application of the finish. However, you will need the regular care of wood. This will need from time to time to impregnate the material with a special protective means to prevent blackening and rotting.

The frame structure in question is sound isolation much lose Brusova home. Natural wood has excellent property to absorb sounds. If you intend to build building based on timber for year-round use need to perform additional insulation. In this case, the thickness of the layer of insulating material will be considerably less than the required rate for frame construction.

Laying rail and connecting it between themselves

The minimum expenses for thermal insulation materials will be accompanied by a construction based on timber 200×200 mm. So, the cost of a one-story house 6×6 m it will be 300 thousand rubles.

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Insulation of houses of timber: how much to build a cottage taking into account the cost of insulation

Insulating material should create a certain effect, to carry out its function at the proper level. Optimal climatic conditions for accommodation are created in cases when the indoor temperature is not reduced under the influence of changes in the external environment. However, it should be completely excluded, the probability of occurrence of factors contributing to the deterioration of the wood.

Insulation of houses of timber

In lumber houses, insulation is carried out almost everywhere:

  • Foundation;
  • wall;
  • window openings;
  • doorways;
  • floor;
  • roof.

Average prices for heaters:

Type of insulation material Name Unit of measure Price, Euro Mezhventsovogo Fleece Pogue. m 34 m 6 Flax, Jute, Lnovatin 8 4 600 m2 of Sprayed Polyurethane foam polystyrene “extrol” m3 4500-5500Техноплекс4000-5000Кинпласт3400-4800Теплоизоплит4000-4500ПенопластПенопласт1700-3700Минеральная ватаIzovol2000-8500Rockwool1800-2500Isoroc1900-7600Izobel1700-2000

The table shows the average rates for the purchase of insulation. If you do the procedure with his own hands – it is possible to achieve significant savings.

Please note! Mineral wool insulation is certified. However, according to experts, it is not suitable for log homes and is considered dangerous for health, especially in case of incorrect installation.

Disadvantages of building houses based on the timber

Compared to frame construction, timber houses have some advantages, but there has not been without flaws:

  • the building would require time for shrinkage (at least a year);
  • high probability of occurrence of cracks on the surface;

Wooden house maintains the optimum moisture, oxygen balance and distributes heat

  • negative effects of moisture can damage the building;
  • there is a need for careful sealing of cracks;
  • high level of fire danger.

By itself, the period of shrinkage for many owners is not much inconvenience, as this scheme allows to divide the costs into several parts. In most situations, it is very profitable. A negative attitude to the houses of timber appeared due to cracks and deformation changes that occur in the process of drying.

The structure of the tree has beneficial effects on the air

Modern builders often resort to savings, using materials with insufficient drying. In some cases, the cracks cause significant harm to the facade of the house. It is necessary to perform work on the grout and finishing of the building from the outside.

It is considered that the house on the basis of timber is more environmentally friendly than timber frame. However, the construction of low-cost houses from glued beams under the key can not be called completely safe. The laminated material obtained as a result of artificial drying. The wood is coated with a special impregnation, which lost its natural properties.

A useful tip! Given the high fire hazard wiring and cables should be run neatly. Use a special corrugation. It is recommended that it was metal, because walls in buildings of timber have increased combustible properties.

In our day the house of natural wood began to enjoy great popularity

Common projects of houses of timber: the price and photo

Work on the construction of wooden houses is carried out with the use of timber as a building material. Opinions as to which option of raw materials is better odds, and experts cannot come to a definite decision. The only thing you can do is perform characteristics of each of the materials, highlight the advantages and negative aspects and on the basis of the information received to come to a definite conclusion.

For the construction of cottages timber the use of the following types:

  • normal;
  • profiled;
  • glued.

The project one-storey wooden houses 10×7 metres of timber

Features, pictures and free drawings projects of houses of timber

Construction work using a conventional bar designed to achieve an individual approach to the design of the project. In this case, does not require pre-adjustment of wood for internal finishes can be used in various type and external characteristics of materials.

Many companies sell regular lumber to build houses, as it is the most simple material of all varieties. This raw material is the most environmentally friendly because the process of its receipt and with the attached minimal amount of effort.

One of the advantages of timber houses is the lack of need for interior finishing

External characteristics are not pared down timber are quite humble and modest in comparison with glued or profiled material. Be sure when working with it you will need to finish some preparations. However, the purchase of conventional timber has its advantages, as the price of not pared down the material more affordable than other types of timber.

Please note! The table below shows the average rates for the purchase of timber. Depending on the region and the companies involved in the sale of building materials, these values can fluctuate. In the cities, where the timber industry is developed, the cost of timber is considerably lower than where the industry is not developed.

Prices for the purchase of timber:

The dimensional parameters of the workpiece, Cobham raw material in one billet, м3Количество blanks, PCs/м3Стоимость, RUB/m3 0,06 16,6 6000 10×10 10×10 10×20 6000 11,1 0,09 0,12 8,5 7,4 6000 6100 0,135 15×15 15×20 20×20 5,5 0,18 0,24 4,16 6100 6100

The advantages and disadvantages of timber houses, how much the finished building under the key

The majority of people prefers to buy cheap house of timber turnkey, because such constructions have many advantages:

  • Affordable price – as the production of timber is accompanied by the minimum application equipment and treatment technologies, the material cost remains the lowest in comparison with other varieties of wood.
  • A wide range of material has different size parameters, and it is present almost everywhere, which eliminates problems with the purchase.
  • Simple system construction wall – construction is not only simplified, but reduced in time.

Standard dimensions lumber

A useful tip! To buy a finished house from a bar based on carefully designed projects can be in any company that provides the service of construction of houses under the key. Most of these firms can offer a large selection of finished projects.

Prices for two-storey house from a bar:

The dimensional parameters, m floor Area, m2 Price, RUB 6×6 51,7 72,4 753250 455400 6×9 7×7 7×8 745750 70,5 77,5 802075 7х9 88,1 1175500 7,3×10 93,6 92,7 1200750 1250000 8×8 9×10 10×12 106 1433000 148,7 183425011х12157,21842050

The shortcomings of conventional lumber are also available:

  • arise in the process of shrinkage and drying cracks and deformation change;
  • performing the shell plating is required;
  • in the process of deformation changes during shrinkage of the wall prone to misalignment, gaps may appear between elements;
  • you want to work antiseptic, otherwise the wood turns blue.

Country house of shaped timber: for projects and prices for the purchase of material

Profiled timber is high-tech and natural material. Raw materials for its manufacture are conifers. After receiving the billets they are subjected to special processing – milling. As a result of this manipulation it turns out a certain form of products.

Interesting design of large single-storey house from a bar with a loft

This files most often on the outside of the workpiece positioned protruding parts, and inner side facing the house was flat. However, some manufacturers produce flat products from both sides or, on the contrary, convex.

Prices for the purchase of profiled beam:

The size of section, see overall dimensions of the workpiece, see the Volume of raw material in one billet, м3Количество blanks, PCs/м3Стоимость, RUB/m3 10×15 9,2х14,2 0,09 11,1 7300 15×15 14,2х14,2 0,135 7,4 7300 15h20 14,2×19,2 0,18 5,5 7300 10h20 9,2×19,2 0,12 8,4 7300 20×20 19,2×19,2 0,24 4,16 7300 Boring bowls on the material 10×15 9,2х14,2 0,09 11,1 9300 15×15 14,2х14,2 0,135 7,4 9300 15h20 14,2×19,2 0,18 5,5 930010х209,2×19,20,128,3930020х2019,2×19,20,244,169300

Profiled timber is solid wood that has undergone high-quality surface treatment. Due to the fact that the natural structure of the material is not broken, the structure of the timber is able to “breathe”.

Please note! Profiled timber is a 100% natural material. In its composition does not contain chemical substances or synthetic origin.

The advantages of structures made of shaped timber and building costs

Because the natural wood structure is not disturbed in the process of manufacturing, all the natural properties of the material are retained.

Project compact one-storey house from a bar: 1 — terrace, 2 — vestibule, 3 — hall, 4 — living room 5 — kitchen 6 — bedroom, 7 — bathroom 8 — children’s

As a result, we get a lot of benefits from building timber houses:

  • normal ventilation, natural moisture content and optimum climatic conditions inside premises;
  • the attractive facade of the house even without additional finishing;
  • a high level of thermal insulation;
  • the absence of drafts;
  • the presence of grooves allows to put the workpiece as close as possible, so that the humidity cannot get into the gaps and cause there the rot;

Types of fixing timber

  • despite the high cost compared to conventional rail, core material is much cheaper glued;
  • heat the rooms in winter;
  • the total percentage of shrinkage is: larch – 4,5%, pine and cedar – just 3.5%;
  • it is not necessary to make konopatku joints;
  • for insulation enough to do a laying of jute in the grooves;
  • simple and fast scheme for the construction of buildings.

Prices for construction of houses with an attic of profiled beam:

The dimensional parameters, m floor Area, m2 Price, RUB 6×6 6×9 505200 50,4 75,6 68,6 743350 760250 7×7 7×8 790100 7х9 78,4 88,2 100,8 870300 8h9 999350 8,5×9 76,5 1005350 8х14 107,1 1263850 9×9,8 123,2 1154200

Construction defects on the basis of profiled material

Despite all the benefits of building a house based on timber, profiled material has its drawbacks:

  • finishing may be carried out only after the timber has reached the required ratio of its relative humidity.
  • after drying, the possible cracks, the moment depends on the time of year;
  • the construction of the building at a low temperature is accompanied by minimal appearance of cracks that are small. Heat on the contrary provokes the emergence of large damage on the material;
  • square timber cracks arise from different sides.

Vzaimosoedinenii profile structural timber

Please note! The number of cracks can also affect the size of the cross section of the material. Blanks have internal stress caused by uneven shrinkage, this material is resistant to cracks in those places where the cross-section of large area.

Construction of houses from glued beams: projects and prices for the purchase of blanks

Glued laminated timber is a material consisting of glued boards. Technology of creation of such preparations is quite costly both in money and in time. Therefore, the cost of houses from glued beams is quite high.

The advantages of the material:

  • thanks to the excellent decorative characteristics of the building do not require additional finishing;
  • in use, the beam is not subjected to deformation changes, such as shrinkage, loss of shape, twisting or cracking;
  • the workpiece does not have internal stresses like solid wood;
  • the beam does not bend and does not shrink;

Option-plan wooden house from a bar with an area of 124 sq. m

  • has a dense structure and high strength (these values are higher than solid timber 50-70%);
  • excluded deformation changes under the influence of moisture, since the Board is in the process of gluing stacked on top of each other so that the direction of the wood fibers is positioned perpendicularly;
  • quick mounting system;
  • invulnerability before micro-organisms and insects;
  • durability and fire resistance.

Prices for the purchase of laminated material:

The size of section, see the Cost, RUB./M. p. 300 380 8×8 10×10 15×15 20×20 750 111010х1557015х2097020х25140010х20700

Houses from glued beams under the key: the cost of construction and disadvantages of the material

Deficiencies in material not much, but they had still there. First, is the high price that exceeds the cost of solid timber triple. Secondly, glued laminated timber is less environmentally friendly than normal and shaped.

Please note! The presence of the adhesive in the blanks reduces the breathing capacity of the material.

Prices for the construction of two-storey houses from glued material:

The dimensional parameters, m floor Area, m2 Price, $ 9,4х9,1 128,3 2938800 9.4 x 11 2 157,92 5009750 10,2×7,9 80,5 2843675 11. 4×8. 8 of 120.7 4954350 11,4×15,9 271,5 610320011,7×14,9261570620014,5х13282,76159800

Features dual timber: projects of houses, the price of construction

As a building material timber can provide several advantages:

  • the almost complete absence of shrinkage;
  • light weight, which facilitates not only transportation, but also construction;
  • the absence of cracks and deformations;

Project one-story house with a convenient layout and a garage: 1 — vestibule, 2 — hall, 3 — bedroom, 4 hall, 5 — bathroom 6 — bedroom, 7 — bedroom, 8 Laundry room, 9 kitchen, 10 — living room-dining room 11 — the garage 12 — dressing room

  • if it is assumed the construction of a bath, no need for installation of a vapor barrier material;
  • don’t need pins and mezhventsovogo seals;
  • high ability to retain heat.

Prices for construction of houses with a loft, double timber:

The dimensional parameters, m floor Area, m2 Price, RUB 6×8 7×7 4831500 62,4 63,7 5599000 8,4х13,7 149,5 67880008,4х17,8194,375040008,5×8,593,662045009,3×6,578600960011,6×7,7115,76454500

Double rail allows you to complete building a house for 1-2 months. Obtained as a result of this construction the walls do not need additional finishing, as the external features of the home are obtained the same as in the case of the use of laminated material.

As internal insulation, which is filled between the double beams is used:

  • ecowool;
  • mineral wool;
  • sawdust;
  • loose-fill cellulose.

Gorgeous interior houses made of timber

Given the shortcomings and advantages of each material, as well as prices for purchase and construction, it is possible to conclude that the advantageous properties of materials directly influence the cost and the final price of the building.

The usual bar is the simplest and most affordable material. Building through double timber is considered the most expensive and high quality. Profile and laminated options in this chain occupies a middle position, both in terms of durability and quality, and in the bottom.

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