The variety of colors and geometric ornaments for the family from Yamal

16 Oct 2017

We offer you to familiarize with the new work of the design Studio “design Point”. The team developed a design project of an apartment for a family of 4 persons. All members of the family travel a lot, I love bright spaces and built-in furniture; the eldest daughter is singing, and the youngest artistic gymnastics. Details about the creation of the project readers says art Director of the design Studio Ivan size.

“As the house panel, large-scale changes to the layout designers to make are unable, however, WC were able to expand at the expense of the corridor. One of the main objectives was to preserve the spacious and bright space that completely failed to realize in the interior.

Kitchen-living room

Kitchen-living room is the biggest space of the apartment. One of the walls we took the cabinets from floor to ceiling and highlighted her color. The rest of the kitchen work surface was left without wall cabinets and made it white, so as not to overload the space.

The balcony was already attached by the previous owners, so now he’s part of the living room.

The bedroom of the eldest daughter

In the bedroom of the eldest daughter is sleeping and work areas, play area for electronic piano and a wardrobe. Zoning is performed by using color. The painting moves from the walls to the ceiling, visually separating different functional areas are quite spacious room.

Bedroom of the youngest daughter

This room is not that big, so we did not use major accents.

The color of the walls selected neutral to serve as a good background for furniture is more bright shades.

The parents ‘ bedroom

One of the main wishes of the owners – built bed, which takes up a lot of space. We used a technique which is often used in hotels, when a small area has everything you need: bed, wardrobe, Desk and boudoir area. All furniture is built-in, and seemingly flow into one another. Thus, we use the maximum ergonomic space.


Originally this room was smaller, but was enlarged at the expense of the corridor. Because of this the bathroom was able to accommodate the Laundry area, which, together with the storage takes up an entire wall with the door. Color and planning the solution also corresponds to the idea of hotel – used a large square made of the same material.

Entrance hall

The pantry was decided to use as a dressing room at the entrance, so all the storage of seasonal items was hidden. In the hallway there is only mirror, console and Ottoman for pereobuvaniya.


The second bathroom in the apartment, it was decided to convert for a sauna with shower. This room became a place of recreation and relaxation for all family members”.

Project designer Polina Shevtsova

Art Director of the project Ivan size

Design Studio “design Point”

All photos for this article courtesy of design Studio “design Point”

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