The use of fruits and vegetables in creating original interior design

23 Oct 2017

Fresh fruits and vegetables – a real storehouse of vitamins and minerals that should be eaten all year round. They give us vitality, wellbeing, have a beneficial effect on the organism as a whole. However, in addition to the undeniable benefits of fruits, vegetables and berries are mostly still and looks colorful, bright and highly attractive. They delight the eye with their natural beauty and naturalness, which we sometimes miss in the bustle of everyday life. So why not decorate and not to create them using the original design of the apartment?

Fruits, berries and vegetables consistently evoke warmth, joy and vitality of summer. So use them for decorating the house is a great idea. The most simple and effective way will become the normal storage – in a beautiful wicker basket, stylish vase in original form or even simply plain dishes. The dishes you can take any – as long as it is not distracting from the overall style of the room.

As for the layout of fruits and berries, it is equally well will look strict and measured the composition of any interesting combination of colors and the size of the fruit, and a sloppy mess, outstanding creative part of your nature. The main thing here – do not hesitate to make a fruit arrangement bright accent room, because the gifts of Pomona, you can not only use in food but and put on the stylish exquisite vases in which they will look particularly enticing.

Storage of vegetables and fruits can be used not only traditional dishes in the form of bowls, vases, or flat dishes, but also a beautiful tiered hanging baskets made of metal. They themselves will look original, and in combination with colorful fruits especially.

I would like to say a few words about the color accents in the room. If your kitchen is decorated with colourful, edible tropical fruit will look at it very organically and naturally. But if the design is made in neutral black, grey or white tones, the bright, elegant peel tangerines, oranges and bananas will attract looks, making fruit composition artistic accent kitchen.

Of course, the embodiment of the fruit theme it is more logical to implement in the kitchen, which is always welcome the presence of bright colors and abundance of food. However, the other rooms too should not escape attention – like the living room a bowl of fruit will look very appropriate in the center of the table or on the table near the sofa. But if you wish to add a touch of playfulness to your decor, you can take a banana, orange and Apple and casually spread them between different items of functional purpose (for example, between the table lamp and decorative box). This way you will be able to “dilute” the peaceful living environment and create a relaxed friendly atmosphere. Just remember that edible fruit can’t for a long time to lie at room temperature so you will have to regularly replenish its reserves, enjoy eating the juicy vitamin Goodies.

The beautiful decoration of your kitchen can serve not only fruit and vegetables purchased in the store, but the real live fruit trees. Of course, they will require you some investments moral and physical strength; they will need to constantly to watch, to care, to create favorable conditions. But the great compensation, you will serve as their fresh fragrance and tenderness of greens that will make your room a wonderful atmosphere of comfort, kindness, understanding. Besides, you no longer have to endlessly spend money to buy new fruits to decorate the interior, and is also an important point.

Another interesting solution would be fruit trees planted on the warmed loggia. If you have enough patience, then eventually you will be able to create a real mini-garden made in accordance with your individual needs. But if you are not lazy and will decorate your balcony seedlings strawberries or strawberries, all the year round there will be no spring or summer, and you will always nice to look back.

Vitamin decor ideas find their application not only in decorating the premises, or in a purely practical sense (when all members of the family arrange themselves useful and enjoyable snack). Live fruit been successfully used in aromatherapy for relaxation. For example, if you take lemon or orange, cut in half, light a beautiful candle, and go to the bathroom, exudes intense fruit, expressive, tart smell will help the body to relax after a hard day.

Finally I would like to say a few words about the traditional organization of storage system of fruits and vegetables in clear glass containers of different shapes. Some people think this technique is trivial and obsolete, and absolutely nothing. In addition to the unconditional facilities and use such vessels filled with fruit, only will decorate any room and will be an original decor element.

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