The project “the Way home” – light Provence for active couples

9 Jan 2017

We offer you to start the new year with a fun new project of the architectural Bureau “Victory Design”, which has a cozy name of “the Road home”. The Bureau designed the interior of the apartment with an area of 77,9 sq m for couples living in Izmailovo. Interesting details about the project, says art Director of the architectural Bureau “Victory Design” Stepan Bugaev.

“The project with the beautiful name “the Road home” we have done for couples, the head of which is an engineer, and his wife – in the construction sector. They lead an active lifestyle, love to travel, visit theatres and museums, play sports, spend time with children and granddaughter, collecting antique paintings. In the interior give preference to light tones and natural materials, smooth shapes and rounded corners.

The layout of the apartment includes a living room, bedroom, dressing room, kitchen, bathroom and storeroom. The interior is decorated in the Provence style with distinct textures of natural materials – stone and wood. The main background in all areas white, some with touches of pastel grey, mint, coffee notes. Elegant forms of furniture create the look light and airy interior.

Living room: the living room with warm shades of calm. Wood pattern modular flooring echoes the crossing of the bookcase that separates the living room from the corridor. The angular Windows on either side of the window, specify the symmetry and the chair rounded shapes and has to sit down and read a favorite book.

Bedroom: bedroom Interior adjusts to relaxation and rest. High headboard extends from wall to wall, neutral Wallpaper with a small floral pattern mint color to create the background. The base of the bed and chair with vanity area made of thick white fabric. The abundance of white creates a feeling of airiness and lightness of the interior. The furniture is of white wood does not weigh down the interior and has a sufficient number of places for storage.

Dressing room: the Interior closet made in a completely white color. Against this background stands out the figure of modular flooring. Hallway fairly neutral color scheme – white, light grey, sand. Inc. the hall group allows you to place the necessary amount of clothing from your daily wardrobe. In the dressing room at the entrance is all outerwear and footwear, the space is used for storage.

Kitchen: the kitchen Interior is executed in warm pastel colors. White color is the background for shortcake and coffee shades. Kitchen apron goes from the countertop to the wall, creating a single composition. Active floor tiles large format creates a sense of Sunny terraces. Dining group presents easy chairs of wood, which are the center of the composition, and a table, whose rounded shape hanging lamp. The lamp itself is very interesting: on its surface there is jagged as if broken off the edge. In combination with a tray, shaped to mimic the broken part of the lamp. It turns out that the light is hatched out of the egg, and left here is a shell.

Bathroom: the Dominant feature of the composition in the interior of a bathroom stands of ornamental tiles behind the sink. Her patterns set the mood of the whole interior. Contrast stain acts as a floor covering in the form of dark blue tiles with the texture of the stone. Other elements – white, neutral. The shower area is behind a low wall, also made of white tiles. Heated towel rail in interesting shapes is a bright accent and variety to the color scheme of the interior.

Pantry: We were provided a storage room for storing shoes, partly of sports clothing and Housewares.

Thus, we got a bright and comfortable interior in the Provence style in white tones with splashes of pastel shades and using natural materials.”

Architectural Bureau “Victory design”

Project: “the Road home”

Art Director: Stepan Bugaev

According to PRO real Estate

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