The original decor: hanging gardens with live plants for home and garden

31 Mar 2017

Hard to think of more eco-friendly and healthy decor than live plants. Indoor plants in pots bring to life the ambiance of city apartments, and the street flowers, shrubs, ornamental grasses and trees are the best decoration for a suburban area. But if you want to combine in decorating the home interior or country areas and naturalness, and originality – try to decorate the space with hanging gardens. There are many ways to implement this idea and today we will tell you about some of the most simple and effective methods of using suspended structures in the design of live flower arrangements.

“For hanging gardens, it is better to choose the lightest, smallest and showy plant”

The easiest and fastest way to build a hanging garden – buy in specialized stores or hypermarkets of the goods for the house and garden ready hanging pots or pots with trays for excess moisture. Choose the appropriate size and color options, put plants in them and hang in the place you have chosen for decorating the garden – and your garden is ready. If you choose the right shade difficult, you can try to paint pots in the color you want, or gently to hang it with self-adhesive film.

Along the wall street gazebo – or even instead of them! – you can place a multi-tiered hanging design, hand made from gutters. This will require multiple trenches of the same length and width, in the Central part of which the entire length will need to drill a number of holes. In these holes, placing the chute on top of each other, you will need to stretch top-down durable metal cable, hooking it under each gutter with the help of special clamps. To the top of each cable will need to attach a strong hook, after which you can proceed to the arrangement of the fixing hooks to the roof of the gazebo or on one of its walls. So how do gutters, metal cables and the earth, which you place in construction, have a certain weight, it is better not to place in such containers are large and heavy plant to create an increased load on the hooks and mounts for them.

Less spectacular, but much simpler way is to use as hanging pots, old plastic bottles. Putting the bottle on the side, you need to remove part of its lateral surface, making the bottle some semblance of pumps. Now you only have to be done in the resulting container holes, threading them into a sturdy rope or twine to fill in the “rooks” of the earth and plant in them small plants.

“If the majority is ready or created with your hands hanging pots you can paint in any color”

More environmentally friendly container for suspended living plants will be a basket, woven from flexible vines, willow or ivy. Plaiting can also be used to measure thin and flexible, but definitely durable wire. Plants of lush greenery or flowers can completely cover the wire frame, leaving an impression like they hang in the air. Another eco-friendly material to create a suspended floral designs can be wood – or rather, saw cut wood with hollowed-out recesses in them. Selecting plants for planting in a small amount of land, pay attention to the characteristics of their root system. Flowers, roots which require a large space under the ground, just not accustomed to hanging pots.

Very durable, but quite heavy hanging pots can become unnecessary metal bucket – galvanized or coated with waterproof paint of the desired shade. Choose for them the most durable mounting below a suspended garden for a long time will delight you with their blooms, and not upset the fall favorite plants.

A much easier option basics hanging garden can be an ordinary organizer for business tools and equipment – a large canvas with a series of pockets, made of durable and water-resistant textile. This design better to hang in the room under the roof of the gazebo or to go in each pocket holes to drain excess moisture. In the latter case, it is necessary to prepare for the regular cleaning of the organizer, and the removal of stains from its surface.

“Colorful metal bucket – great for hanging pots garden”

If you love to sew and create items of decor with your own hands, you can sew for your hanging garden a small or medium size bags of fabric – such “packaging” would be very light and durable, besides any needlework adds +100 points to your interior or your garden, making it a truly cozy and unique.

For those who have grown-up children left the rows of colorful rubber boots of various sizes, an interesting solution would be the creation of these suspension designs for the decoration of the suburban area. Most importantly – make sure to securely attach rope, cord or twine to boot because its weight together with the land and the plant will be quite impressive.

And finally, the most extravagant design solution for a hanging garden – plants… all without pots. To create such a masterpiece, the idea of which came to us from Japan, need substrate for bonsai, peat and a small amount of moss. The roots of the chosen plants (it is better to give preference to shade-loving types) to gently release from the earth, wrap with moss, to fix the cotton thread and very carefully put inside of a ball molded from a mixture of peat substrate. Outside the bowl is wrapped with moss and secured with twine, on the four hangers from which to hang our mini planet with the plant. Hanging garden of several such balloons with plants of different species looks very unusual and fresh.

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