The lights in the interior: trends and important details in the selection

28 Aug 2017

Everyone wants to spend their leisure time in comfortable conditions. It is therefore very important, once home, to feel calm, to relax after a hard day’s work. It is worth noting that aestheticism plays a significant role. As you know, the harmonious interior of the apartment depends not only on high quality renovation and modern design, but also from a properly sized lighting by which you can change any room beyond recognition. Without additional effort, by one light only, you will be able to create a gentle, intimate atmosphere in the bedroom, and the mood in the office.

About interesting new trends in the field and on the General rules of the selection of lighting for home interiors readers says in today’s article , the art Director of design Studio “design Point” Stepan Bugaev:

“The lighting in the interior sometimes has a very important function. Depending on your tasks, light can be used in completely different ways: for example, to zoning, to create accents, certain dynamics or mood in the interior. It is therefore important not only to follow the trends in lighting, but also to understand that there are certain General rules and patterns that must be followed during the selection of lamps for your home.

Trends in the design of lamps

The protagonist of Euroluce 2017, which took place in April this year in Milan for 29 times, became the led. Its main advantages are that it can be integrated in the lamps of different forms with non-obvious sources of light.

Still continues to be highly relevant long-known to all brass. This is not surprising, as this material looks very restrained and noble, but also reminds us about the influence retro. Leading position and retain the frame and the lamps are geometric shapes.

Today there are many firms that offer actively use the latest technical advances and combining them with the conceptual design of their items. For example, many companies offer original lamps-transformers, is able to easily change its shape.

Another interesting and important trend is when the outgoing light has a specific color. At Euroluce this year was created the whole installation from a room whose lighting was constantly changing: observed variations from blue to red. Such examples clearly showed visitors how lighting can change the perception of the interior.

If summarizing, the main conclusion is clear: modern trends in the design of lamps push us to ensure that we were not afraid to experiment and to show imagination.

Select lamps: what is the most important?

If you are going to pick out lighting for a room, then approach this process best, of course, creative, but while being theoretically grounded. So, first and foremost is to decide on the kind of light you love the most: bright, dim, or do you prefer the variants with the ability to combine alternately one and the other. In any case, all your wishes should be provided even at the design stage wiring electricians, as well as to consider the various possible lighting scenarios.

Lighting in interior plays a very important role: it contributes to the creation of the necessary atmosphere. It can be implicit (built-in light, linear strip light), and, on the contrary, open – bright accent in the room.

If we talk about selection of lighting fixtures in specific areas, for example, in the kitchen area would be to arrange the illumination of the working surface, hidden under the wall cabinets, and over a lunch group, to position pendant lamp interesting shape which will attract the attention of the owners and their guests.

In the living room area is very important to have different sources of lighting to the evening you had the opportunity to watch TV with dim lights or, for example, read a book under the lamp.

And, of course, when selecting fixtures, be sure to consider the style in which decorated your room. Only in this case, the lighting device will be organically combined with the General mood in the interior.

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