The layout of the house is 8 by 8 loft: popular projects

The layout of the house 8 on 8 with a loft will be the perfect solution for those seeking to build affordable and comfortable housing option. At first it may seem that the area of 8×8 m is not enough, but this is only at first glance. This space allows you to equip a spacious living room for entertaining guests and family or more bedrooms small size. It all depends on how well-written the layout of the house.

Good layout allows to place all the necessary facilities on a limited size plot

The contents

  • 1 the Layout of the house is 8 by 8 loft: specificity, advantages and disadvantages
    • 1.1 Features layouts of houses with attic
    • 1.2 Plans for houses with attic and their benefits
    • 1.3 the shortcomings of the draft frame houses with an attic
    • 1.4 Photo projects of roofs of private houses with an attic and features of planning
  • 2 the roof of the house with a loft: photos, variety of designs
    • 2.1 Photo of the roofs of houses with attic and types of spaces
  • 3 design Features house plans 8 by 8 with a loft
    • 3.1 Photos of country houses with attic and veranda features projects
  • 4 Design of the attic: gallery of interiors in a private house
    • 4.1 Photo of finishing the attic of a wooden house inside the building

The layout of the house is 8 by 8 loft: specificity, advantages and disadvantages

Projects of small houses with attic, a photo of which can be found in large numbers on the pages of magazines and the Internet are seen by many developers as the epitome of country living. In fact, it is so, because the compact cottages provide ample opportunities in the selection of design, layout and finishing materials.

3D model of a brick house with attic

Features layouts of houses with attic

Cottages with an attic floor have their own specificity that cannot be ignored in the design process and construction of the building. The structural features of the upper part of the building is exposed to temperature extremes. Therefore, the arrangement of high-quality thermal insulation is the most important stage of construction, without which it is impossible to create optimal conditions for living.

Weather conditions also have a negative impact on the building. To protect the premises from moisture and excess moisture, it is recommended to carry out laying of waterproofing materials.

Projects the roofs of houses with attic must take into account characteristics of the premises. For decorating and roofing works should choose lightweight materials. The same applies to the interior furnishing of the attic floor. Because of the large overload of the Foundation pieces and building walls often have cracks. To avoid this it is recommended to facilitate weight areas, placed on the attic.

The draft of the attic, you should choose plasterboard partitions and lightweight materials for finishing

A useful tip! Often the photo of the layout of the attic in a private house, you can see that this area is made. However, this is not the only option of the distribution of the inner square. If you wish to split the attic into several rooms using partitions, use the drywall. This kind of material is characterized by less weight and easy mounting system.

An important role on the attic floor window frames. Despite the fact that work on the installation of Windows on an inclined plane are accompanied by high costs, this technique is justified.

Plans of houses with attic and their benefits

In recent years the popularity of the projects of houses with a ground floor and attic increases. Developers are increasingly paying attention to such cottages, due to the large number of advantages they have.

Plan single-storey house with attic

Advantages of buildings with an attic:

  • construction and installation work allows us to achieve significant savings;
  • assuming rational use of the attic space can increase the usable area of the building by almost half;
  • the attic does not cause difficulties with the laying of communication systems, since all the necessary elements can be brought at the first floor;
  • reducing heat losses through the roof;
  • in the process of construction of the attic floor tenants can not leave the building because the first floor is suitable for residence;
  • on the floor you can organize non-residential premises. On the photo of house plans with loft you can see the workshops, gyms, pool and other types of rooms;
  • wide possibilities of interior design allow you to exercise creativity and imagination in the process of finishing and furnishing the attic.

The layout of the first floor and attic

The shortcomings of the draft frame houses with an attic

Besides the best advantages cottage with a loft have disadvantages:

  • the construction of houses with an attic floor requires full compliance technology. Any deviation from the rules and errors in the choice of materials can lead to serious consequences, namely, increasing heat loss, freezing areas, the formation of condensation on the walls and inside them;
  • Dormer Windows cost much more than regular. The cost of the Windows is affected not only by the size and complexity of building structures, but also the specificity of the construction works;

Please note! In comparison with the conventional design, the cost of skylights is almost 2 times more.

Attic window — beautiful, but expensive design

  • the natural lighting of the attic is a very important aspect of comfort. But it can be broken, if the window is a snowy winter. Natural light prevents the growth of microbes and is beneficial for eyesight, so it is important to ensure unhindered access of sunlight into the room.

Photo projects of the roofs of private houses with an attic and features of planning

To obtain a reliable and a beautiful home, we need to develop the optimal plan for the single-storey house with attic. Thus it is necessary to take into account all the peculiarities of this construction and to make the appropriate calculations:

  • the attic floor is considered an Annex to the main building, which has a significant weight. So you cannot execute arbitrary construction without reinforcement of the first floor, because it can provoke the appearance of cracks and destruction of the facade of the house. If it is assumed the construction of the attic on the finished wall, they should be strengthened;

When designing the attic should also think about the roof and the insulation of the roof

  • the ceiling height of the attic floor has limitations. The minimum allowed value is 2.5 m;
  • the photo project the roof of the house with a loft can be a different design, but it is not tied to one design only. In the design process is very important to choose the right type of roof. Roof with two slopes is able to add only 67% of usable area to that which already formed the basis of the house. Broken type of design increases this figure to 90%. To reach more space 100%, it is sufficient to lift the truss system roof roof 150 cm;
  • is a must to protect the nodal points connecting the communication system of the first floor with a loft;
  • pre-plan the placement of staircase construction, Windows, doors and interior partitions.

The layout of the attic floor in a private house

A useful tip! Use the finished projects and photos of stairs to the attic in a private house as a basis and inspiration. Since the staircase occupies a significant area, it is recommended to think through every detail and choose the right type of design. The product must be compact, but it cannot forget about the reliability, functionality and security.

  • during the construction of the cottage must adhere to all fire safety requirements. This is especially true of buildings made of wood. Be sure to calculate the evacuation plan with an attic floor and create all conditions to ensure that the plan was effective.

The roof of the house with a loft: photos, variety of designs

There are several types of roofs of private houses with an attic, a photo of which probably attracted your attention. The type selected for the construction of the roof depends on the final cost of the project, as well as the amount of usable area in the attic.

The types of roofs, Fig. 1: 1 — single; 2 — gable; 3 — gambrel; 4 — poluvalmovaya

Photo of one-story houses with an attic you can see the following types of roofs:

  • single – wall buildings have different height, so the plane of the roof is fastened to the joists at an angle. This version of the roof is considered the most simple and does not require large costs;
  • a gambrel or poluvalmovaya roof consists of 4 slopes, allowing the owner to maximize the area of the attic to fit your needs;
  • gable roof – a roof formed of two rays diverging on opposite sides from each other;
  • broken – often a roof can be seen on the photo of brick houses with an attic. This roof has two slopes, since this type of construction is considered to be the most successful option for small houses;

The types of roofs, Fig. 2: 5 — the broken; 6 — dome; 7 — cone; 8 — hip

Please note! The construction of sloping roofs is accompanied by additional costs, increasing material consumption. Despite the complexity of installation, this type of roof is very popular because it allows you to create a large area of the interior of the attic.

  • dome, cone, pyramid – these types of roofs are quite complex and very expensive. They are used in the construction of houses with challenging structural structure.

Photo roofs with attic and types of spaces

Floor attic space can be of several types. Depends on the type of roof, develop according to the project house 8×8 with an attic from foam blocks, bricks or other materials.

Type single-level roof space

Types of roof spaces:

  • sibling – combined with a gable and sloping types of roofs, and can be supplemented with remote consoles;
  • split level – are the result of the use of supports of various types.

Working with projects of small houses with attic and garage is very important to perform the correct calculation. And not only for the construction process, but also for further exploitation.

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On the one hand, plan a one-storey house with attic and garage should consider weight loads that arise in the process of moving a car over the Foundation of the building. On the other hand, the presence of the attic floor requires additional amplification of the walls, as they bear the main burden.

The interior is split-level attic space

Design features house plans 8 by 8 with a loft

The house of bricks with a loft, a photo of which you can meet in the network is not as popular as the cottages of the foam blocks or wood. This trend is due to the high material cost and lower speed of construction.

The foam blocks are very popular today because they have the optimal size and light weight. All this became possible thanks to the innovative technology of the material by mixing the foam and filler under high pressure. This is followed by pouring of the mixture into special molds.

Please note! The uniqueness of the technology lies in the fact that in the process of solidification inside the blocks formed tiny air bubbles. Due to this, the porous blocks are obtained. This facilitates not only the installation process, but the transportation of materials to the building site.

The house plans 8 by 8 with a bedroom on the second floor

If you plan to develop a one-storey project, with attached garage, it is worth remembering that such a decision will necessarily affect the facade of the house, pictures of houses with attic clearly reflect this. In this case, it will not be able to do without significant slope of the roof, to be able to block the attached garage.

In order to balance the design and add a small portion of the lost height can be lowered to the base of the garage is lower than is coterminous with the first floor.

Photos of country houses with attic and veranda features projects

The room of the veranda can be attached to the house separately. This zone provides for a private part of the Foundation. One of the most fashionable and popular solutions today is fully glazed veranda. Complementing this space with greenery, you can create a great area for relaxing. If you want to increase the decorative properties of the verandah, is to glaze and its dome.

One-storey country house with porch and loft

Fully open type is typically installed in mobile homes. This space can be used as a hallway that is only a small part of the area.

House with dimensions of 8×8 m, with verandah, and attic, in the future creates a considerable amount of additional usable area. Conventional cottage for a family consisting of two adults and two children would be insufficient. Thanks to the attic on the top floor, there is a possibility to accommodate 4 bedrooms, a veranda can be regarded as a cozy sitting area.

A useful tip! Construction of one-storey cottage with a loft is much cheaper than the construction of two-storey buildings with the same area. Use this advantage.

The plan of the house from a bar with veranda and attic floor

The design loft: gallery of interiors in a private house

In the design of the attic in a private house, especially if we are talking about the cottage is wood, it is worth considering how you will use the space and what will be the style of the interior.

Examples of successful combinations:

  • Country style it is best to look in the kitchen or bedroom located in the attic.
  • Bathroom and room bedrooms can be decorated in a vintage style.
  • The restraint of minimalism emphasize the dignity nursery, office, bedroom or Billiards room.
  • Provence is suitable only for kitchens and bedrooms.
  • Eco-style is truly versatile, it has no restrictions on rooms.
  • Oriental and ethnic style is suitable for bedrooms, or for the decoration of the hookah room.

Photos of finishing the attic of a wooden house inside the building

Attic space suitable for decorating rooms for different purposes:

  • dining room – better if the design space will be a large number of Windows. It is recommended to divide the area into several zones, where it will be cooking, eating, and leisure;
  • bedroom – in the matter finish is better to give preference to pastel and bright shades. For comfort and convenience a bedroom in the attic can be supplemented with small dressing room, shower room and access to the balcony;
  • kitchen – this type of premises in the attic is equipped with rarely. This moment is caused by the fact that the main part of the heat that is emitted during the use of ovens and appliances, you immediately goes out through the roof, while the rooms on the first floor remain less heated;

Wood loft equipped as living room

  • children’s – this version of the distribution area of the attic is one of the most successful. Importantly, the space was completely safe. Finish should be light and unobtrusive;
  • dressing room with sliding doors – this decision will free up the lower floor from the cabinets. It is also possible to equip the small Laundry room and area for drying clothes, and put the Ironing Board;
  • the bathroom is usually as a complement to the bedroom. Finish in this case will be in the same common room, the only difference will be the inclined plane of the ceiling.

In the attic space can be arranged Seating area. Depending on your preferences this could be a billiard room, home theater, gym with exercise equipment or Conservatory. If you take into account the technical and operational characteristics of the premises, the filling can be almost anything, like the trim.

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