The interior in the style minimalism

13 Nov 2017

We present to your attention a new project of the design Studio “design Point”. It is a small area of the apartment is executed in style minimalism. Due to limited living space, the designers decided not to use the almost blank walls, and zoning to carry out with the help of glass partitions. How we worked on this interesting project, readers says art Director of the design Studio Ivan size.

Living room

“Living space in the heart of the apartment is the main area for relaxing or entertaining. Because in this room there are practically no solid walls, it is, despite its actual size, it looks quite spacious.

Each lamp is functionally laid out, and this means that the overall ceiling light in this room is not required. Textile in yellow colour brings the bright hues in this minimalist interior.


The whole kitchen area is functionally involved for storage. For example, a set occupies the space from floor to ceiling: the top section can be used for long term storage. Also had a kitchen island, which can be used as Breakfast bar, Breakfast area or additional space for cooking. In the side sections of the island equipped storage rack wine.

In the center of the room located a table “Tobi-Ishi” (B&B Italia) with a frame made of white Carrara marble. Designers Edward Barber and Jay Osgerby created this model, inspired by the forms of ornamental stones in Japanese gardens. We decided that its monumental form will be combined with a light frame structure of the chairs, which does not weigh down group dining.

The balcony was attached to the dining area that allows you to enjoy stunning views during lunch. And the relaxation area on the balcony arranged with a mesh couch that absolutely does not interfere with natural lighting.

The heater on the wall – radiator made of stone (handicraft); it is not only functional but also aesthetically attractive subject, which well complements the overall minimalist concept of the interior.


Bedroom – compact and comfortable space, where there is also a dressing room, imperceptible at first glance. It is small in height but very roomy and functional. The main color in this area of Burgundy. In the headboard inspired the work of contemporary artist Valery Chtak.


The bathroom is located next to the bedroom, and due to the lack of solid walls and the presence of low furniture here can freely penetrate the natural light. The main used material is wood, from which made even the tub itself. By Nazareno panzeri lamps built into the wall, are included by clicking on them, and complement a minimalist interior.”

Art Director of the project Ivan size

Design Studio “design Point”

All photos for this article courtesy of design Studio “design Point”

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