The interior in Scandinavian style for a creative couple with a child

10 APR 2017

Design Studio “Point design” has developed the interior of the apartment is 75 sqm, located in a new residential complex in the town of Vidnoye of the Moscow region, for a young creative couple with a child. Interesting details about this project to readers says art Director Stepan Bugaev.

The apartment is decorated in Scandinavian style with the addition of plywood and bright vibrant colors. The main goal was the creation of conditions for comfortable pastime of the family, especially in the common area living room and kitchen. Part of the apartment combined into a small Studio. Much attention is paid to the storage system. In addition to personal areas the child and parents, the apartment has two walk-in closets.

Typically, the walls in the apartments prefer to paint or Wallpaper. Here the walls are covered with plywood and a bold pattern sets the mood for the whole interior. On a warm background stand out bright color spots of furniture and fixtures.

Arrange a tour of the apartment areas.


As soon as we walk into the apartment, immediately get into the shared space of kitchen-living room. Here, the wall with the kitchen, starts walls with plywood, which ends in the living area. This is the unifying element for the entire zone. Accents in the kitchen becomes colored refrigerator, a pair of colored chairs and lamps. Top lighting dining area has an original shape of elongated pipes. The unity of space also highlights liquid flooring light shade.

Living room

A sense of comfort in the living room, thanks to a large number of small parts: colored lights placed at different heights, tables, outdoor Cabinet for TV, lots of decor elements and color spots on the overall light background.

The parents ‘ bedroom

In the bedroom of the parents attention to itself, draws a plywood wall behind the headboard, as well as the geometry presented in the figure of the carpet and pots of plants on the wall. Lightweight flashlight as primary lighting gives the interior a romantic touch.

The accent is a small impregnation of natural wood in the decoration of bedside tables and boudoir table. The curbstones and table have plenty of storage space.

Children’s bedroom

In the nursery we got the light interior with the geometric theme. Hardwood floors, herringbone gets its sequel on the wall. Plywood theme support small details in the chandelier and furniture. Unlike other rooms that use a lot of plywood in this room, it acts more as an accent. Interesting element is a light fabric, a small cabin, complete with play area and shiroudi the space child’s.

Under the window there is a workplace and a large number of storage systems for school supplies. Opposite the bed is a system for storing toys and books. The accent of the room is a carpet that echoes the color scheme with the wall, and as if consists of different pieces.


The interior of the bathroom turned out bright and light, with geometric designs and plywood provided in the ceiling. Bright wood accents on the table top bedside tables and lamp diluted common cold the atmosphere of the bathroom. Interesting point, it becomes colored bathroom fixtures and the toilet seat in the color of the floor tiles.

Entrance hall

This is a small part of the general zone, which is made in a similar style. White-gray walls and active tiles with geometric patterns on the floor go to the guest bathroom and shower area. Accent is the olive shade, which is present in the decoration of sanitary ware and is reflected in the decoration of the wall.

Our task in the framework of this interior was to create a comfortable space for family life. The end result is a rather warm and cheerful interior, fully in keeping with the way of life.

The project’s designer Ekaterina Oleynikova

Art project Director Stepan Bugaev

Design Studio “design Point”

According to PRO real Estate

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