The interior design of apartments in Stalinka for a family of professors

27 Mar 2017

We offer to your attention a new project of the design Studio “Point design” implemented in one of Stalin’s houses located on the embankment of the Moscow river in the centre of the capital. The interior of the apartment with an area of 110 square meters has been designed for older couples, professors and teachers of higher educational institutions. Details about the project says art-Director design Studio “design Point” Stepan Bugaev.

“Point of design: the interior of the apartment in the Stalin house”

“Team “Point design” has developed the interior of the apartment is 110 m2 in the secondary market on the waterfront in the center of Moscow. Flat – owners of a Professor, teaching at universities. The apartment they had inherited. Their children had long grown up and moved into separate homes, decided to help parents with the renovation so the interior was engaged two generations – young and adult – and designer.

The apartment is made in the style of 50-60s of the last century. The main thing in it is the furniture around which the interior.

Initially, the apartment was standardly divided into separate rooms. Each room is a window, one of which is a Bay window. Isolated are only bedroom and bathroom that we have slightly increased. In a large room with lots of light and space. It shows the 3 Windows in the Bay window, the Windows in the living room and kitchen: all 5 Windows.

Before us stood the task to make such an interior, which is well and organically would look favorite furniture owners. We have started a large living room with sitting area where they could receive guests. The kitchen allotted a small space on the cooking time it is fenced off by a glass partition.

Consider each of the zones.

“Point of design: the interior of the apartment in the Stalin house”

Living room. The living room is a large soft play area. Wall with TV shuts the entryway, which houses a large wardrobe for clothing. In wall designs living room is a library. Because we didn’t want to place in the middle of the room, we hung the lamp beside the sofa, so it does not obstruct the view of the room. If desired, the location of the lamp can be changed, as it hangs on the hooks: an echo of Scandinavian style.

“Point of design: the interior of the apartment in the Stalin house”

We have used the usual spectacular manner and placed in the Bay window dining area is always a winning option. Round table looks especially wonderful in ensemble with the hanging lamp on the background of the view.

“Point of design: the interior of the apartment in the Stalin house”

Kitchen. Compared to the rest of the apartment, the kitchen is a fairly small room. The lack of upper cabinets makes this area more spacious, all items located in bottom cabinets. The kitchen is designed in neutral color. There is a large window that fills the room with light that passes into the common area through the glass door. The kitchen is also a chest of drawers on legs, and on the wall hangs a painting donated by the family of another artist.

“Point of design: the interior of the apartment in the Stalin house”

Bedroom. The bedroom has a Soviet lingerie chest 50s. We made sure the bed was designed in the same style as the dresser. Bedside stool and table do not attract attention to himself. They are made of dark, thin metal tubes, quite transparent and do not dominate the room. On the wall are sketches of reproductions of the artist Deineka from sports and dance motifs. The whole interior color scheme based on shades of paintings. Behind the door is a large dressing room. We have tried to keep the native sockets and the stucco on the ceiling not only in the bedroom but in all areas, because they retain the atmosphere and history of the apartment.

“Point of design: the interior of the apartment in the Stalin house”

Bathroom. In the area of the bathroom we were able to place the shower, tub and 2 sinks. The toilet is located in the cavern that hides it from view. There is also a Laundry area. Freestanding roll-top bath is a rarity of the Soviet era. Legs replaced by a more modern, but it doesn’t change the overall style. Hanging on the walls herbarium, collected by children of the owners, when they were young.

So, we’ve got a large space that matches the current lifestyle of the owners. With the departure of the children, the apartment was left of the room, which were unnecessary overkill, so it was decided to re-zone the space for the needs of two people. The main challenge before us was to freshen up the interior of the apartment, we coped”.

Project designer Polina Shevtsova

Art project Director Stepan Bugaev

Design Studio “design Point”

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