The idea of decorating the fence at the dacha

30 September 2016

The holiday season is nearing completion, one of the most time-consuming stages – harvesting and creating presets for the winter is behind us, but for those who love spending time in my suburban area there are many ways to actively and creatively organize your leisure time in the country at the weekend. A variant of this leisure is decorating the fence suburban area. Consider some inspiring ideas how to make your fence a special, unique and memorable not only for the guests of your home, but ordinary passers-by.

“Unusual decoration fence with plants is the use of brightly colored planters with miniature flowering plants”

1. Perhaps the most obvious choice of decorating to boring of a fence can be it landscaping with planting along the fence with lush ornamental shrubs, trees or climbing plants. Some types of fences – wire-netting, fence or metal fence of rods or plates that mimic the narrow wooden planks – they can themselves serve as a support for girlish grapes, hops, morning glories, climbing roses and other flowering or effectively with vivid foliage of the vines. If you want to create vertical landscaping along the concrete or brick fence will need to install a trellis. A stone fence made by the method of dry masonry with filled gaps between the boulders land, perfectly complement the saxifrage. You can also decorate the fence with colorful pots arranged in a row or staggered, from which will grow a beautiful basket plant – for example, Petunia, or nasturtium. When choosing this method of decorating, it is important to monitor the moisture content of the soil in flower pots, preventing its drying out.

2. For the decoration of fences, mesh netting, you can apply the technology of coloring the fence as a whole and its separate parts. In addition, a very unusual and creative solution is the establishment of a panel on the basis of grid cells, literally “embroidered” on it colored wire. You can also cut out the mesh fragments in the form of an oval, circle, rhombus, square and other geometric shapes, inserting in their place handmade abstract wire patterns or woven from colored wire images of flowers, animals or fairy-tale stories.

Wooden fence
Pink roses at the white painted country house fence

“Wooden fence can be painted white or colored paint, and put along a hedge of thick shrubs or flowering plants”

3. A wooden fence can be made more interesting by coloring the parts in different colors – agree, even striped yellow-green or white with a blue fence will look much more fun than boring plain fence or unpainted fence. Fans of the joiner’s art can also decorate your fence with carved decorative details, especially effectively they will look if they are painted in a different color (e.g., pale yellow or white carved details on sky-blue background of the fence). The owners of summer cottages, fond of painting, is able at all to create a whole canvas on the outside and on the inner side of a solid fence to make it a rural landscape, resort landscape or abstract patterns.

4. A metal fence can be decorated with wrought-iron details, hand-made or purchased in specialized stores. They can also be painted in a variety of shades, creating a bright and stylish arrangement, or leave plain, with an emphasis on whimsical shapes, monograms and ornaments. Particularly advantageous to forging the black looks against the bright facades of the house and outbuildings located on the site.

5. A dull concrete or brick fence can also decorate the outside with paintings, and within, the site, to arrange the entire installation that reproduced the atmosphere of a fairytale or real place. It is important to note that, decorating the fence suburban area from inside, you create the appropriate background for your garden, areas for games, socializing and relaxing.

“The inner side of a solid fence creates a backdrop for plants planted in the garden, so it can be used to create different visual effects and installations”

So, for example, a garden in a country style to complement the installation in the form of a false door of aged wood with metal rivets and brackets, which will show off the sign, as in medieval Inns and taverns. Next to the “door” will look brutal wooden table, benches and a variety of “rustic” decor – clay pitchers and bowls, old rake, wagon wheel. If you are attracted to a Maritime theme at the fence, you can equip the “fisherman’s corner”, consisting of old wooden barrels and crates serving table and seats, fishing nets, old anchors, ropes and other naval paraphernalia. The land in this area can be covered with geotextile and fill a sea or river pebbles, placing it along one or more sides decorated with large shells, corals or starfish. Especially advantageous in this area will look close to natural or artificial reservoir, which also can be made part of the composition.

On hidden from prying eyes by a continuous fence of the backyard you can also create different installations with the use of optical effects. For example, a fake window, which is a mirror framed window frames and outdoor blinds or a large full-length mirror attached to the surface of the fence and trim or decorated with climbing plants so that the feeling of passage leading to another hidden part of your garden. The same technique can be used if through your site is a channel of the river, continuing beyond the site – on the fence by placing the small round mirror on the surface boundary of water, you will get the effect as if a stream flows through the improvised window, framed with bamboo or thin plates of natural or artificial stone.

These are just some ideas for decorating your fence suburban area, having become acquainted with which, you can pick up something suitable or to come up with a unique installation or the other way to decorate the fence and turn a boring but necessary element of the landscape in a unique work of art.

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