The fireplace made of plasterboard with their hands: step-by-step algorithm

Fireplaces made of plasterboard are the decorative elements that often are installed in the apartments. Due to the variety of cladding materials, such structures can be combined with different interior. To make a fireplace made of plasterboard with their hands for everyone, since it’s creation, it is sufficient to have minimum skills of work with the drywall material, and strictly adhere to the instructions.

The fireplace made of plasterboard can be arranged in any style

The contents

  • 1 Features a faux fireplace made of plasterboard
  • 2 What are the advantages of hand made false fireplaces?
  • 3 decorative fireplaces made of plasterboard
  • 4 Fireplace made of plasterboard with their hands: choose design
  • 5 How to choose the right place for drywall fireplace?
  • 6 create a drawing for the fireplace made of plasterboard
  • 7 Fireplace made of plasterboard with their hands: perform layout
  • 8 How to make a DIY fireplace drywall: materials and tools
  • 9 False fireplace with his hands. Manual step by step. Photos of stages of work
    • 9.1 the Fireplace with his hands drywall: step-by-step instruction on the casing frame
    • 9.2 What you can draw with your hands raised fireplace? Photo of interesting ideas
    • 9.3 false Corner fireplaces with their hands plasterboard: features of the arrangement
Features a faux fireplace made of plasterboard

Using full fire in this artificial fireplace is strictly prohibited. In the Internet you can find articles that provided instructions for finishing plaster fireplaces use real flame, not imitation. Experts do not recommend to implement such instructions in life, as the consequences can be fatal.

False fireplace can be installed in any room and decorate at will any object without fear of fire

Build a false fireplace made of plasterboard with his own hands delivers not only exquisite element of the interior, but also the heating device. Heated in such units is carried out by special heating elements which are supplied with energy from the electric network.

What are the advantages of hand made false fireplaces?

Decorative fireplaces made of plasterboard are a lot of advantages. Consider the advantages of using such devices in more detail:

  • simulated fireplace made of plasterboard may be installed in any apartment. And just don’t need to get any permission;
  • the form of device selected for a particular interior, which is very convenient;
  • build a fake furnace is carried out with the use of simple materials that can easily be bought on the market or in any relevant store;
  • no source of open flame allows you to ensure the safety of this design;
  • organization plasterboard furnace in the apartment or house has a low financial cost;

Simulated fireplace made of plasterboard, decorated with real wood

  • the upper partition of this design is characterized by functionality, as it can be used as supports for family photos (or any other items).

Please note! If necessary, assembled with their hands decorative fireplace made of plasterboard can be fitted with electric heating.

Organization of electrical heating is pretty simple. As mentioned above, to use open flame in such structures is not recommended. If you decide to use open fire in such a simulation furnace, it is necessary to take care of the skin the rear panel and side surfaces of the refractory materials. Such a casing is pretty simple with your own hands. Photos of decorative fireplace plasterboard with different types of heating can be studied online.

Such decorative elements can not be mounted on the wall that will allow you to move it anywhere in the room at the request of owners.

Decorative fireplace made of plasterboard

Depending on the intended use there are two main types of these units:

  • interior;
  • electric.

Fireplace plasterboard, performing the role of interior decorations

In the first case the furnace is used as a decorative element of the interior. Simulation of flames in this design is due to the combustion of ethyl alcohol. For full heating of premises such a hotbed not suitable. Today, the most popular are the interior units of plasterboard (GCR). During installation of such a device is not necessary to use refractory materials. Almost everyone will be able to organize such a false fireplace. Photos of such structures, as well as all the necessary drawings can be easily found on the Internet.

All interior units can be subdivided into the following categories:

  • mimic the burning of fire;
  • simulating a burning fire and glowing logs;
  • mimic natural fireplace.

The third option is the most popular as it does not require ventilation system. In the first two cases, ventilation may be required to eliminate combustion gases.

Design of plasterboard can be fitted with an electric fireplace that looks real

Electrical device, aside from serving as a decoration of the interior also performs the function of a heater. Electrical devices have high capacity and have an appearance that best resembles natural models of fireplaces. In specialized shops and on the Internet selling ready false fireplaces. Buy a ready-made design, you can conserve time, however, from a financial point of view, it is better to collect this unit from drywall alone.

The fireplace made of plasterboard with their hands: choose design

Install a full fireplace in the apartment not only requires large financial expenditures, but also accompanied by other difficulties. Room oven of this type creates a unique atmosphere in the house, so many owners decide to set their hands a decorative fireplace made of plasterboard. Photos of apartments with fireplaces talking about the fact that this element often becomes the Central “figure” of the interior and makes it unique. Photos will also assist to get a false fireplace to define the design and choose the most suitable option.

The size and design simulation of the furnace is determined by these rules:

  • if you intend to install the fireplace that will have the average size, inside it you can put a small plasma TV. This decision will allow to simulate flames without installation of gas burners and ventilation ducts;

Decorative fireplace and its surrounding accessories attract attention and make this song the highlight of the interior

  • for simulating flames in a small device, you can use a regular LED photo frame. It will perform the same function as a plasma TV (to transfer images);
  • for maximum approximation to the natural device should be installed in decorative baking electric heating. In this case, it is possible to obtain not only a decorative element of the interior, simulating a flame, but the heater.

Helpful information! Please note that in small rooms most often used corner fireplaces made of plasterboard. This solution allows to save useful space of the room.

False fireplaces may be used as a stand under the plasma TV. Using this way is a fairly common practice.

A shelf above a false fireplace can be used as a stand under the TV

How to choose the right place for drywall fireplace?

Before proceeding to the study of instruction, which tells the story of how to make a fireplace made of plasterboard with their hands, it is necessary to choose the space for it. If the installation of this device is planned in the large living room, then the best solution is to place a fireplace at that point which corresponds to the middle longitudinal wall.

Optionally you can also serve a decorative chimney, that will give a construction of maximum likelihood. The main thing is to determine the size and design to create with his hands the fireplace made of plasterboard. Photo designs, equipped with a fireplace, will help assess the feasibility of such solutions and the possibility of installing a pipe in his room.

Experienced masters recommend not to mount the fake pockets in remote locations of the room. Especially this rule applies to structures, which are equipped with heating devices. To remote places include:

  • the space in front of the radiator;
  • point in the vicinity of the door opening;
  • places near cabinets and other bulky designs.

The fireplace should be set in a place where it will be accessible public

Drawing creation for the fireplace made of plasterboard

Drawing or sketch is the first stage of creating with their hands decorative fireplace made of plasterboard. The drawing and the project can be done independently or use the search on the Internet. It is best if the drawing is life-size (1:1 scale). To make such a drawing, you need to:

  • a large sheet of paper;
  • line;
  • a pencil or marker.

The drawing must be made in the place where will be installed the oven of the GCR and visually to ensure that the location of the construction chosen correctly. You can then begin to assemble the layout.

The drawing must indicate the dimensions of each element of the future fireplace

Drawing with dimensions of the fireplace made of plasterboard should include every detail of the future design. Dimensions, topography, shape note, creating the draft of the furnace of the GCR.

The fireplace made of plasterboard with their hands: perform layout

Experienced masters advise after drawing gypsum furnace to do its layout. This recommendation especially applies to beginners who have no experience in creating such structures. What layout? Assembly of the layout allows realistic assessment of the design, which will be collected according to the drawing and identify the mistakes made at the creation stage of the project.

Materials and tools you need to organize the layout is foam sheets and PVA glue — are low cost. Assembly of the layout does not cause any problems and allows you to correct the errors of the project before they used expensive materials.

For attaching drywall sheets use U-shaped metal profile

How to make a DIY fireplace drywall: materials and tools

For the manufacture of gypsum Board from the fireplace, you must purchase the following tools and materials:

  • profile of metal in the shape of the letter “P”. As guidelines use Reiki;
  • GCR;
  • screws for frame construction. The length of the screws should be about 14-15 mm;
  • for fixing of gypsum Board screws are used. Head of these screws must be countersunk;
  • the usual dowels;
  • tape measure (for measuring);
  • screwdriver;
  • the perforator;
  • Bulgarian;
  • level of the building. As a level, you can use a plumb line;
  • sealing compound (silicone);
  • plaster;
  • paint (latex).

All of the above tools and materials are needed to build a false fireplace made of plasterboard. You can buy them in almost any specialized store.

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The screws must be special, designed for working with drywall, and a suitable length. The last parameter depends on the thickness of gypsum Board.

The first thing to lay out a fireplace on the wall according to the drawing

False fireplace with his hands. Manual step by step. Photos of stages of work

How to make a fake fireplace for the living room or any other room? In order to answer the question how to make a fireplace made of plasterboard material, it is necessary to explore three main stages of its creation:

  • the implementation of the framework;
  • casing design using GCR;
  • the design of the portal.

Frame — the Foundation of the future portal of the furnace. To work on the Assembly of the frame structure must be treated with the utmost seriousness. Before mounting the frame to apply markings on surface that will fit the design. The markup passes the outline of the furnace and allows to estimate its real size.

Important! Completing the layout, you must ensure that all the lines were smooth. At the intersection of the line walls and floor must form a right angle (90°).

Method of bonding metal profiles to each other

After executing the markup you can proceed directly to the Assembly of the fireplace of plasterboard with their hands. Step-by-step implementation framework is presented below.

To build the foundations of the back wall to the wall (for markup) fixed guide profiles. The fixing of the profiles is performed using dowel-nails. The Foundation of the rear wall includes two vertical and cross struts. Completing the Assembly of the frame, it should be remembered that numerical measure (cm) from floor to bottom of crossmember is the determining factor of the height of the parapet.

Next is fixing the guide profiles the contour of the combustion chamber. After that is fixed profile on the floor, which is fixed on the line of the parapet. Then mounted the a-pillars, the distance from which to the rear wall is an indication, determining the depth of the fireplace. The front pillars are joined together by rails. Joining a-pillars with the rear wall is made using cross bars, which are located in the horizontal plane.

To bend profile, it is necessary to make cuts at equal intervals

After assembling the front and rear rack fake furnace, you can move on to the mounting pillars of the parapet and the rail beams. Then at the front of the frame Assembly are fixed stands the combustion chambers that need to connect with the main poles by means of ropes.

At the end of the assembled arch furnace compartment. To perform a curved arch should cut into the profiles and bend them in order to obtain the necessary form. Step incisions should be approximately 1.5 cm Thus, the assembled frame of the portal for the fireplace made of plasterboard.

In the Internet you can find all the necessary materials for the Assembly of the fireplace with their hands plasterboard. Photo frame designs at different stages of Assembly will help to do the job correctly.

An example of the finished frame false fireplace made of plasterboard

Fireplace the hands of the drywall: step-by-step instruction on the casing frame

In order to sheathe the fireplace with sheets of drywall, you first need to carry out their cutting work (in accordance with the dimensions specified in the project). Consider the procedure that you must follow in order to cut gypsum Board:

  • first, you need to press the line to the surface of the GCR. The ruler should be pushed strictly by the cut line;
  • next, you need a construction knife along the ruler;
  • after performing the incision line, you need to change the drywall with your hands and cut the cardboard layer on the other side.

Helpful information! Complex elements of the fireplace (e.g., a set of furnace compartment) require high accuracy when cutting them from the FCL. Therefore, you should apply a marking of such parts on a sheet of graph paper.

Cutting of drywall sheets must be done very accurately on the line

Cutting complex parts are manufactured using a special device — the jigsaw. On the Internet you can find various photos of fireplaces made of plasterboard, made using intricate elements.

Finished parts are fixed on the frame by means of screws, which must be suitable for working with plasterboard material. Step record of such screws is in the range of from 10 to 15 cm.

You need to follow the following algorithm of actions to perform with your hands fireplace made of plasterboard. Step-by-step instruction on the casing frame of the fireplace plasterboard details as follows:

  • the joints of sheets that are placed in the same plane, the chamfer is cut (width of cut should be approximately 5 mm);
  • after that, the joints are reinforced. It uses a special grid-the junctions;
  • then the joints are covered with two layers of primer. Apply a second layer of primer is done only after the first coat is completely dry;

Before applying the plaster, the joints of gypsum Board necessarily are reinforced with a special mesh

  • after drying of the second primer layer the resulting structure is treated with a filler (start);
  • then putty is processed by the entire portal.

Thus, get ready the portal for the fireplace made of plasterboard. With his hands it’s not difficult, however, you must consider all of the above nuances.

What you can draw with your hands raised fireplace? Photo of interesting ideas

Consider the most popular materials used for decoration of decoration of fireplaces:

  • adhesive tape or “adhesive”;
  • ceramic tile (the most common material used for decoration);
  • stone (natural or artificial);
  • brick;
  • marble;
  • tree.

Solid fireplace made of plasterboard can be decorated with various decorative elements

In addition to the above materials for veneer decorative fireplace you can use the forged metal elements. However, an important aspect when choosing a cladding material for the portal is that a decorative design must not experience excessive load.

With your hands, you can perform facing the fireplace with any material, but skilled craftsmen are not advised to register the furnace itself, if the cost of material is significant (e.g. natural stone).

Facing the portal fireplace ceramic tiles is pretty simple. It is necessary to use a special tile adhesive and using it to glue the tiles to the portal. Instead of glue you can use liquid nails, which is also well proven in this case.

Raised fireplace decorated with ceramic tiles and plaster moldings

Corner raised fireplace with their hands plasterboard: features of the arrangement

Picking a place for a corner fireplace, it is necessary to consider two basic rules:

  • it is advisable to choose the corner of the room, which is the least involved;
  • a popular solution is to install decorative furnace in the corner opposite the front door.

As in the case with the installation of a Central fireplace, you must first make a drawing of the future Assembly, and also to make markings on the walls and floor.

Please note! If you want to install an electric heater within a decorative corner fireplace, then it is recommended to make a applying power.

In a small room you can build a compact corner design that simulates a fireplace

Frame Assembly and its subsequent plating is performed in the same manner as the organization of the Central fireplace. The design, of course, will vary due to location. Preferably before installation, to check, pictures of faux fireplaces. Their hands to perform a corner oven is quite simple, however, you need to follow the instructions to assemble the frame and its covering of gypsum Board and veneer.

Experts also advise to pay attention on the reliability of fastening of gypsum Board using screws. It is recommended to tighten until the end so they don’t protrude above the surface of the drywall.

Following the usual or corner fireplace the hands of the drywall material, you can get not only a beautiful piece of furniture, but also the heating appliance for the room. In addition, these lesions have a top panel – shelf, which can accommodate a variety of decor items.

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