The fireplace in the apartment and the best designs with its use

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From this article you can find out what is the role of the fireplace in the apartment as a decorative element with a detailed study of such styles, as Baroque, classic, loft, Chalet, hi-tech and country. The text outlines the most popular and successful design techniques of the last years with photographs, and interesting ways of decorating the fireplace designs.

Using the fireplace can create a comfortable and warm atmosphere in the interior of the apartment

The contents

  • 1 Fireplace in the apartment: the optimal design for urban housing
    • 1.1 Choosing the right electric fireplace for the home: basic criteria
  • 2 How to integrate a fireplace in the apartment: the photo of interiors in different styles
    • 2.1 use of the fireplace in the modern interior: photo of the room in the style of hi-tech
    • 2.2 Design false fireplaces in the living room: photo of rooms in a rustic style
    • 2.3 Design of the classic fireplace in the apartment: photo of interior bedroom and living room
    • 2.4 Luxury decorative fireplaces: pictures of the interiors in the Baroque style
    • 2.5 Design fireplace in a modern urban loft style living spaces
    • 2.6 How to use the electric heater in the interior of the room in a Chalet style
  • 3 Fabrication and finishing of fireplaces: photos and technology for creating artificial constructs
    • 3.1 the construction of the pedestal and frame in room with fireplace: pictures and description of technology
    • 3.2 the wiring for the fireplace made of plasterboard: photos and recommendations
    • 3.3 Installation of gypsum Board before finishing the fireplace: pictures and description of the process
    • 3.4 finishes fireplace: photo gallery of interesting ideas
The fireplace in the apartment: the optimal design for urban housing

In theory, any apartment owner can seek permission for the construction of the fireplace. However, this process requires significant amounts of effort and funds. For this reason, photos of fireplaces in the interior of the apartment is rare to find a wood-burning hearths.

Fireplace with feature living flame looks very realistic

Most commonly used lightweight and more secure model:

  • built-in electric fireplaces;
  • decorative design (raised fireplace);
  • bio-fireplaces.

Electric fireplaces do not require a chimney

Before you buy electric fireplace or decorative, you should immediately designate a few moments. First, you must determine what role to perform design heating or decorating the room? This will allow you to opt for a particular type of hearth.

Electric fireplaces can have the function of heating the glass

After analyzing the plan and making a preliminary plan of repair, you need to define the room and the area where it will be installed design. This information will enable you to choose the most appropriate modification. Some areas impose restrictions on the choice of model, for others it is advisable to buy a corner fireplace as the only option to save valuable space.

In the interior of the living room, it is important to place the fireplace in order to design was the center of attention

Choosing the right electric fireplace for the home: basic criteria

To buy a high-quality design is not enough to find beautiful photos of the electric fireplace, and the product selection should be based on its characteristics and other important parameters.

Modern electric fireplaces have several modes of flame

Key selection criteria:

  • the external design of the fireplace – decorative characteristics, as well as the quality of workmanship should be at the proper level (defects and damages);
  • power level if the functional filling of the device has optimum characteristics, then it will be only for decoration and design. This will be enough to buy the portal for the fireplace with your decorated or decorate it yourself;

Model of fireplace to choose based on the size of the room

  • room size – from the size of the room depends on many technical characteristics of the fireplace, as well as its configuration and type of installation;
  • the direction of the room design with a fireplace design is selected based on the style, which made the room;
  • price electric fireplace – the hearth should focus on the budget. If an expensive device is not expensive, it is worth to stop in the middle segment. Buying cheap electric fireplace will turn out disappointing, because most of these structures is not reliable.

The modern model fireplaces are small, which allows you to save useful space of the room

Interesting fact! Electric fireplace in the apartment is able to effectively warm up to 30 m2 room.

Sizes of electric fireplaces:

View cominganarchy m (width)Стандарт0,62Широкий0,7-1Сверх широкий1-2,5

The best on the market, manufacturers recognized the following trademarks:

  • Electrolux (professional equipment level);

Portable fireplaces are very convenient because they can be a decoration of several rooms in the apartment

  • Alex Bauman (excellent ornamental characteristics and the optimal ratio of quality and cost);
  • RealFlame (high quality instruments).

Rating electric fireplaces Electrolux:

Modelmaster, smesto in ratingmap konstruktionen, RUB EFP/M-501225х34х171напольная3500EFP/W-1200RCL12,2х57,8х87,62подвесная13600EFP/S-2118SDS28х100,4х102,53пристенная23500EFP/C–1000RC29х59,3х63,64напольная11700EFP/S-2018SBS28х102х1025пристенная20000efp/W-1100URCL9х66х526подвесная12500EFp/F-200RC34,2х51,5х597пристенная6750EFP/F-10028,5х42,6х548напольная7000EFP/F-11028х41,5х549пристенная7000EFP/F — 300W24х36,5х41,510пристенная47000

How to integrate a fireplace in the apartment: the photo of interiors in different styles

Choosing an electric fireplace in the interior of one of the rooms of the apartment, regardless of the purpose and style of your living space, you should consider the balance between size of device and size of the room. Stylized hearth should be in harmony with the environment. This is especially true of pieces of furniture.

False fireplace is the perfect solution for small apartments

As seen in many photos, corner fireplaces small size, it is best to install in the premises the area of which is not more than 25 m2. This alternative approach will allow you to maximize the corner space of the room, not concealing useful inches along the walls.

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The apartment feature allows mounting of large equipment, decorated with a massive portal made of wood or artificial stone. In this case, can be used electric fireplace wall-mounted, recessed or built-in type. The choice of modification depends on the style of the room.

Electric fireplaces can have the function of heating the glass

A useful tip! Installation of voltage regulator and regular inspection of the condition of the wiring will extend the service life of electric corner fireplace and designs with any other type of installation.

An example of using electric fireplace for decoration accent wall in the room

In the space of the Studio apartments, where the furniture is placed zonal, well fit design built-in electric fireplace, bilateral and island. The device can be used as a partition between the area designed for recreation, and dining room. The result will be possible not only to zone the room, but to heat the space on both sides of the separator.

An electric fireplace is fireproof, which allows to establish the design of the house where the children live

Use of the fireplace in the modern interior: photo of the room in the style of hi-tech

Apartment owners often use an electric fireplace in the living room, photos of such structures are found in large quantities not only in networks but also in design magazines. However, even experienced decorators have difficulties in the process of developing design in the style of hi-tech.

Recessed fireplace can be placed in a niche of gispokarton or furniture set

This direction is characteristic of certain traits:

  • the lack of unnecessary decoration;
  • pure color;
  • the prevalence of strict and straight lines.

False fireplace with a concrete portal in the style of hi-tech

In spite of strict restraint and severe the frame, the style of hi-tech like an electric fireplace in a modern interior is well settled. The important thing is to choose the appropriate design.

To fill the niche of the false chimney often uses real or artificial candles

In most cases found on the photo electric fireplaces in the style of hi-tech completely devoid of the decorative component. Not allowed to have grills, shelves and all kinds of curls. Such fireplaces do not need portals, because their design is self-sufficient. The main task of the electric fireplace in the interior is to focus on the simulation of the flame. The mounting system is very simple and involves the installation of the design on the Cabinet or using the wall as a basis for fixing. There is no need to manufacture niche.

Bio-fireplace to use biofuels, which is absolutely safe and has no harm to human health

Design in the style of hi-tech, despite its simplicity, can have a wide range of functions:

  • Pictures – allows you to change the picture of the fireplace up to 5-8 times, each time to a new design of a flame.
  • Feature living flame – this fireplace is quite realistic imitates real flames.
  • The heating function of the windshield – in the quartz surface of the screen is a sealed heating element that generates infrared radiation. It heats not only the air, but all the furnishings that are in range.

Design bedrooms in understated style you can use modern bio fireplace

Some manufacturers offer unusual designs. Consumers can buy glass for a fireplace with specific properties, such as uneven transparency, simulating the smoke, with the option of sound (crackle) and the display illuminated the burning logs.

The high-tech style is characteristic brevity and simplicity

Please note! The photo electric in the style of hi-tech look simple and stylish. However, these structures have a considerable weight. Their weight and cost far exceed the parameters of conventional fireplaces.

Design false fireplaces in the living room: photo of rooms in a rustic style

Country, Provence and rustic – the most popular destinations of the rustic style. The basis of this design is the use of natural materials, or their accurate imitations. Because the apartment has no conditions for assembling wood structures, in this case it is better to buy a false fireplace with a natural decor.

Portal for the fireplace you can design yourself, or buy ready-made model

Perfect pockets with a portal made of untreated wood. Photo fireplace of plasterboard with their hands, which can be used in country interiors, there are models with a variety of finishes. Widely used wood panels, natural stone or artificial variants, analogs. The use of brick in fireplace decoration with your own hands will create a wonderful imitation of a wood-burning hearth.

Install trim fireplace does not require a socket or other communications

Online you can find many examples of interior decoration in rustic style with a fireplace, those pictures of raised fireplaces most often have a recessed, corner or wall design. To design the most consistent with the direction of the country, or rustic, the product should be shelf. It is desirable to arrange decorative elements to bring the flavor of rural life in the interior of the apartment.

False fireplace can be decorated with scented candles or natural logs

Interior room with fireplace in rustic style will suit the following decorations:

  • painted plates;
  • photo frames;
  • collectible beer mugs;
  • wrought iron candle holders;
  • a jar filled with fir cones, chestnuts or acorns, for example, baskets made of birch bark or vines, etc.

An example of a good design hanging electric fireplace

If instead of decorative designs, fitted in the living room electric fireplace, all of which help to keep the necessary style, despite the modern design of the hearth. A portal with appropriate design it is possible to buy ready-made or make it yourself.

False fireplace is versatile, as the decoration you can choose and change depending on the time of year or holiday

For the fireplace in the style of Provence, it is desirable to use a less rough appearance and bright color, e.g. white or blue. In this case, the welcome presence in the room with vegetable motifs. If the basis of design is the direction of the country, it will not hurt to perform in the premises an imitation or a lightweight version of the wooden ceiling beams. They should be painted in dark contrasting with the walls color.

Electric or gas fireplace, you can arrange the artificial stone that will add a touch of starodavni in the room

A useful tip! If decorative fireplace there are shelves, a stylized bowl with painted can be placed in small cabinets with glass doors, placing them along the walls.

Design classic fireplace in the apartment: photo of interior bedroom and living room

Classic design suitable for a fireplace in the bedroom or living room. Popular among the owners of apartments is English design direction.

An example of a classic design fireplace in the living room

It is characterized by the presence of the following elements:

  • furniture with soft upholstery (leather or textile, designed in soft colours and decorated with ornaments);
  • tapestries;
  • low tables;
  • bronze candle holders;
  • chandeliers made of antique.

Near the electric fireplace, you can install a switch that will allow you to conveniently turn on and off the device

All this will accentuate the classic bedroom design with fireplace decorated with stone or marble portal. Preferably, use is made in the same style accessories, such as watches, books, vases and figurines. These items should be placed on the mantelpiece. In addition to decorative fireplace to buy paintings or mirrors in heavy frames, if you plan to install the design in the living room.

Luxury decorative fireplaces: pictures of the interiors in the Baroque style

The Baroque style like apartment owners who prefer luxury. At the same time in the beautiful design of the fireplace as the room where it is installed, there should be bizarre and fanciful shapes.

The Baroque style characteristic of details of decoration in gold and bronze color

Characteristic features of the interior in the Baroque style:

  • stucco walls with gold;
  • curtains of heavy fabric, for example satin or velvet with fringe or tassels;
  • furniture with curved legs, covered with gold leaf;
  • crystal chandeliers decorated with pendants.

An example of uncluttered design fireplace in the living room in the Baroque style

Creating the Baroque style, you need to bring the environment to the design of the Royal Palace of this era. The most used at the time the materials were precious metals, ivory, marble or expensive wood. From this, you should start doing design fireplace photo design examples of such structures usually contain a large number of curved lines and curvilinear forms.

Modern manufacturers offer customers a wide range of electric fireplaces design that allows you to choose the best model for the interior

As decor on the mantel can be installed:

  • crystal vases;
  • vintage figurines, made of ivory;
  • crockery.

For the decoration of the fireplace in the Baroque style, you can use the portal carved from precious wood

A useful tip! The interior is in Baroque style can be complemented by the mirrors wide frame and precious knick-knacks, wood carving, made by hand and gilded.

Fireplace design in modern style urban loft

In the interior urban loft you can make a bet on modern design. For this approach stylish trendy fireplace with unusual shape or colour. The ideal option would be the design, executed in style hi-tech. For apartment you can take a double-sided fireplace and install it in a small partition.

To complete the simulation of a real fireplace, you can install decorative fireplace

The loft will be the brightest in the fireplace, made in retro style. It is possible to combine the design elements of antique and modern finishes. The main thing – competently to combine these conflicting directions. Playing on contrast will allow you to create unusual and unique design urban loft. For decorating you can use natural stone or big size ceramic tile, stylized brick dark. It is permissible to use a granite portal or imitation of this material.

Loft style laconic, and therefore builds to look to a more modern design of the heater

The design of the fireplace in the loft may be practical. This style is characterized by the use of masonry, therefore, this material can be used for decoration of the portal. It is very important to create a comfortable and relaxed setting. For this purpose, suitable functional furniture that folds into a wardrobe, or a special niche. From the interior you need to remove all the excess. The room needs to be only practical, safe and most necessary items. It is desirable that the room attended at least one brick wall or wooden ceiling.

Interesting solution for decorating the living room is the installation of the fireplace in the wall of plasterboard

Design loft can be sloppy. The true design of this style involves minimal presence of furniture and the installation of the corner wall or the fireplace, preferably with a metallic finish. In the space of the urban loft will fit any fireplace. The exceptions are design, made in classic style and decorated with carving, white marble stone, or stucco.

The style of the fireplace should be in harmony with other parts of the interior of the room

How to use the electric heater in the interior of the room in a Chalet style

The easiest way to support the design of the room in a Chalet style at the expense of the fireplace to do his finishing with natural stone or imitation. It is desirable to bring the design to the appearance of the old hearth, but at the same time keep romantic mood.

For a rustic style characterized by the use of artificial or natural stone, wood and antique furniture

Allowed the use of ceramic tile, with an interesting texture, alternatively rough and massive stone. Externally, these products are virtually indistinguishable from natural material. Hue finish the fireplace in a Chalet-style can be anything. The variant of using heterogeneous colors, but they should be soft and discreet.

The most popular option of a decorative fireplace is the use of a niche of drywall

It will look perfect on the mantel, the skin of the animal, antique household items, armor and weapons. For its production it is better to use stone or brick. The presence of a marble fireplace will add a special charm. If there’s enough amount of money this material can be replaced with onyx. A cheaper version of a finishing material is granite.

Important! It is not recommended to use the shiny and new items in the interior of the apartment, Chalet-style. The furniture must be vintage, and even better plain and dull.

Above the fireplace can be placed on mirrors, paintings, photos or other interior details

Despite the ban on the use of new things, allowed the installation of modern electric fireplace in the interior photo such a space filled with romance through the use of proper decoration items and furniture.

Characteristic features of the style:

  • massive sofa or a bed, covered with animal skin;
  • wooden stool near the fireplace;
  • stumps and branches intact, treated lacerum composition, which can be placed on the portal.

Design designs for fireplace you can design your own or view online

As decoration for the mantelpiece suitable transparent glass container, filled with straw, and wicker baskets. Design designs are developed very carefully, and always adorned with these decorative fireplaces with their own hands, a photo of such products and technologies can be found on the Internet.

Popular solution to finish the fireplace is the use of decorative stone

Fabrication and finishing of fireplaces: photos and technology for creating artificial constructs

Since the main body of the artificial fire in the interior of a city apartment is almost not subjected to heat and has low weight, for decoration of its design it is possible to use materials with low requirements in respect of fire safety and strength.

Portal for the fireplace can be made in contrasting shades that will help to focus attention on the hearth

For the housings can be used:

  • MDF;
  • brick;
  • drywall;
  • DSP;
  • plywood.

An example of the use of natural wood and construction with stucco for decoration built-in electric fireplace

In the photo, the design of fireplaces has different incarnation. To create it using wood, natural and artificial stone. Also used glass, metal, PU decoration, moulding, etc.

The fire effect is achieved by the cold steam generator and special illumination

The construction of the pedestal and frame in room with fireplace: pictures and description of technology

For the construction of the pedestal, it is desirable to use a part of the countertop. It is cut according to the dimensions of the heater using an electric jigsaw. Better if will be taken worktop made from MDF with a protective coating in the form of lamination. This material is resistant to the influence of temperature and moisture. If you intend wall mounting design, the table should be rectangular, and to install a corner fireplace, need a pentagonal element.

For the construction of the portal for the fireplace it is necessary to partition and develop a scheme design from metalloprofili

The pedestal rises from the floor through the frame. For its production will need a metal profile with a cross section size of 50×40 mm or 50×50 mm. After which the pedestal is masked by the plastic plinth. The hue of this element must match the color of the countertop.

Construction metalloprofil gradually sheathed with sheets of drywall required size

Important! Square pedestal must be greater than the area set him on fire.

For the manufacture of the portal is easiest to use drywall, it is eco-friendly and easily attachable on a metal frame.

The last stage of construction of the portal is its final finish by using a decorative material — stone, tile or plaster

For the manufacture of the basics you need:

  • Metal profile size of the cross section 50×50 mm (to create columns).
  • Metal profile size section 50×40 mm (for a guide).
  • Fasteners, e.g., screws of the type “bug” with a length of 10-13 mm.

For the simple design of the portal, you can use gypsum stucco, which is easy to attach to the wall with glue

The list of the necessary work tools and devices include:

  • metal shears;
  • building level;
  • screwdriver;
  • stationery knife;
  • screwdriver;
  • hammer.

Construction of plasterboard should be carefully attached to the wall to support the weight of recessed fireplace

Before you begin installation, on the wall in the zone of contact with the fireplace you need to fix the asbestos sheet. Then, using the marker and the level of applied marking.

Corner fireplace can be placed in a special partition of the drywall, allowing profitable to zone the space of the room

The Assembly frame can be produced according to the following algorithm of actions:

  • Set profiles 50×40 mm according to the markup so as to obtain a parallelepiped. For fixing, you will need dowels and screws type “bug”.
  • The transverse mounting of the profiled elements with a cross section of 50×50 mm for structural reinforcement. Step – 30 cm
  • The formation of the inner part with the given dimensions of the device.

For registration area near the fireplace, you can use tile-mosaic

If you search online photo design fireplaces, you can see the artificial construction with the chimney. As a real hearth, a fake may have a given item, although its presence is optional.

The wiring for the fireplace made of plasterboard: photos and recommendations

To ensure the fireplace power supply, to the area of its installation should fail the transaction. For these purposes, perfect cable, having a “self-extinguishing” insulating coating. The optimal size of cross-section 2. 5×2 mm. In those areas where the cable is mounted in the portal, it is necessary to use metal sleeve.

When buying a heater we must ask is, do you need to connect the power supply cable

Outlet better to mount in combination with the switch. Because of this there will be no need to move the plug every time you want to turn off or turn on an electric fireplace. All this will be done by pressing the switch button.

A useful tip! If the apartment has a ground for communication you can use a cable with three conductors. In this case, you need to use a socket with ground, is made of ceramic.

The size of the portal exceed the actual size of the faux fireplace

Performing work involving electricity, be sure to turn off the power to protect themselves. The choice of materials for the installation of communications, and wiring shall comply with the requirements. For security purposes this step is the installation of the fireplace it is better to trust the electrician.

Drywall installation prior to finish the fireplace: pictures and description of the process

After cable, the design of the metal frame is sheathed with sheets of drywall.

Decorating simple design of gispokarton to the fireplace by using cheap polyurethane skirting

This procedure is performed in the following order:

  • Cutting drywall sheets (GCR) with a utility knife, given the size of the metal frame.
  • Fixing of gypsum Board to the profiles with screws type “seed” (the size of the fastener – 3х25мм) using a screwdriver.
  • Sealing of joints between sheets sealant.
  • The gain trim at the corners metal corners with perforation (steel galvanised).

In most cases, the fireplace occupies a Central place in the interior of the room

Before you decorate the fireplace choice of finishes, you should install it in the portal. In the place where the body of the device are ventilation eyelets, you should do the hole in the drywall. If you miss this moment, in the process of operation the heater its design will be subject to overheating, which will greatly affect the service life of the equipment and may cause it to malfunction.

The design of the area near the fireplace must match the style of interior room

Finishes fireplace: photo gallery of interesting ideas

This files most often for facing artificial fireplaces use ceramic tile, decorative brick or stone. Permitted coloring and the use of wood.

As a complement to the decorative fireplace you can use wooden logs

Recommendations for the implementation of finish:

  • For the application of VD-composition for coloring of construction, you can use a brush or roller.
  • Textured plaster is applied to the surface of the drywall with a putty knife.
  • Artificial stone and decorative bricks and tiles is fixed with a special glue composition or “liquid nails”.

An example of using a ready portal of gypsum for the design of bio fireplace

A useful tip! If the finishing material is wood, it should be dried and treated with preservative to use, the coating is not cracked by temperature.

Many modern electric fireplaces have the option of remote control

Photo of beautiful fireplaces that you can find online or in design magazines, you can use as inspiration for creating your own unique design.

Elektricheski fireplace can have a built in feature of the humidifier

If you plan to install the candles into the portal, it is a great decorative addition will be a mirror. They should be mounted on the inner surfaces of the niche, except for the top and bottom. The base is decorated with mosaic, marble or ceramic tiles. And the upper part of the niche is processed thermally stable dye, to protect the surface from temperature.

A fireplace can decorate any room, making the room cozy

To ensure fire safety when using real candles, decorative portal it is advisable to install protection in the form of forged bars. To finish this fireplace you can’t use combustible materials.

Portable bio fireplace can have different sizes and shapes

If the candles will not be used to decorate the base, you can use a wooden shelf or glass. In sale you can find artificial versions of candles with light bulbs instead of the flame. Great decoration niche will be shelves with small knick-knacks, books, beautiful wood logs, which have to be frequent. On a shelf of raised-hearth, you can put lamps, Christmas lights, small mirrors, pictures.

To fabricate and install decorative fireplace in a city apartment with his hands for everyone. This simple and practical approach to the design allows you to bring comfort in premises which do not allow the installation of this fireplace. Work can be done in one day, using a minimal set of tools and affordable materials.

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