The enclosures for the dogs in the apartment: how to create a safe place for your pet

From this article you can learn how to pick a comfortable enclosure for the dogs in the apartment with optimum characteristics: criteria for the selection of materials, sizes and other parameters taking into account the age of the animal and related it to the contents of the conditions. The text discusses the main types of these structures, their features and benefits, as well as recommendations for the manufacturer.

The cage for the apartment you should choose based on the size of dog breeds and the necessary functions that the design will perform

The contents

  • 1 enclosures for the dogs in the apartment and the peculiarities of its use
    • 1.1 In some cases, the experts recommend to buy an enclosure for the dog
    • 1.2 the Use of cages for dogs in the apartment: design features
    • 1.3 How to choose and buy enclosures for the dogs in the apartment
  • 2 How to make a design cage for dog in the apartment with his hands
    • 2.1 instructions for making a metal cage for dog in the apartment with his hands
    • 2.2 Production of home-cage for dogs with his own hands out of wood
    • 2.3 Where to install made with their own hands the cage for puppies in the apartment
  • 3 How to make a bed for dogs with their hands
  • 4 Operation of a cage for the puppies in apartment: how to teach an animal

The enclosures for the dogs in the apartment and the peculiarities of its use

Appearance in the house animal entails responsibility. Often dogs make own adjustments to the interior. Moreover, such changes are not always positive. Experienced breeders recommend to provide protection for the Wallpaper and furniture in the house. This can be expensive to buy an apartment in enclosure for the dogs. This device will protect the furnishings during the absence of the owner, without prejudice to the animal.

Plastic modular enclosure is very convenient because it can be easily dismantled or moved to another location

In some cases, the experts recommend to buy an enclosure for the dog

An enclosure installed in the apartment, suitable for dogs of all ages. Such structures are used for puppies or adults of small breeds. They form for a pet safe space, but on the condition that the design chosen and installed correctly.

In some cases, the breeders are advised to buy a home cage for dogs:

  • The purchase of a puppy.
  • Pregnancy and lactation animal.
  • Disease pet.
  • Protection of furnishings and finishes on the walls.
  • Safe keeping animals outdoors or at the cottage.
  • Period to accustom the dog to potty.

Aviary or cage for the dog is required to properly train an animal

When the puppy enters into a new house, it is subjected to stress due to the lack of the mother and change of residence. Often kids score in the far corner and do not want to contact with the new owners. In this case the owner can buy an enclosure for the puppy in the apartment to ensure a gradual adaptation to the new environment.

A useful tip! It is advisable to purchase an enclosure for a puppy in an apartment in advance, even before the dog goes in the house. In a stressful situation, kids often go to the toilet the corners of the room, and the presence of the fence is able to prevent it.

Of the possibility of such designs will be useful in cases where the house is pregnant or nursing dog. Being in this position, the animal is especially in need of peace. The enclosure will provide a pet personal space.

Similar designs to isolate a sick dog. Using the enclosure is formed of a comfortable and comfortable area for your pet where he will recuperate. Besides eliminating the chance of contact with sick dogs are family members and animals that are healthy.

For the dog with puppies is better to buy a barrel nut, which the adult animal could step over or jump over it.

If the dog has a habit of biting the legs of wooden furniture to spoil your shoes and tear the Wallpaper, before leaving the house for a long time you can just put it in a cage. The fence will not allow the animal to roam the house unattended. Small home design will be useful and away. Modern shops offer a wide range of products, allowing inexpensive to buy an aviary for dogs, which can be used in the country or in nature, that the animal lost in an unfamiliar place.

Small breed dogs problematic accustomed to the tray. The fence will help the animal to navigate where you want to go to the toilet without any negative impact on the psyche.

The use of cages for dogs in the apartment: design features

Aviary is a checkered design, usually without a roof. For its production uses a variety of materials, such as wood or plastic. However, it is preferable to buy a cage for a dog made of metal. Settling down inside a comfortable area with necessary things.

With a large number of puppies in the house, an enclosure is essential to animals were safe

A list of needed items includes:

  • the bowl of food and fresh water;
  • litter to the animal is not frozen;
  • sleeping place;
  • toilet;
  • toys or bones, the dog is not bored.

There are several varieties of enclosures. Some structures are used temporarily, they are portable street products, others are suitable to accommodate the animal for the whole day. For recreation and outdoor games enough to buy a cage for puppies in the apartment, enclosing 2-3 m2. This size is considered standard for animals of small size.

The design of the arena consists of several sections. These elements if necessary can be removed. These cages fold and unfold quickly. If the cell is metal, it needs minimum maintenance. To maintain the cage clean enough from time to time to wipe it with a damp cloth. Install design can in any convenient place in the apartment. For these purposes can be used the corner of the room or space under the table in the hall.

If the dimensions of the apartments allow, it is better to purchase the enclosure larger to accommodate the litter, bowls and, if necessary, in closet designs

Important! Equipping the space inside the enclosure, be sure to leave room for games. Inside the enclosure should not be crowded.

How to pick up and buy enclosures for the dogs in the apartment

Buying a home cage for dogs – responsible process. The first thing to take into account the purposes for which the Assembly will be used. If the product will be used as an arena for nursing dogs, it is better to choose the options without a roof. The dimensional parameters of the enclosure should be such that an adult animal could get in, and the puppies did not spread beyond it. Very easy to use cages with fasteners on the sides. They are designed to hold bowls filled with food and water.

Temporary decorative breeds, the best option would be to buy a cage for small dogs in the apartment in the form of an awning (tent). The frame of this design is made of plastic or metal pipe with lighter weight. The walls are formed by a stretched between them a material – polyester. If the design of the carrying case (to transport animals), you need to make sure it was functional, practical and reliable.

For larger breeds it is better to purchase the enclosure with roof and opening door

Easy to operate product features:

  • retainers in the form of Velcro or laces, to secure design while relaxing outdoors;
  • removable roof;
  • durable bottom;
  • pockets to accommodate bottles and other necessary things.

The most appropriate option would be a modular cage for small dog cage. This design has a simple structure and can contain from 4 to 10 sections. These elements are interconnected by means of screws or by splined connection. For very young animals can be purchased designs from plastic.

The modular design is convenient in such cases:

  • isolation of a diseased animal;
  • the content of dogs in heat or puppies;
  • education aggressive animals that spoil the furniture or go to the toilet in the wrong place.

Folding the enclosure in the form of tent-the tent is convenient for frequent travellers with a dog

The walls of such enclosures is very durable. With proper design they fit well into the interior. For example, the design can hide under a piece of furniture (table or Cabinet). On the roof is placed on the tabletop.

Good aviary easy to use, design can easily be folded and put away until the animal doesn’t use it. For this reason, you should pay attention to practical kits.

Important! The cage is designed for temporary stay of the animal. If the dog will sit in it constantly, they can become aggressive and painful. This option of the contents of the animal are unacceptable.

How to make a design cage for dog in the apartment with his hands

The most popular cages are created from metal mesh. Their shape may vary as the number of doors. The roof is not required and envisaged by the owner of the animal. Most of the parameters of the future design depends on the purpose of the enclosure.

To make the cage by yourself, using a grid, wooden planks and a minimal set of tools

In this case, to make the enclosure will need a metal mesh. Experts do not recommend using netting. This kind of material is movable cells that can harm the animal. The best option would be construction mesh made of metal rods. It is much stronger and safer netting.

The height of future construction is selected based on the size of the animal. If the enclosure is designed for the puppy, there will be enough mesh from 40-50 cm Minimum allowable wall heights for small dogs is 50-60 see Below to do an enclosure is not recommended. For the large dog will need a fence with a height not less than 1 m.

In addition, for the manufacture of a cage for dog in the apartment with his hands will need:

  • wire;
  • pliers;
  • canopies door;
  • multiple locks or latches;
  • material for the manufacture of the frame.

To make the frame of the enclosure with your hands, you can use an old table

To create a part reference suitable metal rods and wooden bars.

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Manual for manufacturing metal cages for dogs in the apartment with his hands

Conventional mesh structure has a door, roof and floors with the walls. First, reference is made part of the design in the form of a parallelepiped. For this you need to put together along the boards to get the specified shape. If the supports are to be used metal rods, you can connect them together with wire. Mesh is measured and cut off the parts that will later become the roof, floor and walls.

A useful tip! If you connect metal elements by welding, the design will be more durable and reliable.

In addition to the metal cage, made personally, it is possible to sew the textile with a filling cap, a substrate and a sunbed

Further, the process of making the enclosure for the puppy with their hands in the apartment looks like this:

  • All the segments are joined to the supporting part and are fixed, except for the plot where will be the door.
  • One of the edges of the door attached to the enclosure in an appropriate place with sheds and wire.
  • On the opposite side of the installed door locking mechanisms, and on the wall – loop for closing.
  • The floor is covered with plywood sheet of the appropriate size.

The design is completely ready for use and can be used not only for the temporary detention of the animal, but also as a mobile cell for exhibitions. Do not put the dog on the bare plywood. To ensure the animal is comfortable conditions on the floor you need to lay a thick cloth, but not hard, and soft.

The production of home-cage for dogs with his own hands out of wood

Many dog owners will find wood easier and more familiar material, rather than metal. The dimensions are chosen similarly as in the case of metal cage.

The process of making the enclosure for the dog improvised

The scheme of the enclosure should consider the following points:

  • the size of the dog;
  • the purpose of using the enclosure;
  • the age of the animal.

For the manufacture of wooden cage for dog in the apartment with his hands will need the following materials and fixtures:

  • the bars of wood;
  • mechanisms for locking doors and sheds;
  • screwdriver and screws;
  • saw and narrow boards;
  • plywood.

In the manufacture of a cage for the dog, it is necessary to monitor the quality of screwing the mounts to sharp parts were not

In the first phase of the construction is made of a frame part on the basis of the wooden bars. As locking elements, use the screws and small parts. Narrow boards zapilivaetsya the required length. They will be used for making the walls.

The manufacture of wooden enclosure for the puppy in the apartment with his hands is as follows:

  • Narrow boards bolted to the frame with screws at equal intervals. The walls should be small wooden fence.
  • The door is made separately in a similar way.
  • To secure the cage door on used sheds.
  • The cage is attached loops for locking.
  • The door locks are installed.

The floor is made of plywood or created in the form of a continuous coating of boards and plank with a soft cloth. In the process of cutting the wood formed a large number of sawdust, so it is recommended to work on the street or at least remove the carpet from the room. To simplify and speed up work one of the walls made of plywood sheet.

Having made a comfortable cage, you can create a beautiful personal space for the animal

Important! The wooden enclosure is necessary to provide fixings for bowls. During the game the dog can flip the bowl filled with water. The moisture on the wood is critical for this material, so that the fence will quickly deteriorate.

Where to install made with their own hands the cage for puppies in the apartment

It is advisable to install an enclosure for an animal in a corner where the structure will not create interference with other tenants and will not spoil the interior. If products having the roof can be masked by a stand or table, the net options to hide not so easy. Better, if the design is team. In this case, the enclosure is useless can be folded and put away.

Made an enclosure for the puppy it is very important to establish so that the animal feel comfortable. It’s enough to keep the main recommendations. It is desirable to select the point from which you can see the most part of the apartment, so the dog could see from the cage environment. Definitely need to avoid places where there are drafts or are exposed to direct sunlight. The ideal option would be a dark corner in a large room.

Cage for dogs small breeds, made in the form of tables

Must not be installed near the appliance enclosure or in the battery. Design should be as practical, that at any moment it was possible to move it or remove it.

How to make a bed for dogs with their hands

To increase the comfort for the pet in a cage, in addition to bedding, you can install the soft couch. The simplest way to make yourself – to make unnecessary hoodies.

A list of required tools and materials:

  • thread and a big needle;
  • scissors and pins;
  • sweatshirt and pillow for her appropriate size;
  • the gasket is in the form of pieces of fabric;
  • fabric to cover areas of the connection sleeves.

An important element in the regeneration enclosure for dogs is soft and comfortable lounger

A useful tip! As stuffing you can use a special filler, which is sold in sewing stores.

The order of sewing beds for dogs:

  • Sweatshirt turned inside out.
  • The collar is stitched, but not until the very end. The aperture must remain small in size.
  • Sweatshirt is closely aligned, with pins planned straight line from one armpit to the other and stitched. After that, the pins need to be extracted.
  • The sleeves are sewn to the sides of the sweatshirt. You do not need to reach the end.
  • Formed the sides of the stove by filling the sleeves with pieces of tissue or filler.
  • The pillow fits inside the jacket through the bottom, which is then sutured.
  • Cuffs of sleeves are joined and sewn together.
  • The connection area of the sleeves is decorated with a piece of fabric.

The finished bench can be placed in the cage to pet could relax and sleep.

The process of making dog with his own hands out of old sweaters

Operation of the cage for puppies in the apartment: how to teach an animal

Installing the enclosure, care must be taken to get your pet accustomed to this design. Otherwise, the pet will experience stress. Ready to start the cage should be left for some time in the room with the door open. This is necessary in order to make the dog understand that design is not a threat to her.

After some time in the cage for a puppy in the apartment to put the toy, which is most like an animal, or a favorite treat. Maybe not immediately, but the dog will go in the cage for this subject. At this point, it is necessary to praise. After some time during the games periodically, you need to throw a toy in the cage, the puppy they brought.

When the animal is a little used, need to get him in a cage and kept in the outdoor aviary for several minutes. If the animal is able to stay behind the fence for 5 min., you can briefly shut the door. After this, the animal should be released, be sure to praise and treat.

In order to stay in the pen did not bring the animal experiences, you must teach your dog slowly

With such simple steps, you can teach your dog to a longer stay in a makeshift cage, without damaging her psyche. If you do not want to design the arena, it is always possible to buy in the store.

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