The eclectic style in the interior living room

18 Oct 2017

Eclecticism in interior design is used slightly less often in other styles. And all because most people are not clear about her views, and often associate this concept with the usual bad taste. In fact, eclecticism is one of the most difficult types of design that carries an amazing ability to combine bright lines of various ideas, ideas and styles. The resulting eclectic interior makes every apartment a truly original and distinctive.

Modern eclectic design is directly linked to the way of thinking, habits and lifestyle of a particular person. All of these emotional characteristics give us a unique design, consisting of a mixture of different ideas. Eclectic is able to combine old and new, the wisdom of the East and comfort of the West. But, as in every stylistic direction, there are certain rules that will allow you to create the perfect space, and avoiding design errors that may lead to the appearance gaudy or oversaturated with unnecessary details. The main rule is that eclecticism should not include more than three stylistic directions.

From eclecticism, like all other styles, there are key features and characteristics, which are formulated in the following way:

– all corners should be rounded, and the vertical lines, on the contrary, strict and clear;

– is a combination of “history” in its modern interpretation and all kinds of manifestations;

– most of the parts serve as connecting links misdelivery;

– there must be conciseness and functionality.

So, all the design elements in eclectic style, you should combine the General idea. The texture and color of finishing materials should complement each other, and selected antique items are required to be not only beautiful but also functional. Color is also recommended to use a natural, which fades from bright colors to more bright. They in any case have to be dull, dull, uninteresting.

For the eclectic style is characterized by staining of the walls. Even better to use hand-painted. Also one of the walls can be decorated with tile. The use of Wallpaper is also acceptable, but they should be neutral in order not to distract attention. Or should proceed “on the contrary” and use fabrics with rich patterns and silky texture.

For floor design, ideal for flooring or tiles. The ceiling may be not only the traditional white, but other colors.

Another distinctive feature of the eclectic style is the use of carpets that can be as plain or with geometric or floral pattern.

As for furniture, there is a flight of fantasy is not restricted. Do not rush to throw your favorite chair and bedside tables: they only need a little refurbish, so they easily “fit” in the new interior. Sofas and chairs will change beyond recognition when you give them a new trim and the mirror and the table will change, if their paint.

Separately it is necessary to talk about interior design living room designed in eclectic style. The living room is the place where we spend your primary leisure time with the family, so do not forget that it must bring comfort and security to every household. If you have common Hobbies, then it is best to organize space to share a hobby. The main thing – not to turn this room later in the warehouse of the collector.

One should not get involved with flowers. In the living room, ideally there should be no more than four. Best would be to withstand all the different items in the same color scheme so that eclecticism is not turned into kitsch. Suitable for living room bright natural color, and balance it will help the wall a neutral color, you can hang vintage paintings or posters-trivial.

As mentioned earlier, pieces of furniture can be completely different. Allowed, for example, a combination of modern leather sofa chest of drawers with carved legs. However, it is worth considering some of the features inherent in eclectic style: the furniture should have a low fit. And for ease of movement it is often equipped with wheels. The upholstery of chairs, sofas, pouf and chairs lush is usually chosen that allows the furniture to look monumental and luxurious.

The living room is usually hung thick draped curtains. It is desirable that the textiles on the Windows and pieces of furniture (armchair, sofa) in harmony in color and pattern with carpet on the floor. We should not forget also about the combination and addition of textures such as silk and velvet perfectly accentuate chrome elements on the lamp or candlesticks. Beautiful fruit bowl will be a stylish accessory in the room. A Central figure in the living room can become a major element of the interior: fireplace, column, or expressive table of unusual design.

If you are not a supporter of bright colors, the interior can be designed in monochrome, namely to choose one main color, which will be supplemented by his different shades. For zoning the living room would be ideal bookcase that has no back wall. In it, you can put as books, various Souvenirs.

The lighting in each specific case it is planned differently. An important role plays the size of the room, its color scheme and personal preferences of the owners. If the room is small and you want to visually enlarge, the lights should brighten. To do this, just set in the center of the room with a beautiful large chandelier.

In creating the interior in eclectic style do not forget that it is not necessary to overload it with unnecessary details. The harmony and comfort lies in moderation.

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