The dresser is a stylish piece of interior of a city apartment and a country house

November 3, 2017

Throughout the history of mankind to hold different things people have used chests. Later they have modified, modified, made more easy to handle – and there were prototypes of modern chests of drawers. Gradually transformation to become more ambitious: the dresser was supplemented with drawers, shelves, doors and even mirrors. Modern models provide a convenient and highly functional storage system, wherein the external beauty and elegance. Thanks to the highly aesthetic appearance, variety of shapes and sizes, the dresser will look great in almost any interior.

The dresser is a versatile piece of furniture. He’s not as bulky as the Cabinet takes up significantly less space, and things is able to accommodate almost the same (of course except for the long garments that need to be kept upright). Modern cabinets are produced not only from wood (which is considered the classic version of this piece of furniture), but also from various other materials. They can be decorated with elements made of metal, glass, and contain other design “insert” which will add the product of delicacy and refinement.

Chests originally used exclusively in bedrooms, and just over time they began to equip other rooms. If you choose a model designed specifically for this room, the best will be the purchase of a chest of drawers with drawers of different sizes: large easy to store bedding, blankets, spare blankets, in a tiny, underwear, home clothes, towels. If on top of the dresser to put the mirror, you get a makeshift dressing table, on which you can store cosmetics and perfume.

If you want to place a dresser in his office, but are wondering whether it is appropriate there, leave all doubt: this piece of furniture is perfect for storing documents and other important papers. And on top of it we can supply office equipment or a carafe of water.

The dresser in the nursery will prove to be highly relevant: all kid clothing and hygiene products for care will always be at hand. In the upper part it is possible to make a changing table. This room is not worth buying an expensive dresser. The perfect solution is a durable, reliable, sustainable model without legs.

If we talk about a country house, it is more convenient just to put the dresser in the living room. In the lower boxes you can store guest bedding, pillows and blankets, and at the top – all useful “detail”: spare batteries, remote, charger, etc compact, Low dresser you can put between the seats and use as a coffee table. High product is suitable for zoning of space; it will play the role of a partition that separates the guest bedroom area from common living space. Still very convenient to use a dresser as a TV stand or audio system.

Often at the cottage in the kitchen, no headset, and there are only a few pieces of furniture. That is why the drawers are a great solution: it can store spices, utensils, tablecloths and towels. For this building it is best to choose tall and large dressers.

In the hallway at the cottage dresser is also useful. The top drawers are perfectly adapted for storage of personal items of small size (hats, mittens, warm socks), and various necessary items that tend to get lost often (like car keys). In the bottom drawers easy to fold shoes. On the lateral surfaces of the chest, you can attach metal hooks for clothes, and on top put a large mirror – then he will be not only beautiful but also the most functional.

In the bath for chest, too, find the perfect spot. Put it in the dressing room, and you will be able to place your toiletries.

If your cottage is old, lost its presentation chest, not in a hurry to get rid of it; try to give him a second life. Vintage and retro is in fashion now, so updating the old thing you will benefit. To make it not so difficult: treat it with a skin, gently removing the old coating and top coat with varnish or paint. You can choose a color based on where you plan to put a chest of drawers. Remember that it is very important to write the updated thing in the existing situation. For example, roughly sanded the dresser can be covered with one layer of lacquer of any light shade – this will make your piece of furniture is an indispensable attribute of the interior in the Provence style. If you arrange the nursery, the drawers can be done even mixed – it will look fun and perky.

From a drawer you can create amazing pop art object, if in a chaotic manner to plaster his pages from old magazines. Most importantly, don’t forget to cover your masterpiece with varnish to prevent mechanical damage or peeling of sheets from the surface. If you are not ready for such radical action, the use of self-adhesive film or non-woven Wallpaper can be very useful: you return the chest to its former attractiveness without significant cost and effort.

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