The design combines a children’s room for boy and girl

8 Nov 2017

Family is the greatest value in life of each person. The birth of children becomes an important step that brings parents as joy and happiness, and quite understandable anxiety and concern. Some difficulties arise in the case where there are two opposite-sex child with a small age difference, and the size of the housing does not allow you to make each kid a separate nursery. But you should not worry much about this: if you make the effort and take the advice of designers, even a single room can be arranged efficiently, conveniently and beautifully.

Some parents believe that the best solution in the design of the nursery will be the construction of partitions in the center of the room. It is not always correct. In some cases, the children cease to communicate with each other or even come into conflict stronger. What should I do? Plan design and zoning child’s room in advance, and try to provide all the details; the kids must feel your support.

If you have an older boy and girl when creating the overall interior room should take into account not only the interests of the children but also their age. Be careful to even the most seemingly insignificant details, then in the future you will be able to avoid situations that may provoke conflicts between brother and sister, because each of them will have their own personal! – the territory.

Your children will inevitably grow up, and eventually they will have their own needs, desires, Hobbies. For example, a girl is likely to ask you for a large mirror, and the boy start dreaming about your own sporting area. For any of these things will need additional place, therefore, it is better to design the nursery so that in the future the possibility of somewhere to put them.

When making a child, parents must consider not only the basic needs of every child, and previously to talk to them, discussing their color preferences (of course, we are not talking about infants). If children have difficulty in identifying colors, in this case, parents act in the easiest way, because the room can be soaked in the colours that they like.

But what if children like a completely different color? It is clear that we will not be on one wall to glue the pink Wallpaper, and the second blue, as in this case, the room will look uncomfortable and ugly. Yes, and children can easily rebel, because they are constantly forced to observe contradictory to their sense of beautiful paintings. In this situation, it is best to make a Solomonic decision and to paste over the room Wallpaper, neutral colors, not only cold and warm shades. You can choose a monochromatic or multi-colored Wallpaper, with a stylish label or funny pictures. Remember that with monochrome making a child it is advisable to use several shades of the selected color – so you will be able to avoid excessive bleakness and austerity of the interior. By the way, the nursery furniture, and accessories should be purchased from natural materials, and bright colors. This will help to fill the room with natural light and increase visual space of the room. For this reason the floors in the room, too, to make better light.

Play area is an integral part of any child’s room. While children are young, to equip the area is very simple: spread a carpet on the floor, put on his toys, and your kids will be occupied all evening. Over time the situation will be somewhat more complicated, because children, as you know, I want to get exactly the toy that belongs to a brother, sister or neighbor. Therefore, buying an easel, don’t forget to buy the second. And it has to be done in all things. Then the question arises: where to put toys away if the kids come visit, or they temporarily lost their interest towards a particular subject? In this case, there is a simple solution: when designing the children’s room will provide a convenient storage system, for example, under the bed. The preferred will be boxes on wheels that can easily be pulled / pushed.

Each child should have their own workstation. Of course, you can purchase two separate table, but then the space in the nursery will be sorely limited. An excellent alternative solution would be the installation of countertops that will be placed along the entire window. This will help not only save valuable space but will also allow children while working on school assignments to maximize use of natural lighting.

When making a child’s room should clearly delineate all existing functional areas: each child it is important to understand where he sleeps, plays and learns.

After the children go to high school, you still have to take care of creating the partitions. Moreover, that girls and boys grow up and develop differently; first and foremost, they are individuals with their biorhythms, desires and needs. One of them may want to sleep, while the other will happily sit with a book. It is therefore related to the selection of partitions from all responsibility. The simplest solution would be a normal screen, which at any time you can get out of the closet, and then just as easily removed. However, apart from the screen, you can take care of creating a nook for each child. This will help you a canopy attached to the ceiling over their beds.

If you want the guests that come for your grown-up children, feel comfortable, get in the nursery a few binbags. These soft Seating cushions, so popular nowadays, “adapt” to the shape of the human body, and look in the children’s room interior is stylish and bright.

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