The combination of colors in the interior: table and rules for creating a harmonious design

When considering any interior design, you should carefully approach the selection of colors. It has a powerful emotional and energetic effect on the person. It is therefore important to choose those colors that will bring harmony into the atmosphere of the house. In this process it is necessary to competently use a combination of colors in the interior: a table of harmonious combinations will help even an ordinary room transform into an absolutely excellent place.

Well-chosen colors for interior decor will allow you to get festive and welcoming

The contents

  • 1 Basic rules for color combination with other colors in the interior
    • 1.1 Stylistic combinations of colors and their influence on a person’s mood
  • 2 the Color circle of the color combinations: the basic principle of using
    • 2.1 Classical variants of combinations: three or four colors
  • 3 the Combination of colors in the interior: a table, the basic rules and directions
    • Table 3.1 Examples of combinations
  • 4 the Combination of colors in the kitchen interior: it’s a good picture ideas
    • 4.1 Important rules when planning your kitchen interior
  • 5 color Combination with other colors in the living room
  • 6 the color Combination in bedroom interior: colors and good combinations
    • 6.1 flamboyant style in the bedroom: a full-tone the right decision
    • 6.2 Peace in the bedroom: how to do it with color

The basic rules of color combinations with other colors in the interior

Creating the design you need to build not only your preferences, but also to follow certain rules. Their implementation will provide the result of a higher level. Many experts develop on this basis a science of coloristic registration of premises.


Contrasting colors is better to choose, focusing on color wheel combinations of colors

The main reference points are the following:

  • the correct basis is the Foundation of further decoration;
  • all colors are divided into two groups – cold and warm range that should be considered when they are combined;
  • a large room will give the comfort of a warm tone;
  • a small area will visually increase due to the cold palette;
  • when choosing colors for a kitchen design you should remember about the claim that some colors can increase the appetite, while others on the contrary will to oppress;
  • the color palette of the bedroom should contribute to rest – both moral and physical;
  • the choice of colors for living room are chosen such as to satisfy most preferences;
  • the choice of style is the defining basis of what colors you need to use;
  • it is advisable to think everything through as thoroughly: the color can change the overall picture, both for the better and for the worse.


A beautiful example of the use in the interior pastels, warm tones

The stylistic combinations and their effect on a person’s mood

Each style inherent in determining tone, so applying in the design of a certain stylistic direction, you should consider the matching given in the table:

Telecomprovider pink, milk, golubica – stenbolone and corinebacteria conclusionscoordinates presence Belogorie-exery metallic, black, baymagambetova beige, blue, seleniumcontaining-bayturasay, lemon yellow, ultramarine, salinomycin — apsotle pink and warm gallyucinacii, light yellow, caricabatterie, red, blue, green

Following these dependencies will not prevent a blunder in the process.


Using the blue color in the interior, you should care about bright colors, otherwise you can get a “cold” room

Do not forget about the effects exerted by certain colors:

Osteoclasia on the mood chelovekopotok yellow and selenagomez, calmness, reduction of fatigue, rasslablyayuschaya tones of yellow, pievienosana comfort, peace of mind, acceptance of a compromise reanimiruyet ease viestivalimuistissa, peace, good consulty and orangewhitepda, the comfort, the tone of the whole body, stimulation of the active sites kozhabayuly background for any design decisions, cleanliness, order, inspiration, but its abundance brings coldness in polineiropatii for pictorial views of the interior can give the gloom, agromashservice looks the business, regardless of the use of bright accents

The color wheel of combinations: the basic principle of using

For a good selection of the design of any room using the circle of color combinations. Its structure consists of 12 sectors. Each sector contains a single color, but rather all its shades. The graduation comes from the bright colors in the center to dark at the edge of the circle.

The range starts with the three primary colors: blue, yellow and red. Further, if they are mixed there are secondary colors: purple, green and orange. Accordingly, the next stage is mixing secondary and primary colours, and the result is a tertiary combination.


Color wheel color combinations and a rule of combination of primary and secondary shades

Using this circle you can choose the color palette of several different areas:

  • Solid type.
  • Complementary combination.
  • Harmonious type.

The solid type is based on the use of only one color segment. The combination of colors going on here, from light to dark shades of one color. This monochromatic approach is quite rare. Not always possible to do without any contrasting inclusions.

Complementary combination gives a very good, bright appearance. Using colors, diametrically opposite, are small in composition, but very effective put the right accents. For example, according to this principle, the use of such pairs:

  • the combination of turquoise color in the interior with red;
  • the combination of purple with yellow-green;
  • the combination of the interior green with red-violet.


An example of circuits of a combination of red and orange with other suitable shades

Classic mix: the Foundation of three or four colors

Harmonious type is based on the use of one core, two supporting and one extra black or white.

The main variation of this approach is the triad. The combination of colors on the color wheel is based on using 3 equidistant callers. On the photo of colour combination in interior can be noted a choice of one main and 2 supporting hues. This connection is common not only in the works made by man, but in the wild. This proves the absolute correctness of its use.
As an option many consider analog triad. Take 3 colors that are located next to the circle. One is main, second is support, third is accent. In the future, based on this principle is built very correct designer line.

We need to mention the contrasting triad. Here is main color and find its opposite. But in combination to the main add not his, and the two adjacent to it color. In the end the result will be soft, not too flashy use of colors.

There is a correct combination based on three colors, which are called triads, but also on the basis of four. Known rectangular scheme in which the colors are mutually complementary. In this embodiment, 1 main and the other auxiliary. For example, for a good combination of beige color in the interior with other colors are blue, brown, emerald.


The combination of pink and gray can be used for decoration of your living room, bedroom or kitchen

Another option will be directed to a good solution: use of colors on the principle of a square. This action is similar to the previous one, but the only difference is that color equidistant between them.

The combination of colors in the interior: a table, the basic rules and directions

To create a fashionable image for your home you need to have a basic concept about combination of colors. The use of the color wheel is not always easy to use. So they often resort to the help of certain tables which do not need to calculate themselves, but all are already selected by experts. So you can easily identify the most original combination of colors in the living room or in another room.

Such tables can be represented in the form of a large set of colors, between which a marked degree of compatibility. Independently combining two shades, one can already see whether to use them or need to think about more than choosing the right.


The principle of combination of color schemes, which help to create a harmoniously decorated room

There are tables that contain ready-made solutions. This collection of four tones, which most successfully combined with each other. Using such simple examples you can easily choose the most harmonious option for any room. Their construction is also based on all the colors of the circle colors.

Some tables on the left contain the main base of the shade vertically. Further, there are several color ranks: possible shades of the same color, possible hints of other colors and some contrasting colors.

Examples table combinations

The combination of turquoise color in the interior with other shades in the form of ready-made tables can be presented with certain names, such as “dreams of summer”, “meeting in the coffee shop”, “lime kiss”, etc. This color is able to gently and unobtrusively highlight the right parts of the room. The variety of its shades from dark blue to delicate aquamarine gives a wide field of action for designers.

The combination of green color in the interior can also be found in the form of ready-made solutions. If, for example, take a light green shade, excellent results will be obtained when using it with aubergine, purple, Burgundy, warm yellow and orange tint. Very popular gentle mint tone, which harmonizes perfectly with white, silver and light brown tones.


Example of the basic color schemes, combinations and combinations of shades

If a basis to take deep and rich dark green, it has to be combined with cold shades of red, lemon yellow. Dark olive tint of the walls a good combination of the interior colors of curtains and Wallpaper in dark brown or white shade with contrasting accents of pink.

Using such simple ready-made table of combinations, the result of integrirovaniya any room is very good, even without the additional help of specially trained designers.

The combination of colors in the kitchen interior: it’s a good picture ideas

Qualitatively-designed components of the kitchen design will give the most positive result. Then pay attention to take the walls, ceiling, floor and selected furniture. The main criterion for the selection of the above parameters will be the colors.
In this issue, experts often come to this decision: if the walls are done in bright, outrageous colors, the kitchen furniture should be done in a calm pastel colors. And Vice versa.

Often use the decoration of kitchen sets “under the tree”. In this case, a good combination of colors interior with brown color will give cream, pink, bright blue, green and beige. Based on the selection of such palettes can be distributed any color between finish different parts of the room.

Last time very popular cuisine in the style of hi-tech. The base color of this design gray. Despite the fact that it is considered boring and strictly business, a beautiful combination of colors with the gray in the interior have dark pink, red, purple and bright blue.


White color is very popular for kitchen design in classical style and art Nouveau and hi-tech

Important rules when planning your kitchen interior

The design of a particular line based on several rules:

  • selecting the primary color and its complement, it should be remembered that different surface textures it can look different;
  • contrasting colors are often used for zoning;
  • in order to vary the monotonous interior used pictures, lines, and geometric shapes.

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Wanting to have a bit flashy and provocative design, use contrasting colors. But when you make you have to feel the thin line, otherwise you can not avoid the bad taste. Use contrasting accents always makes the atmosphere bright and impressive. For example, the color combination of blue and metallic bright black shade. Even though it is deep, severe and sad, in this triad it fit great.

A useful tip! The main basis for the choice of palette should be the following thesis: the furniture is always darker than the walls but lighter than the floor.


An example of the use of the turquoise and two complementary tones — light yellow and blue

Plus, you need to remember the following mapping:

  • orange goes well with blue and grey;
  • red with white, grey and black;
  • yellow with purple;
  • blue with peach;
  • lilac with green.

After that, built a full range of color dishes. Photo color combinations also show that the glossy surface enhance the richness, depth, tones, and matte – on the contrary. Using this fact, you can effectively play on the variety of materials offered and to achieve the desired result.

Color combination with other colors in the living room

Directly proportional relationship interior-destiny comes to the proper selection of colors in the living room. If it is used only for entertaining and family get-togethers, it is best to use shades, promote long-term communication, slow and of course your current rest, holding fun events. This room sets the overall balance of beauty and comfort in the house, so requires attention in the design.


The deep blue color represents peace and tranquility, so it should be used for the living room, but with caution, since excess blue can make the room gloomy and dark

A useful tip! Red tones with gold will give a sense of celebration, and a green olive craving for intellectual games and reading. The color combination of pink and violet, for example, gray will put certain accents and revive friendly gatherings.

But not always the Central room of the house or apartment may only be used for its direct purpose. Very often it is beneficial combines the functions of the bedroom.

In this case, the owners have find the perfect compromise in the design. Depending on the temperament you can find good options. It does not, however, forget the influence of color on sleep and rest. More restrained tones, the combination of beige color in the interior, turquoise, lavender, emerald and turquoise will give a feeling of complete relaxation in the bedroom and at the same time will be harmonious look in the living room.


Ease living can give a combination of soft blue and beige colors

If the walls are beige color – a combination of colors living room interior is not a difficult choice for owners. After all, the basic beige shade – the perfect Foundation for almost any color scheme. You can pick up a lot of options in any direction. This approach is often used because of its versatility.
In a situation of use one room for different functional load leads to the need for clear zoning.

To avoid excessive loading space, different shelves, niches or screens would be correct to apply the color palette for the distribution territory. Such tactics are very often applicable and is famous for its good feedback about yourself. Because it’s nice to be in a place in which free and at the same time, all clearly structured.

Photos Wallpapers of combinations of two colors in the living room clearly demonstrates the ability of zoning to increase its functionality. And at the same time gives it a special line. Nicely matched colors when this technique will make the interior original.

The color combination in bedroom interior: colors and good combinations

For anybody not a secret that a good proper rest is essential for health. To ensure this important part of every person’s life requires room best meet its individual needs.


The bedroom should be the most comfortable place in the house, so when choosing design and decoration should pay attention to the fact that the colors were calm and not screaming

Bedroom design need to develop so that it was comfortable, pleasant and conducive to relaxation. Table of the combinations of colors in the interior will give the chance to choose the desired options. Depending on personal preference uses cold or warm colors are often used to help the so-called vibeline color. This practice makes it favorite bright vibrant colour more suitable for the restrooms.

When you choose you need to remember that the number of colors cannot exceed 7, however, this takes into account everything: the ceiling color, furniture, accessories, etc. the Percentage of bright colours – 10. The more colors present for processing, the less bright they should be.

A bright style in the bedroom: a full-tone the right decision

Photos of combinations of colors in the interior of a bedroom shows that even using a deep red color is well suited for creating modern design. This option will appeal to people with an active lifestyle. If some fun to this color, you can get another very trendy look, which is based on terracotta shade.


If you want to make the bedroom bright, you can use saturated colors, but they should be warm and harmony with each other

Based on these notes, many often resort to the use of the gold inclusions. Very good result will give the tandem of red and dark green. The depth and importance of the bedroom will give a combination of gold and brown tint.

If you like red color, but want a more peaceful atmosphere, then you can safely use a scarlet or ochre color. Combining with the basic colors of pastel in nature can be achieved and a bright accent and a pious depth.

Use the color of cheerfulness and fun – orange in the bedroom should be cautious. It is suitable for many active and mobile people. Such related colors, like pumpkin or tangerine are ideal for the dominant coloring. Look good in combination with ivory or beige.

If the choice clearly fell on the yellow color, we need to approach the issue very carefully. Specialists of design companies are not advised to apply it as a local. It would be best to use pear or corn color.


It is worth to note that yellow is the colour of cheerfulness, so it is not recommended to use for decoration of bedrooms of people with sleep problems

Peace in the bedroom: how to do it with color

Most people tend to perceive the bedroom as the center of peace and tranquility, so do not use when making bright saturated colors. The choice often falls on pastel colors. They contribute practical rest and restoring physical and emotional strength.
Blue color is perfect for decoration of rooms. It is safely associated with water, its natural purity. According to the table the combination of colors it looks good with natural shades of wood and beige.

A rush of energy and pure thoughts will provide green. Using it as a baseline when making a room, it is easy to achieve this effect. That the room seemed a bit dull or gloomy, you can combine this color with those neutral shades like white or light beige.

The combination of brown color in the interior, with beige, green or purple will add a little mystique. The room is comfortable and quiet. That is brown shade, choose a priority, and others will perform a supporting role.


Blue rich color of the bedroom helps to relieve stress, so this shade is recommended for decoration of bedrooms

Many pastel colors are very well together because they complement each other. Beige, cream and apricot carry a positive energy. Often are the basis of the design lines and well-shaded other colours, acting as a bright contrasting accents.

Design high-tech combination of colors with the gray color in the interior. Ideally it will look with the aforementioned red. Very common lately connection in one semantic picture of gray and purple colors. Excellent such a connection would have fittings of white or dark brown.

By itself, a gray shade can play a dual role in any design. Where necessary it will highlight the brightness of the other, and where you can mute. To create a comfortable atmosphere in the bedroom will help him also colors like blue, green, pink or beige.


An example of the harmonious use of subtle colours in the design of the bedroom

Please note! The combination of gray color in the interior fits well in a variety of stylistic solutions. That is why it is very popular among owners of modern apartments.

The combination of colors in the bedroom decor may be different, but there are such moments that should be avoided. For example, a contrast solution is a little inappropriate. Options such as orange with purple, yellow with blue, green and purple are not suitable for interior restrooms. Their combinations are very diverse and cause, does not give the possibility to relax and unwind. Therefore, thinking through every step needed to correctly analyze the situation and choose a harmonious combination.


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