The carpets in the interior: how to choose a suitable

Carpets are quite popular element of decoration in modern homes, which does not lose its relevance despite the inevitable change in various trends. Today they can be found in the interiors, decorated in almost any style design. The most important thing is to choose a textile that will be suitable to a specific interior. You must take into account design features of the apartment, its color scheme, the presence of accessories and other subtleties and nuances.

About how to choose such an interesting detail of the interior as the carpet that it looked stylish and harmonious, not look alien, cumbersome or outdated element, the readers says art Director of design Studio “design Point” Stepan Bugaev:

“To pick a rug that will fit perfectly into the interior decoration of your apartment, you should pay attention to several aspects.

Choose the color of the carpet

Choosing a carpet, you need to decide whether you want to emphasize in your interior or not; whether it will be an important part of the decor, or have only functional value – for example, to create the best sound insulation in the room. If the interior of the room in General is designed in a calm, homogeneous colors, the carpet can take a large size and with a complex pattern. Such an interesting background will stand out well furniture. In other words, the most important thing when choosing the right color carpet to consider how it will look in combination with other interior. It is important that they all match each other.

Form carpet

Form of carpet is an important aspect, which will largely depend on the furniture that you already have you in the room. If the furnishings in most of them there are, for example, rounded (arched design, oval tables, chairs with round backs, etc.), it is good if the carpet will stress them. The situation is similar with rugs that have a square shape, which, incidentally, can be quite effectively used for zoning of space; after all, almost everyone for a comfortable stay should the designation of at least conditional borders of the territory in which it is located. If you have no desire to build a bulky wall or set a screen, then the carpet will cope with his tasks.

A carpet with a simple geometric pattern


The material and texture of the carpet

Today the market of relevant goods and services represented a large number of carpets made from different materials. There is a classification that divides the carpet into two large groups:

– carpets made of artificial materials;

– carpets made of natural materials.

Natural carpets made from wool will keep you warm in the cold cloudy days. Yes, and many of them look quite nice. But such products do exist, of course, and disadvantages. Major downsides are that they are difficult to care for and wash. But it’s not the most unpleasant. The most serious issue is the point that in some people they can cause an allergic reaction. Unfortunately, in this case, only one way out: to abandon the use of carpets made from natural materials, so as not to exacerbate the disease.

Synthetic materials compared with natural can boast a wide variety of patterns and colors. In addition, they are easier to clean, and are less allergenic. But the life is very short, which, of course, cannot impress their owners.

Lately becoming more and more popular napless carpets or fabric carpets cotton. Such models with a striped geometric pattern is good to put along the kitchen – they will very look excellent.


Carpets can be made from both natural and artificial materials


The style of the interior and matching carpet

Some apartment owners believe that the time of use carpets for decoration of interior decoration of the house is hopelessly gone – along with the sunk into Oblivion Soviet era. But it is not so. Carpets can be appropriate in the interiors of almost any style. With a modern and minimalist houses they are often used with bright and even a little old-fashioned figure, speaking on the contrast with the rest of the room. Often there are carpets in the rooms in the loft. Sometimes they are placed in groups, so that one came to another. Or, you can choose a product with Oriental ornaments.

For a minimalist interior suitable uniform in color, and its texture carpets. They do not violate the overall style of the room, but give it a little “softness”. Carpets are often used in classical interiors. You can, for example, to place dining group with round table on the carpet. It will visually centralize the space.”

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