The arrangement of the infield: choose the style of landscape design

July 28, 2017

The sad thing is rather whimsical. Not all the crops that it planted, begin to sprout, then bear fruit. Often time and money gardeners are wasted. But most importantly – a deep sense of frustration that arise in such moments. However, if you approach the issue of resettlement of the infield with all responsibility and to abide by the rules of landscape design, such situations are avoidable. Your garden will flourishing, aesthetically pleasing and completely functional.

Room for a garden

The most important step during the development of the plan for the landscaping of the garden is getting a thorough analysis of the territory. The optimal area for placement of garden considered to be gently rolling slopes on the South side suburban area. Then you need to learn everything to the smallest details: the soil, depth of groundwater, topography, its luminosity. Don’t forget to also consider the location of all buildings and underground utilities existing on the site. The above aspects are key when it comes to purchasing plants.

Designing a garden

Before proceeding directly to the arrangement of the garden, you need to visualize the planned project in any way. You can use the computer and special software or draw everything by hand. The main thing – a well-executed plan-a scheme under which it will be possible to perform all required phases of work. It is very important to make this project all the details and nuances, even the smallest (down to the color garden paths).

Do not forget about the financial component: a flight of fancy sometimes have to hold back because of this factor. Another important point: in the garden can be your prized plants, which is not always possible to transplant. Then the layout will have to build, given their location on the site.

The choice of trees and plants for garden

During the selection of trees and plants for garden in the first place decided to focus on those varieties that are typical for this particular region. But even buying the “standard” seedlings, you should ensure that they have a certificate that shows their grade, type and class. Buying seeds in bags, make sure that the shelf life has not expired, and the number and weight correspond to the declared on the packing parameters. Bulbs and tubers should not be wet, have traces of mold and bruises.

The illumination of the garden and space zoning

Illumination of a garden site is extremely important for all plants. During the landscape design and work in the garden be sure to consider their location in accordance with the directions. Before starting work, should be made zoning:

the front (entrance) area should start straight from the gate: here it is necessary to arrange coniferous trees and flower beds;

orchard it is better to break in depth on hills where there is good lighting;

– if you have the desire to create a common space, but to maintain its differentiation in the area, then it can be done with hedges of evergreen coniferous trees, varying in height. For this purpose also perfect screens of climbing plants.

A classic parterre garden

To create a parterre garden, you need the entire perimeter of symmetrically planted sheared conifers (thuja, pine, juniper bushes), of which in the foreseeable future it will be possible to create different figures. The empty space between pine trees were taken to complement the flowers, gravel or colored sand.

Country garden

The creation of a garden in a rural style requires performers not only exact planning, but also careful care of lawns and flower beds. All the love for the countryside can be expressed by planting wild flowers, fragrant herbs, vegetable crops, fruit trees and shrubs. As decoration is usually used decorative equipment. All existing outbuildings and fence, you should braid pack plants, and to hide from prying eyes behind the bushes of lilac or Jasmine. In the same style perfectly fit and Moorish meadow with daisies, bluebells, Phlox or of lupines of all colors. To give the garden a full-fledged composition, fruit plants are planted deep in the area, around them place the tulips, crocuses or daffodils.

Garden in modern style

The modern style involves the abstraction of forms. Its distinguishing feature is a departure from the smooth lines and crisp angles. To correspond to the selected design style, vegetables and other plants is commonly planted not only clear rows, but to break them into small groups. The beds in this is crushed by the tracks of small stones, edgings of dwarf shrubs, sticks or bricks.

French garden

French garden is a cold color palette with hints of white, blue, purple and green, unusual fences, flower beds with vases, gravel paths and stone borders. Also characteristic symmetric “looped” elements and benches recessed into the green. There is a perception that the French garden is only good for big open spaces, but it’s not: it’s actually pretty easy to arrange in a normal country, and look it will be thus very stylish.

English garden

Flawless, smooth surface – that of a truly English style. Lawns of such gardens every spring delight the eye catchy bright spots of daffodil or Crocus. Naturalness is achieved by means of the arrangement of bulbous plants in certain groups. Shrubs and trees also plant groups, paving between the artificial streams. The unique atmosphere of the garden lend lush balls of hydrangea and velvet lawn, as well as vertical landscaping walls of all buildings. The most trendy flowers in this garden – the rose (symbol of England).

Chinese garden

If the area has lots of hills, alternating with depression, then Chinese garden would be very appropriate. The basic elements of its design are stones, water, many wooden bridges, weeping willows, plum trees, daffodils, pine trees. Water in a Chinese garden – it is a link. But the stone hills they decided to do without greens.

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