The apartment is loft-style housing and rest of the modern photographer

July 31, 2017

We offer to your attention apartment project, developed by “Point design” for a famous photographer. As you know, people in this profession distinguished by unconventional thinking and special perception of the world; they have to the lifestyle, somewhat different from the usual. These and many other nuances were taken into consideration by experts during their work. Interesting details related to the implementation of the project, readers according to the art Director of the design Studio Stepan Bugaev.

“The apartment is located in one of the loft blocks in Moscow”

“Apartment with area of 134 sqm located in one of the loft blocks in Moscow. Housing owned by the photographer who leads an active way of life frequently throws parties and invites to his friends.

In the framework of the redevelopment has been allocated a key area, so important to the customer. It was the place where he could receive guests. Second floor fully represents the sole ownership of the owner: there is within his bedroom and work space. Feature of the apartment is that it is split level, with a second light. It all made for show.

“Bedroom and place of work is the sole ownership of the owner on the second floor”

Living room

The primary means of expression in the living room is the color around which is built the rest of the composition. The basis was taken the gray concrete finishing materials. Concrete serves as a background against which stand out color accents. The living room has a sofa that can form different compositions depending on the required situation. Simple rectangular shapes are duplicated in different elements, from the kitchen to the stairs.

“Basic color around which to build the rest of the song living room, gray”

Another passion of the owner in addition to photography is contemporary art that is given a place on the wall for pictures. Here is dominated by avant-garde art, simple shapes which are reflected in all the pieces of furniture.

“Contemporary art, which is a passion of the owner, is given a place on the wall for pictures”

Entrance hall

The hallway is separated with glass partitions, which, moreover, allow you to combine the space and create space. Provides hidden storage for things and shelves for shoes.

“The hallway is separated with glass partitions”


The original solution to the food – cells in its upper part, through which you receive free access to things. Additional lighting is done with the help of glowing plastic cubes, built-in kitchen. U-shaped kitchen ends with Breakfast bar. It is conveniently located under the stairs, which helped to keep the space functional redistributing space to other design elements. At the end of the kitchen there is a space for a wine Cabinet.

“The kitchen ends with Breakfast bar, conveniently located under the stairs”


It is important for the owner, where he can retire quietly to work with photos or read a book. All forms of study as simple as possible. The color is almost not used, so nothing distracts from work or leisure. Of the finishing materials were chosen decorative plaster under concrete and light wood. The composition is outlined with black contours and metal inserts.

“The Cabinet allows you to retire and quietly work with photos, or read books”


Behind the headboard stands out with the regiment, which is made from part of the fence. The function of the main lighting in the room are geometric lamps. There is nothing superfluous, only the most necessary things, and even rough finishing materials muted.

“Behind the headboard stands out with the regiment, made out of the fence”

Our goal was to create the most open space according to the canons of loft with zoning using furniture. Often a loft implies a creative subject, who surrounds himself with objects of art, unique or sometimes screaming. However, at the same time, this is the place where you can spend time and feel comfortable to sit with a group of friends.”

Project designer Ivan size

Art project Director Stepan Bugaev

Design Studio “design Point”

According to PRO real Estate


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