Tapestry in modern interiors

16 Aug 2017

Catching up on furnishing the apartment, we dream to create extraordinary, beautiful and comfortable interior. There are a lot of different expressive means and accessories, and one of them is the tapestry that became relevant a couple of years ago. So what is tapestry? In the modern sense is a crisp jacquard fabric with a linen base and wool and silk threads. It is used as a fashion accessory, and can give any home of sophistication and style.

Originally, tapestry was a unilateral pile carpets with woven on them with narrative drawings or ornaments. They were created manually. These rugs have been popular since the days of Ancient Egypt, Rome, China, and was considered a luxury item. Antique tapestries that survived until our days, valued not less than paintings or other works of art.

To some it may seem that the tapestries – a relic of the past, but this is misleading. The tapestry can become a pearl of any interior thanks to its unique plot drawings. Very profitable and stylish look of these paintings on the plain walls, and even on masonry.

Tapestry drawings are very diverse. Some of them are as simple floral and geometric compositions, and the whole picture with a complex story. To design your interior remained in one piece, with the help of the tapestry it is possible to set interesting accents, for example, to decorate fabric, window, bed, change the upholstery. Pillows made from tapestry fabric will emphasize the status of your home. Tapestry will easily fit into a kitchen space – table cloths, napkins and other stuff will make your interior unique. Professional designers caution: do not place the tapestry in an eclectic room, overwhelmed by the many details, accessories, furniture.

To take care of the tapestry is quite simple. Enough to handle the contaminated area gentle stain remover and then wash in the washing machine at a small temperature, or to carry the product to the dry cleaners.

Tapestry in various styles of interior

Classic style

Classic – it’s a lifestyle. It’s a luxury that emphasizes your respectability. For classic interiors are characterized by large spaces, high ceilings, natural wood furniture, valuable paintings, expensive porcelain and fabric of the tapestry. To design the living room is perfect tapestry with the coat of arms. Another good option would be a canvas with a woven pattern representing a complex scene with some famous paintings.

Provence style

The birthplace of modern tapestry is considered to be France. That is why these products look great in the interior decorated in Provence style. This design style is often associated with the sea and the sun, therefore, it is possible to choose a canvas with a sea story. The perfect decoration for the living room will be the picture with the lavender field and the Cote d’azur. And the bedroom can be decorated with pillows and curtains draped with a large floral ornament (for example, pion or saffron). Tone should choose muted, with the blurred lines, like the pre-dawn haze. As for colors, it is best to use green, pink, blue and white.

Oriental style

Oriental style has penetrated deeply into our home. Peace and philosophy are two of his main features. The interior in a similar theme will fit plenty of mini-pillows and are tapestry panels it is better to choose small size. They can be placed separately or to enter into the composition of the finished interior. Color it is best to use bright, crisp, predominantly white, red, black.

Country style

The tapestry looks great in the interiors, where there is a lot of wooden elements. Therefore, the country style is exactly what you need. For this style there is no concept of modernity, rather, the time stops here and gives us soft comfort. In the living room will look good tapestry with motifs of flora and fauna, for example, the painting with a hunting dog or a luxurious bouquet of wildflowers. Tones should choose soft, as though faded, you can play with many colors and shades. The bedroom will perfectly complement the heavy tapestry curtains with the addition of lightweight materials.


The minimalist known for his restraint, so designers are advised to decorate the interiors of the home tapestry with a bold, geometric pattern in a heavy frame. It should be the Central composition of the entire room. Optimal will be green and gray colors, and the combination of black and white.

Scandinavian style

Scandinavian style is known for using muted, natural and light textures; but even here, the tapestry will look very organic. In the bedroom perfectly fits the tapestry beside the bed. No less will look good bedspread and cushions of tapestry fabric on your bed, because the combination of fluid and heavy fabrics will make your interior unusual and attractive. Color you need to choose muted, not distracting from the main range design.

Well, as we can see, the tapestries have not lost their relevance today. They can decorate room, decorated in different design styles. When choosing the right fabric for your apartment or home does not cost to forget that the main space you already stylistically is formed, therefore, need to think carefully about the colors of the tapestry and to choose the appropriate figure or ornament.

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