Swedish wall for children to the apartment: assistant for the physical development of the child

For the normal development of the child’s body the important point is exercise. Swedish wall for children in an apartment or a house allows you to perform daily maintenance exercises at home. It contributes to the development of strength, endurance and dexterity of the child. How to choose a home sports simulator, described in detail in this article.

Swedish wall for apartment is a great option to maintain and develop the physical health of children

The contents

1 Swedish wall for children to the apartment: the description of the complex
2 kinds of wall bars for home
3 Material production the Swedish wall in the apartment
4 Ways of fastening of children's wall bars for home
5 Equipment wall bars for children and adults
  5.1 Equipment trainer for young children
  5.2 Popular equipment for teenagers and adults
6 What you need to know before you buy the Swedish wall for a child?
7 Rules for safe operation the wall
8 Possible set of exercises on the wall bars
9 Popular models of Swedish wall from the manufacturer
10 production Technology the wall with their hands


Swedish wall for children to the apartment: the description of the complex

Swedish wall for children, photos clearly confirm this, it is a functional simulator, consisting of a ladder from floor to ceiling that ends with a horizontal bar and is mounted on the side wall, and additional sports equipment rope, rope ladders, rings, parallel bars, etc.

The simplest version of the Swedish wall is a frame with cross bars, but the bar can be combined with other devices for sports

It is the perfect solution for the full physical development of a child of any age. The sports complex helps to strengthen muscle, forming a correct posture, develop the agility and endurance of the child. Regular exercise contribute to training and strengthening the cardiovascular system, improve coordination, strengthen the immune system. Exercises on the stairs is a good prevention of flatfoot.

Sports Swedish wall, installed in the apartment, is an indispensable equipment in winter, when children spend much time on the street. The complex has a compact design which does not occupy much space. However, due to the fact that it is possible to secure additional sports equipment, you can perform various physical exercises that confirm the versatility of a home treadmill.

Despite all the positive aspects of the wall, do not forget about the shortcomings of the simulator. The sports complex is a high ladder which may be subject to various injuries for a child in her careless operation and improper installation. During the occupation of the child on the simulator, the presence of an adult is necessary.

The spacer wall, which is designed for children from three years old and is additionally equipped with a rope, ladder and rings

Today, manufacturers produce different variations of Swedish walls, where some models have an overall size that is not suitable for small apartments. Buying the Swedish wall of wood, be aware that this material has a low strength, a negative response to mechanical load, high temperature and water.

Another important drawback is the static nature of the design of most of the models that cannot be moved from one place to another. Mounting facility requires compliance with certain rules, one of which is the location of the simulator for safe operation, which is not always fit harmoniously into the interior design of the room.


Varieties of wall bars for home

The wall can be homemade or street. The first type are more compact, small-sized fitness equipment, made of wood or metal, but the functionality of the structure no lower than the street models. Street complexes were made of metal, which is resistant to moisture, sunlight and temperature changes. This is a large model with an imposing size and presence of a variety of equipment (long rochadi, rings, swings, rungs).

U – shaped wall takes up more space, but it has more opportunities in sports

In form design there are the following wall bars:

  • I – shaped pattern;
  • T – shaped trainers;
  • L – shaped wall;
  • U – shaped the wall;
  • corners.

I – shaped design of the wall is the easiest option. It is represented by two uprights and rails. Secured to the wall or vraspor. There is no capacity to add more the hinged shells.

The most popular option is the l – shaped wall, which consists of high stairs, ending at the top by a horizontal bar for pull-UPS or one-sided monkey bars. Models can be produced with different types of fastening.

Children’s sports complex may be different from the traditional Swedish wall, but be a sports area, combined with an interesting play area

The most practical option is T – shaped design, which is fixed vraspor to the floor and ceiling. Swedish wall, photos clearly show presented by stairs, from which both sides leave two monkey bars. They can be hung various hanging equipment.

It is considered the most massive U – shaped wall, which must be installed in a large, spacious room. It consists of two ladders connected by a crossbar or monkey bars. Stable, robust design able to withstand a large number of optional sports accessories.

The simulator in the form of area, different ergonomics. It occupies a minimum of space, but its functionality is not reduced. Today you can buy ready-corner model, or to combine two suitable options.

T – shaped design of the wall is fixed to the supporting wall in the apartment and can withstand weight up to 150 kg


The material of manufacture of the Swedish wall in the apartment

All models are wall bars made of wood, metal or combinations of these materials. Each material has its positive aspects and negative aspects.

Metal structures made of profile pipes with a minimum thickness of 2 mm. Diameter bars is much smaller than the wooden counterparts. This makes it possible to operate the simulator even the smallest children. This is a very sturdy, reliable, durable sports equipment that can complement serious power sports equipment such as wall bars, stops for weights, a bench and barbell press. However, they are more hazardous because of slippery rails. In addition, they are cold to the touch, which can create discomfort for the baby.

Important! Metal wall bars designed for a load up to 200 kg.

An example of a strong combination of materials in the manufacture of the wall, allowing you to develop tactile perception of young children

Wooden wall bars for kids are made from beech, maple or pine. To avoid the appearance of splinters, all the details of the product previously carefully adjusted and polished, often covered with a top lacquer. Wooden structures pleasant to the touch and have a natural anti-slip effect. They are less traumatic than metal counterparts.

However, the tree is short-life material that can crack, break, and crack over time. Baby wooden Swedish wall wear out faster. In addition, the design of the tree calculated on the weight is much less than metallic complexes.


Ways of fastening of children’s wall bars for home

Depending on the fixing type, the following options are Swedish wall:

  • wall construction;
  • spacer wall;
  • Swedish wall of mixed type.

The I – shaped models can be attached to the retaining wall themselves, using the dowels and screws

Wall options wall bars require the mounting structure to the wall in four or six places by using U-shaped staples. The lower legs of the racks resting on the floor. Such equipment occupies a minimum of space. Installation of a children’s Swedish wall mount in the wall is quite time-consuming, requiring drilling holes in the wall space. The design shall be installed near the wooden, concrete or brick wall. If the wall is sheathed with plasterboard, you should choose another installation location, or use the spacer method of attachment.

Models with push-in mounting can be installed between the ceiling and floor breaking. This method of installation is the simplest and does not require drilling holes in the floor or ceiling. However, it should be remembered that the spacer wall is unsuitable for areas with overhead or suspended ceilings.

The mixed type involves the use of two mounting options at the same time. On the basis of the attached drawing, Swedish wall first, screwed to the wall, and then razbiraetsa between the ceiling and the floor. This type of installation is considered the most reliable. However, this option of fixing not valid for all models.

Mounting the spacer the wall and the ceiling and supporting wall

A useful tip! When choosing a method of fixing the wall it is necessary to consider the features of the interior of the room, wall material, ceiling height and other factors, which may be an obstacle for a reliable installation that vposledstvii affect the safe operation of the simulator.


Equipment wall bars for children and adults

The Swedish wall of any type, except the I-shaped structure that can be supplemented with a variety of mounting apparatuses, a changing functionality depending on the age and needs of the athlete. To start enough to buy the Swedish wall for the house with a minimal number of component elements, and gradually acquire other equipment as needed.

All sports equipment for the Swedish wall is divided into two types: for children and adults. Very often people buy wall bars for adults and additional complement it with a set of necessary sports equipment for children, which includes rope, ring, basketball Hoop, rope ladder, slide and others.

Wall bars for adults and features a horizontal bar for push-UPS, but this component can be purchased separately and attach to a child’s wall

The set of “adult” simulator is part of the Swedish wall with a horizontal bar and parallel bars for home, equipped with a bench to work out the abdominal muscles. As the child is growing increasingly can do together with an adult.

However, if adult family members do not exercise, or prefer the gym, then it is better to buy an apartment in the Swedish wall for children that will represent a full-fledged sports complex.

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Equipment requirements and selection criteria. The arrangement of the space with their hands. The original decision of placement in the room.


Picking trainer for young children

The most popular sports equipment for young children of preschool age are:

  • the rope in the form of a thick rope, made of durable natural or synthetic material which in the bottom part tied in a knot;
  • a pair of gymnastic rings on the rope suspension;

Pear is one of the favorite trainers in boys, which can be purchased separately when you reach a certain age of the child

  • rope ladder with wooden rungs that are mounted on the suspension;
  • gladiatorial grid of durable material, intended for climbing;
  • wooden swings are an indispensable exercise for the leg muscles and the vestibular apparatus;
  • basketball backboard with rings are designed to develop accuracy;
  • slide or gymnastic bench is used to develop balance and exercise the muscles of the feet and spine;
  • trapeze is a horizontal bar on two ropes that hung at the desired height;
  • climbing frame starts from the upper part of the wall and is parallel to the floor;
  • the ladder allows children to go from one shell to another and opens up new training options.

A useful tip! For any the wall should also purchase the mats. For G – and I-shaped structures only one element, and for the T – and U-shaped you will need at least two products.

To secure sports activities on the Swedish side, you can also purchase mats that will protect the child in case of a fall


Popular equipment for teenagers and adults

Wall bars for adults are equipped with missiles designed to exercise the muscles. These include:

  • bars represent beams, which are fixed perpendicular to the wall and parallel to each other. In some models they can develop;
  • the rest of the press presents back with soft padding and armrests, which hung on the wall;
  • hinged horizontal bar to the Swedish wall in the form of a bar for pull-UPS can be moved to any height, which is important for training children;
  • bench press is a Board, covered with a soft material which at one end clings to the bar, and the other rests on the floor;
  • punching bag kit with gloves is a necessary device for training muscles of back and arms, excercise bumps;
  • the bench in the form of a folding Board, which is equipped with holders for the rods, used to strength exercises;
  • the pylon is a metal pipe, which is installed between the floor and ceiling breaking, is used to perform gymnastic sketches, where it develops coordination of movements, exercise the muscles of the feet and hands.

Swedish wall — multi-gym attachments which are available in wide range for both adults and children


What is important to know before to buy the Swedish wall for a child?

Home sports complex in the form of the wall is selected based on its location, age of the child, the manufacturer and configuration. Stopping the choice on a particular model, you should make sure the quality of products. To do this, the seller must provide the certificate to the simulator, which indicated a positive sanepidemiology assessment materials, and proven durability, reliability and safety designs by the manufacturer.

One of the main factors is the safety of the simulator. When choosing a complex for toddlers, it is better to give preference to models, made of natural wood. The surface of the structure in this case, non-slip, decreasing the probability of slipping from the steps that may lead to injuries.

Next you should consider how much weight the calculated wall. If the athletic trainer is acquired, taking into account the child grows, the design needs to withstand not only the weight of the athlete, but additional sports equipment that can be purchased based on the age of the child.

When buying the wall, you should pay attention to the presence of security certificates from the manufacturer

The choice of fastening depends on the features of the design space and the installation of the wall. The wall model should be fixed only to the supporting wall. Only in this way will ensure safe operation of the complex. To prefer this type of mounting should in the case of indoor ceiling or stretch ceiling.

Important! To mount the walls, as the trainer should be no protruding parts, edges and sharp corners.

Choosing a sports trainer, you should consider the size of the wall, the drawings clearly display their. For it must be chosen the correct location to provide all of the functionality of the design, namely convenient and safe operation of all attachments. Around the complex there should be enough space for unhindered swinging on a swing and comfortable exercise. For a small room, you can purchase a compact model with the size of the wall up to 1 m in height and a width of 60 cm

When selecting the wall for a small child you should consider the quality of the rails. In wooden structures, they must be carefully processed, polished and varnished. Metal elements more traumatic, so must have rubberized tips.

Buying the Swedish wall for young children should take care of the availability of suitable components for a certain age

A useful tip! When choosing metal wall bars it is better to give preference to designs with Antislip coating in the form of special nozzles.

Choosing the Swedish wall in the apartment where the average ceiling height is 2.5-2.6 m, should focus on the maximum height of a sports simulator 2.2-2.3 m, which leaves room for pullups on the bar under the ceiling. The number of rails should not be less than 10 PCs.


Rules for safe operation the wall

Adherence to the simple rules of safe operation of the wall will minimize injuries and damage to the machine.

In any case, you cannot leave a young child unattended at a time when he is at the sports complex. Many of the exercises must be performed with the backup and support of an adult. To avoid injuries when falling with the simulator under it should be placed a mattress, soft rug or a Mat that can be included at the wall or be sold separately.

Sports of the child on the Swedish side should only occur with the support and presence of an adult

In the operation of the sports complex to monitor for compliance with weight regime. If the wall is designed for loads up to 80 kg, it is impossible to engage the person with more weight and to burden it with additional equipment.

A useful tip! To limit the lift height of the child on the monkey bars, you can set a special delimiter, or remove the top rail.

Before you set sports equipment, you should instruct children on the safe operation of the complex. It should be recalled that to avoid injury on the stairs can’t be multiple people. Overindulgence during the execution of classes is unacceptable. Also, you should not perform sports exercises during acute illnesses that may lead to the deterioration of health with additional loads.

A useful tip! Do not use sports equipment for other purposes. This may lead him into disrepair.

For the youngest children, the Swedish side is represented in the form of area that is mobile and is made from the safest materials

To ensure the longevity and safe operation of the sports complex, it should be keep clean.


Possible exercises on the wall bars

All the exercises on the wall bars for children should be performed taking into account age, health condition and physical training of the child.

To start on the Swedish side can be had from 6 months of age when the baby learns crawling, and sitting. Here come the swings, ladder and slide, where the child can improve their skills.

More active classes at the wall starts when a child starts to walk independently. At the age of 1-1,5 years the child will actively learn to climb the stairs up and down. A lot of interest in this age cause of gymnastic rings for which you can cling and hang, to swing and raise the legs. Here the kid improves and refines their motor skills. With a year and a half, kids love to climb the ladder.

As a child gets older, you can purchase the necessary equipment, which have included a broad attachment to the wall

The child of preschool and younger school age can perform such simple tasks adults:

  • as long as you can hang on a horizontal bar training back muscles and arms;
  • on weight to raise straight legs or bent knees to train the abdominal muscles;
  • to perform pull-UPS;
  • holding the rungs, perform squats;
  • holding hands on the crossbar, alternately lift the legs;
  • hanging and swinging on the bar like a pendulum;
  • climb and ride on the rope;
  • to perform the stretching of the legs, alternately lifting them to the bar and leaning forward at the same;
  • hanging on the rings, bending your knees, or bending at right angles and as long as possible to hang.

Choosing a sports complex for children older than 10 years should buy the Swedish wall with horizontal bars and bars, where you can fully engage in physical activity at home.

Do not use adult wall bars for sports with the child because she has other indicators of the thickness of the rungs, the distances between them, etc., which will affect the convenience of exercise

For children of secondary school age, both men and women exercises on the wall bars should be supplemented with more serious training most of the groups of the whole body:

  • on a special Board to download the press;
  • to perform pull-UPS various grip training back muscles, the biceps;
  • perform squats on one leg, the other putting on the lower crossbar;
  • to do push-UPS on the bars;
  • hang on the bar and spread his legs in different directions, to cross them;
  • take legs alternately back in position to face the wall;
  • to perform a “spring” hanging on the top rung with his back to the wall, with your heels reaching toward the floor, toes pulled up, chin pressed to his chest.


Popular models of Swedish wall from the manufacturer

Among portable mobile options sports complexes to identify metal wall bars for the little “Vertical. Cheerful baby.” Design withstands up to 50 kg. the kit includes trainer Mat, bungee jumping, swings, gymnastic rings, slide, rope ladder and mesh. The cost of the complex is 12 thousand RUB.

Modern manufacturers produce the wall with a large number of horizontal bars that allows you to develop a whole range of exercises to train different groups of muscles

Another popular mobile model is wooden Swedish wall with a horizontal bar Kampfer-Kitty. The set includes a slide and a swing. The maximum load is 30 kg. the Cost of the simulator is 11 thousand.

The simplest wooden wall bars, which you can buy for just 4 thousand. is I-shaped model EffectSport DRC. The height of the structure is 2.6 m, width 0.8 m. the Simulator is attached to the wall and holds up to 120 kg.

G-shaped design of metal exerciser Teenager attached to the wall. The kit includes a horizontal bar for pull-UPS. The height of the structure is of 2.27 m. Sports equipment can withstand loads up to 100 kg. to Buy the Swedish wall for the house with a horizontal bar is 6 thousand RUB.

Metal children’s sports complex Vertical sets. The kit includes trapeze, rope, horizontal bar, rings. Holds up to 90 kg. the cost of the complex is about 6 thousand.

Metal wall bars “Carousel 1” includes a ladder, horizontal bar, trapeze, rope and rings. The height of the structure is 2,18 m. It is attached to the wall and is able to withstand loads up to 100 kg. the cost of the wall is 6 thousand.

Wooden wall bars with horizontal bar Kampfer-Kitty is equipped with a slide and swings, as well as mobile — you can move it around the apartment or to take with you to the cottage

Wall bars made of metal “pioneer” sets. Took a seat on the floor with a size of 0.9×1.5 m. the Manufacturer produces a variety of color variations. The standard kit includes a wall, a horizontal bar, rope ladder, rope, trapeze and rings. Steps treated with special non-slip material of PVC. Holds up to 100 kg. to By simulator is 7 thousand.

Another popular model that sets is wooden Swedish wall for children to the apartment Kampfer Compact (ceiling). The standard kit includes a-line, ring and swing. The height of the wall is of 2.71 m, a width of 0.64 m. Withstand weight up to 120 kg. the Price of the simulator is about 12 thousand rubles.

For older children and adults it is possible to buy the Swedish wall from the manufacturer Kampfer Little sport Maxi. Wall sets and includes a horizontal bar, rope, rope ladder, rings. The price of the simulator is 16.5 thousand.

Very popular Swedish wall with a horizontal bar and bars, which you can buy for 11.5 million rubles., from the company Olympus. Design attached to the wall and includes a bench press. It withstands loads up to 250 kg.

Metal children’s sports complex Vertical designed for small children up to 3 years and does not require attachment to the wall and the floor


Manufacturing technology the wall with their hands

When there is no possibility to get ready a sports complex, the question arises how to make your own hands wall bars of wood for the home. Wood for the simulator must be dried and seasoned. If the wall is made for a small child, it is better to give preference to soft wood, such as basswood or pine. They are much easier treated in comparison with the ash, beech or oak.

For the manufacture of the wall from wood with your own hands, you need to buy edged Board with thickness of 4.5-5 cm, width 30 cm and length not less than 2.5 m From it by the circulation of the machine are made of two side plates. The surface elements are sanded. Wooden blanks for the uprights are drilled for rails at a distance of 20 cm from each other. The crossbar can also cut wood or to take the spade handles of a thickness not exceeding 4 cm Then the final grinding of all elements and handling of paint composition.

Now based on the drawing, the wall of wood with his own hands builds the whole structure. This will require a set of fasteners. Then the wall plate to the wall with dowels.

Scheme of the wall, which can be made with your own hands

Much harder to make the Swedish wall of metal. You can take the old pipe, by Stripping them of paint and rust, or purchase new items in the store.

Before assembling the structure, it is necessary to compose or download from the Internet detailed drawing of the wall of metal with their hands, on the basis of which to prepare all the necessary elements of the specified size and in the right quantity.

Made with their own hands children’s Swedish wall can be equipped with various apparatuses that can be purchased in sporting goods stores. This option will be much cheaper than purchasing a ready complex.

Before you purchase a home sports complex, you need to see different Swedish wall reviews, which will help determine the choice of a particular model. Here you should consider the quality of the product, size, mounting option and opportunity to complete additional sports equipment.


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