Structural insulated panels: what is it? Homes of SIPS panels turn-key, prices for finished projects

In order for the house was strong and warm, fast and cheap, you need to choose the right material for its construction. The market for construction services offers innovative methods of construction, allowing to build houses quickly, efficiently and cheaply. One such technology is the construction of homes of SIPS panels. Structural insulated panels: what is it? Homes of SIPS panels turn-key prices for services in construction confirm the feasibility of this method.

Construction of houses from vulture panels

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  • 1 structural insulated panels: what is it? House of SIP panels turnkey, prices, advantages
  • 2 structural insulated panels, what is it?
  • 3 Sizes and prices structural insulated panels
  • 4 Where to buy structural insulated panels
  • 5 the Pros and cons of structural insulated panels. Feedback from residents
    • 5.1 structural insulated panels, what is it? Reviews of building material
  • 6 the Production of SIP-panels with your own hands at home
  • 7 How is the price of homes of SIPS panels
  • 8 the Construction of houses of SIP panels under the key. Prices of projects from different companies
    • 8.1 Projects single-storey houses of SIP panels
    • 8.2 the House of SIP panels with garage: projects and rates
    • 8.3 Garages of SIP panels under the key. Prices on construction
    • 8.4 Bath of SIPS panels. Projects and rates
  • 9 prefabricated houses of SIP-panels from the factory
  • 10 the price of the housing are made of structural insulated panels from different manufacturers
  • 11 Ways exterior decoration of houses of SIP panels
  • 12 finishes of homes of SIPS panels inside
  • 13 the House of SIP-panels: reviews living

Structural insulated panels: what is it? House of SIP panels turnkey, prices, advantages

Structural insulated panels — durable building material, which is more than half a century used for the construction of residential and industrial buildings. Technology of construction of houses of SIP-panels stands out from other methods due to a number of advantages:

  • bystrovozvodimogo — construction a team of 3-4 people can build the design for a typical project within 3 months;

Structural insulated panels most manufacturers comply with the requirements of safety and ecology

  • resistance, strength, monolithic design of structural insulated panels makes the wall structures of this material can withstand a load up to 10 tons vertical. Such buildings can be operated even in seismically unstable areas;
  • environmentally friendly — the production technology of SIP-panels based on the use of safe and quality organic and polymeric materials, in addition, the construction of their houses these panels is not connected with the formation of large amounts of construction waste and debris;
  • durability — expanded polystyrene, which are filled with structural insulated panels, is not subject to rotting and warping;
  • low thermal conductivity — houses made of this material is several times warmer than the brick buildings, they are warm in winter and cool in the hot season;
  • excellent sound insulation — sandwich panels filled with polyurethane foam capable of absorbing sound vibrations in excess of 70 decibels;

Another key advantage is efficiency: the price of the cottage of brick will cost 1.5-2 times more expensive cost of homes of SIPS panels the same area. The reduction is also due to the fact that you do not need the device costly Foundation for the construction of homes of SIPS panels. Video stages of erection demonstrates that such an object is enough to set on a light Foundation, which cost four times cheaper than the Foundation under the brick house.

Influence the cost and speed of construction of the object, as it takes less effort. The construction of homes of SIPS panels turnkey will take about 3-4 months, while the construction of a brick cottage can take up to 1.5 years. And all this time the team of workers need to pay a salary. Thus, building a house of SIP panels, you not only get the object with excellent performance, but at a relatively affordable price.

Variety of SIP-panels

Structural insulated panels, what is it?

Classic structural insulated panel in its structure is three-layer sandwich plate where the filler function performs the polymer, enclosed between two sheets of OSB. It should be noted that there are two ways to populate the SIP-panels. In one case, it is a hard Styrofoam that is glued to the OSB-plates under high pressure. In another liquid polyurethane foam is injected under pressure into the space between the plates.

Due to the porous structure, the polystyrene retains heat, does not absorb moisture, but is permeable to water vapour material. The value of water and water vapour permeability of EPS are dependent on the density of the material. In addition, it is susceptible to mold and mildew, it does not infest insects. It is not combustible and has sufficient soundproofing performance.

As for the outer layer of structural insulated panels, it should be durable and moisture resistant, as it takes most of the load. So as not to burden the design of the sandwich, this layer should be made of lightweight material. It is with these characteristics and have the sheets of OSB. Due to the special presses and gluing, the wood chips are converted into a multilayer plate with high strength characteristics.

To protect the content of SIP-panels from the undesirable effects of the environment, access to it is closed. For this purpose the ends of the sandwich tightly bonded to the wooden beam. In qualitative designs used glued laminated timber with a certificate of conformity. The structure of the finished sandwich you can see in the photo of structural insulated panels.

The main components of SIP-panels

Prezny advice! The ability of SIP-panels accept high loads depends on the strength of the adhesive bonding the inner and outer layers of the structure.

The main step in the production of SIP-panels is the application of glue, as it is the quality of the compounds used in the sandwich of materials depends on the strength of the structure. There are standards for the use of glue in SIP-panels, according to which on 1 m2 should be 115-140 g glue. Such clarity can be achieved with the use of special equipment for the production of SIP-panels, which is why a quality sandwich you can get only in terms of production.

Sizes and prices structural insulated panels

The thickness of the panels and their sizes can be different, since they are produced not only for exterior walls, and interior walls, ceilings and floor coverings. In addition, it is possible to observe that different manufacturers dimensions of the panels differ slightly by size. As a rule, the production of SIP-panels use two sizes 2500х1250 2800х1250 mm and mm.

Sizes of structural insulated panels

Panels thickness is also chosen depending on their application. For use of material for external walls thickness should correspond to 160 mm, interior walls, you can make panels with thickness 120 mm. In ceiling between floors use structural insulated panels with a thickness of 200 mm, for the construction of roofs it is recommended to use structures with a thickness of more than 240 mm. it Should be noted that when using structural insulated panels for floors, it must be cut along to keep the order on deflection.

The cost of SIP-panels depends on the quality and the prices used for the production of materials and glue. So, if you offer a product for too low a price, it is likely the acquisition of SIP-panels, made in the handicraft way. The construction, made of such material, there is a huge risk of breaking under load. And it will happen not at the stage of construction works, and in the process of operation, when it is to claim there will be no one.

A useful tip! Purchase cheap structural insulated panels does not justify reducing the strength of them made design.

When you calculate the price of SIP panels, is set to and how high quality the equipment used for their production. This fact explains a certain inconsistency in panel prices, of a producer. Comparative table of the cost of SIP panels in 2016 prices from different companies.

Name SIP-polipropileno panel, mana, RUB/stagger (as the outer layer uses plate OSB-3, German company EGGER)PSK “House System”2500х1250х1243000Компания “Taikodom”3100ДК “Fansip”3080Компания “Elevador”2700Эггер (as the outer layer uses plate OSB-3, German company EGGER)PSK “House System”2500х1250х1743315Компания “Taikodom”3500ДК “Fansip”3395Компания “Elevador”3000Калевала (as the outer layer uses plate OSB-3 DOK Kalevala, Russia)PSK “House System”2800х1250х2243850Компания “Taikodom”3700ДК “Fansip”3780Компания “Elevador”3710

Where to buy structural insulated panels

If, after weighing all the “pros” and “cons”, you stopped your choice on frame technology, you will need to buy structural insulated panels for the construction of the house. Prices for material can be different, and the question about its quality is very serious. The market is full of inexpensive SIP panels produced by artisanal method. The danger of cheap panels from questionable manufacturers is to use low-quality components and manual application of the adhesive, which leads to lower strength of the material.

All companies involved in the development of projects of houses of SIP-panels and their construction usually have their own factories for the production of panels. Material made of high-tech equipment, using only high-quality sheathing, insulation and adhesive. All products confirmed by test certificates for compliance with GOST and TU. The buyer provides a certificate for products.

In addition, buying of SIP-panels from the manufacturer, you eliminate the cost of payment intermediary services. In addition to the panels, the company engaged in the sale of related products. If you are planning to build a house of SIP-panels with your own hands, it is possible to order the cutting of panels according to available drawings. The service will include cutting parts, fetching groove, labeling of all elements.

The workload of one of SIP-panels

Before you buy SIP panels, you should visit the online websites of manufacturers. Perhaps it will help to find products at the best price. On sites you can find all necessary information about the manufacturer, the panels, their components, size and cost. Here you can see a directory of finished projects of houses of SIP – panels with descriptions and prices.

A useful tip! Buying SIP-panel, ask the seller to show the documents, confirming production manufacture of products.

The pros and cons of structural insulated panels. Feedback from residents

The use of SIP-panels for construction of houses, garages and other structures connected with excellent strength characteristics of this material and bystrovozvodimogo design. And still the flagship in the list of advantages is the low price of the finished houses from SIP panels with a high quality construction. In homes built in canadian method, always warm and they can be used for many years.

OSP-plate consists of 90% wood

The advantages of sandwich panels include low thermal conductivity, which is significantly less in comparison with other materials used in the classical construction of houses. This is achieved through the use of structural insulated panels expanded polystyrene, in which the still air inside the bubbles serves as the insulating layer. Heating costs in the house of SIP-panels can be up to 5 times lower than would be required for heating a brick house.

Among the undoubted advantages include light weight sandwich construction, the ability to produce work on the construction at any time of the year. Easy mounting allows to assemble houses from SIP panels with their hands. To execute the project of any complexity, whether the construction of the house or garage from structural insulated panels, if you have a minimal set of tools and small construction skills.

The disadvantages of structural insulated panels rank as some degree of Flammability, given that the outer layers are made of wood chips. However, processing OSP-retardant reduces the risk of fire to a minimum. The negative aspects include the fact that the upper layer of the plate may be damaged by rodents, but the core of the panel absolutely does not represent for them interest.

OSP panel and penopolistirol – based structural insulated panels

A useful tip! The observance of fire safety rules, quality wiring, proper placement of elektrotochek is the key to the safe operation of houses of SIP panels.

Structural insulated panels, what is it? Reviews of building material

For those who are not faced with the canadian technology of building houses, is to read reviews. What it is, SIP-panel, you can learn from opinions of those who have lived in this house. Many say that a positive thing is that when building a house of SIP-panels there is no need to lay a strong Foundation. In addition, the lightweight sandwich much easier and more economical to transport and unload, and for doing work does not require expensive construction equipment.

Among the recommendations of the tenants, you can find advice about the need to pay special attention to the ventilation device in the house of SIP panels. Negative reviews indicate that this material is poorly transmit moisture and air. Some conclude that such a construction it is more expedient to use as a country house, as it does not freeze, even if it is not heating.

Structural insulated panels are often used for economical construction of frame houses

Positive impact on the popularity of the use of structural insulated panels, that design can be build on any soils, to the construction work in any season of the year, and also that the construction of the box is relatively cheap. Among the negative factors, many related to the fact that carry out communication is only possible in an open way.

There are cases when satisfied with the decoration of the facade houses made of structural insulated panels. Many say that in this application at the junction of the panels appear to draughts, condensation and they freeze. However, you can find tips on how to avoid this effect on the forums and feedback from residents. Structural insulated panels at the joints enough to handle the mounting tape to fill this gap.

The available online feedback from residents and their experience in operation will help you better understand the pros and cons of SIP panels when used in building a house for permanent residence.

From SIP-panels is possible to build structures (walls, floors, roofs) without a frame

Manufacture of SIP-panels with your own hands at home

In an effort to save money, a practice’s own production of SIP-panels. Considering the average price of component materials (OSB-slabs, filler, adhesive), the cost of the finished structural insulated panels will be about 1300-1400 rubles, which is much cheaper than the factory product. The process of manufacture of SIP-panels with your own hands is not difficult, however, it is important to follow a few rules.

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Facade panels for external furnish of the house: types and installation. Facade panel for exterior significantly improve the exterior of the building. At the same time allow facing works to insulate the building.

To work need:

  • OSP-plate for the outer layers of SIP panels;
  • Styrofoam as filler, you can use other materials;
  • polyurethane adhesive for connection of layers into a unitary structure;
  • a wooden beam;
  • a device for pressing the collected structural insulated panels — you can use a vacuum pump to create a certain setting or press;
  • the cutters — it can be used to cut the panel.
  • notched trowel, roller, brush, spray gun for glue application.

SIP-the panel can be made with your own hands

Begin by first laying the OSB on top of the table. It should be noted that the surface area of the desktop must be greater than the dimensions of the structural insulated panels. Laid on the plate to apply the adhesive is based 160-200 g per square meter of surface. Stand glue 9-10 min, he placed the Styrofoam. At this stage it is important not to overdo the glue, to prevent its polymerization.

Further, the insulation layer must be carefully aligned, on top of it to apply a layer of glue and lay the next OSB-plate. Thus, collected from at least five structural insulated panels and stack them exactly on one another. After that, cover, special air-tight case and with a vacuum pump pumps out air from inside. The result of assembled structures subjected to pressure of about 1 ton per 1 m2. The duration of the pressure is not less than 1 hour.

After production of the first batch of SIP-panels of 5 pieces, proceed to the next. The finished panel is recommended to maintain during the day, folded into a stack.

The finished SIP panel

A useful tip! With self-manufacturing should follow safety rules: perform the work necessary in working clothes and protective gloves. In addition, the room should be light and well ventilated.

How is the price of homes of SIPS panels

Before ordering the construction of each will be interested in the cost of houses of SIP panels under the key. The fact that many companies in their directories indicate the indicative price of 1 m2. But in reality, it may be that the price of one square meter of a small area of single storey house will be much higher than the cost overall of a cottage in two floors. This implies that the materials required for the erection, construction volume and costs of construction in General does not depend only on the total area of the building.

In addition, each customer has their own preferences and different financial capabilities. For those who value quality and reliability, choose a organization that is carrying out own production of SIP-panels and in which construction process, in their opinion, well established. Cost of 1 m2 of such companies is more expensive, but this does not mean that they can’t satisfy those whose goal is the purchase of cheap houses of SIP panels.

Draft country houses of SIP panels

There are a number of parameters that affect the cost of finished house of SIP panels. In addition to the total area, the value is the number of floors, number and layout of rooms, the complexity of roof structures, balconies, loggias and other factors. To correctly Orient in the average price of one square meter will help some of the rules:

  • the Foundation, attic and roof will affect the cost of 1 m2 of one-storey buildings more than two story construction;
  • the construction of 1 m2 of a small house is always more expensive, the overall construction of the cottage. The price per square square comes in 1,5-1,8 times higher. So for those whose budget is limited, it is better to make a choice in favor of a two-storey building;
  • at the cost of 1 m2 to reflect the complexity of the project. From simple architectural design and layout of buildings the price per square is always less. If you do not have sufficient budget, you can limit two-story box with a simple roof structure;
  • the price takes into account the cost of materials used in construction. Of importance here are the type of Foundation, type of supporting structure material of the roof. The designers of the company can advise how to reduce the cost of construction, and what is not worth saving.

The work of construction of homes of SIPS panels quite low-cost

Construction of houses of SIP panels under the key. Prices of projects from different companies

Any self-respecting company-the developer has an official website containing full information about the production technology of SIP-panels, the quality of the materials used, available certificates, construction time, and other useful customer information. Directories of the projects are accompanied by photos of the houses of SIP panels with prices and full description of the stages of construction. Thus, before you buy a house from vulture panels, you should familiarize yourself with the offerings from different companies.

Projects of the houses of SIP panels

The advantage of using a turnkey reference designs of the houses of SIP panels is that focusing on the finished development, it is possible to significantly reduce the time of construction and reduce the cost of construction in General. Priority of any one-story house project — rational use of living space. A well-designed planning solutions allow everyone to become the owner as comfortable as possible, built from structural insulated panels home. Projects and prices, and the quantity of materials are approximate: they must be specified when ordering.

For convenience, select the appropriate project directories on the websites of the construction companies are divided into subgroups based on the area of the house and its height. Thanks to the convenient search you can easily find option that will directly meet your requirements. Having defined the project and contacting a specialist company you can get expert advice not only on the construction of the design of SIP panels, but also with regards to all communications and systems.

The project one-storey houses of SIP panels

The company “Elevador” offers for sale panels of own production and presents options for single storey houses of SIP-panels under the key. Set price 71-501 small house 6,5×5,5 m is 841450 RUB the package of services included the Assembly house on the premises of the customer, the Foundation of screw piles, installation of PVC Windows with double glazing and mosquito nets, the unit of roofing shingles.

Cheap house of SIP panels under the key size is 6×9 m offers PSK “House System”. Project 20-C includes the construction of pile-screw Foundation, the construction of the box house from SIP panels Kalevala, the roof of metal, triple-pane Windows Rehau and a small cozy terrace. Additional benefits of the project is free shipping (up to 100 km) and unloading of construction material on the site of the customer. The cost of construction is RUB 760100

A useful tip! Before you select and order any building with structural insulated panels, ask the site Manager about current promotions and bonuses, which can significantly affect the final cost of construction.

3D design of one-storey houses of SIP panels

OOO “Domainsid” implements the project, a compact single-storey house of 65 square meters under the name “Guest”. Included in the rate base of the piles, the construction of the exterior and interior walls, floors, roof. The project is implemented the possibility of choosing the color of roofing. Installed PVC Windows, entrance door is insulated metal. At the request of internal and external decoration of the house. The final calculation of expenditures in the case of the order of the project.

House of SIP panels with garage: projects and rates

Those for whom the basic requirements for housing are practicality and comfort, guests will choose the project of a house with garage from structural insulated panels under the key. Prices for such buildings are slightly different from the cost of building a conventional house, as a garage adjoined to the house is on one Foundation and under one roof, has a total internal wall and a single system of communications. Thus, the project of the house of SIP panels with a garage is an economical option among other solutions.

In such projects, as a rule, there are two entrance to garage room: from the gate and from home. This is quite convenient as it allows you to get to the car without going outside. Interesting solutions for houses with garage offers the company “Dom Stroy”. The cost of construction “turnkey” one story house with a spacious terrace and a garage with total area of 252 m2 is 2900000 RUB. the Layout includes a hall, living room, two bedrooms, study, bathroom, utility room.block, garage area 48 m2 and a terrace of 43 m2.

The project of the house of SIP panels with garage

DK “Fansip” is a one-storey house project “Rhodes”, the compact garage of 15 m2. The project includes three rooms: a spacious living room, two small bedrooms, a kitchen 10 m2, WC, bathroom, and pantry. The garage has three entrances: it can be accessed from the street, from the hallway or through the room amenities. The project takes into account a cozy porch and fireplace. Cost of construction is RUB 1520000

Company IC designs interesting modern projects of houses from vulture panels. One of the stylish architectural solutions is the project of two-storeyed house with a garage “Toronto”. The total area is 280 m2. The ground floor layout includes kitchen, living room, gym, garage space. On the second floor are three bedrooms, a bathroom and a large comfortable terrace 55 m2. The construction of the “turnkey” cost 3700000 RUB.

Garages of SIP panels under the key. Prices on construction

If the layout of the site does not allow to build a house with attached garages, it is possible to order the construction of a detached garage from structural insulated panels. The benefits of a detached garage is the availability of construction on the site regardless of other buildings and main house, as well as the possibility of organizing a garage small repair work or small production.

Project garage from structural insulated panels with a utility room

Company “vulture Group” renders services on designing, construction and exterior finish of the garage from structural insulated panels. Available for projects of garages for one and two cars. The average cost of construction of the garage is from 5850 RUB. per square meter, façade – from 990 rubles. per 1 m2. For those who decided to build a garage with his own hands, the company is implementing complete projects at a price of 160 rubles. per 1 m2.

Detached garage European style for two cars with an area of 39 sq. m from “Russip” will cost RUB 215100 the standard kit includes the Foundation, walls, attic floor and rafter roof system. In the “Sipdomain” projects with a two-story garage “Comfort” with an area of 4×6 m, whose construction will cost RUB 350100 the Cost of erection of a single storey garage from this company with the same amount 190100 RUB.

The construction cost of the garage depends not only on the overall dimensions of the structure, but the thickness of the insulation in the SIP panels. A rather cold climate of the region where the construction requires the use of a sandwich with a thick insulating layer is not less than 20 mm.

Finished garage with SIP panels

A useful tip! Many companies provide the opportunity to order ready-made kit for self-Assembly of the garage, which is accompanied by detailed instructions for erection and necessary tools.

Baths of SIPS panels. Projects and rates

Almost every owner of a private cottage or country house thinks about the construction on the site of a good bath. Due to the insulating properties of the SIPS panels and their resistance to formation of mold and mildew, the material is great for building baths. Along with the projects of houses for permanent residence, real estate developers present in their directories a cheap baths of SIP panels under the key.

Construction firm “Domstroyproekt” offers spacious, modern designs, as well as a small area of the baths. Price baths of SIP panels under the key “Kungur-49” with a total area of 36 sq. m. 304000 RUB is the Layout provides all necessary facilities: steam room, bathroom, lounge and terrace. The basic kit includes base, walls and roof. The exterior and interior decoration construction is performed on demand of the customer based on their preferences.

The project of a bath of SIP panels 4×7 m

The company “Viva Haus” implements the project of a bath with an area of 36 sq. m in several versions: demopanel, housing complex, fine finish. Construction bath turnkey will cost 598100 RUB the price includes fabrication and installation of house set, screw pile-foundations, roofing shingles, Windows, interior doors made of PVC profile, metal entrance doors.

Buy cheap bath, you can contact us “vulture groups”. The company’s specialists during the week can build a building. There are projects free-standing baths and attached to the existing house. Cost of 1 sq. m of construction is about 7000 € If you consider the price together with the decoration of the facade should be added to the cost of 1 sq m of another 1,000 rubles.

As construction technology is relatively new, many are wary of the baths of SIP panels. Owner reviews indicate that such baths rapidly heat up and retain heat for a long time. Some suggest the corner of the wall, where will be located the furnace, lay a brick. For others, the walls of a steam room it is better to coat a layer of insulation to avoid excessive heat structural insulated panels.

Bath of SIP panels in the form of an extension to the brick house

Prefabricated houses of SIP-panels from the factory

For those who can gather house on the canadian technology independently and to save money on construction, manufacturers offer to buy the prefabricated houses of SIP panels. Usually, companies offer a few kits. In the first embodiment, in domokomplekta includes exterior and interior walls, floors, floor, floors, roof. All structural parts made of structural insulated panels cut according to the project house.

The second set of house set includes all the elements included in the first set, as well as timber and Board for mounting the panels between the timber framing to the Foundation and the roofing felt under him, bituminous mastics used for waterproofing floor of the first floor, the whole package of fasteners including galvanized screws, mounting foam to fill the empty space in the SIP-panels.

It is possible to order the housing complex build in your territory. In this case, you must have a Foundation in the plot. The domokomplekta from SIP-panels from the manufacturer is accompanied by an Assembly drawing and Assembly instructions. At the request of the client, real estate developers can provide services for registration of permits for the conducting of gas, water and electricity.

The domokomplekta from SIP-panels

A useful tip! If you have decided to build a house, check out the construction technology of the numerous online stories about the construction of houses of SIP-panels with your own hands. Videos contains information about the Assembly steps and the nuances of installation.

The main advantage of prefabricated houses is that the main part of construction works made in the factory. On the spot remained only to assemble the design that will save about 25% of the value of the housing complex. It is worth noting that to buy prefabricated houses from vulture panels at the best prices possible from companies that have their own production. Due to factory production and fitting panels in size, the cost is significantly reduced.

The price of prefabricated houses of SIP-panels from different manufacturers

The cost and composition of housing from different companies can vary, so before purchasing it is necessary to analyze the price on the websites of the companies-builders. Approximate cost of 1 sq. m domokomplekta from SIP-panels from “Elevador” is: basic, which includes cut to project structural insulated panels — 4500 RUB., gonokokkami consisting of SIP-panels and lumber — 5850 RUB, domokomplekt installation — 7350 RUB.

The process of assembling the elements domokomplekta from SIP-panels

The company “Canadian house” offers a basic domokomplekta 8530 price per sq m, the cost of the kit “Basic plus” — 9580 RUB. per 1 m2. Domokomplekt for finishing the “Standard” will cost 16146 per square meter. The last package includes electrical wiring, as well as distributing water and sewer pipes.

Prefabricated houses from the company “CIP Group” include panel walls, floors, partitions, Board and timber, roofing, supplies (screws, foam), project documentation. The cost of the housing complex is 6050 RUB. per 1 m2, the Customer can choose any project and order under the housing complex. The company may include in the set of works on installation, exterior and interior decoration of the house of SIP-panels, network engineering, in coordination with the client.

Razmery SIP panels that are used for housing

A useful tip! Many builders offer the customer the ability to make individual adjustments to the planning decision at home. For this purpose it is necessary to address to the designers, so they made changes to the model project.

Production and construction company “Mies House” sells ready-made housing at the best price. The cost of a set of “Standard” is 5910 RUB. per 1 m2. The package includes not only structural insulated panels for walls, partitions and ceilings, but also the wrapping and the base beam. The housing complex attached project documentation. Transportation to the place of Assembly and unloading at the cost of the kit is not included.

Ways exterior decoration of houses of SIP panels

To protect the house of SIP-panels from the effects of external environmental factors and to give the house a more appealing look use various types of finishes of the facade. It should be noted that the exterior of homes of SIPS panels can be used almost all finishing materials for facade cladding. However, when you finish you should consider the fact that the wooden elements, the connecting panel may be slightly deformed under the influence of temperature and humidity.

Façade harvested domokomplekta from SIP-panels

There are use cases for facades of houses of SIP panels in different types of siding. This material is easy to install, has many colours and gives the house an attractive appearance. Exclusively look the facades, executed in a combination of siding several colors. Contrasting veneer can highlight and emphasize different elements of the house: terrace, balcony, Bay Windows.

Worthy of the attention of the home’s exterior block-house. Due to its natural composition, decorative wall panelling gives the building the appearance of a village house. This material is practical, durable and easy to assemble. Block-house a horizontally directed that elaborately mimics the surface of round logs. The lining is not prone to cracking, and bears the perfectly smooth surface of the facade.

Components domokomplekta from SIP-panels

As exterior decoration of houses of SIP panels can be used natural and artificial stone, paving tiles, decking simulated stone, brick, wood. Not excluded the option of plastering the exterior walls of SIP panels. Given the wealth of color and texture making, and the physical properties of the plaster, the facade turns a perfectly even, smooth and protected from external influences.

Finishes of homes of SIPS panels inside

For the decoration of walls and ceiling, you can use a variety of materials. A lot of variants, as evidenced by the photos interior decoration of houses of SIP panels. Most often, before the finish coating sheathe the walls with plasterboard, which can be screwed directly to the surface of the OSB-plates. In the joints between sheets of drywall usually hide the wiring.

Internal furnish of the house of SIP panels

A useful tip! In wet areas such as kitchen, bath, bathroom, use moisture-resistant drywall.

Drywall is also used for covering the ceilings of homes of SIPS panels. They can be made in one or more levels. Depending on preferences, on the basis of gypsum Board applied to Wallpaper, paint, decorative plaster, or ceramic tile. Quite often in the houses of SIP panels use a stretch ceiling. This method of finishing the ceiling is the most practical and gives the interior refinement.

The decoration inside pick up given the stylistic direction of the interior. For cottages suitable wall decoration paneling that will make the room more natural and aesthetic. Wide popularity as a finishing material is plastic siding. It can be used for wet areas and hallway. The material has excellent characteristics, easy to care for.

The walls inside the house of SIP panels paneling

For finishing floors use linoleum, laminate, ceramic tile, carpeted, batten. If the finish floor is arranged on the second floor for additional insulation used cork backing. Not excluded the option, when the internal decoration performed directly on the plate, putting on it the primer and putty. Thus, the choice of materials depends on your preferences and financial capabilities.

House of SIP panels: reviews living

As the canadian technology is a relatively new type of construction, what are the main pros and cons of the houses of SIP panels. According to those who have already some time living in a house, inside is always warm, no drafts. Residents say that the temperature of the walls in the corners and on the straight parts the same. As for heating, many report significant fuel savings, as the house heats up quickly and retains heat for a long time.

Significant advantages include the fact that summer in the house of SIP panels eliminate the need to purchase the air conditioner: inside cool. The positive aspects include the fact that a house is being built quite quickly, it is easy to produce internal finish — the walls are smooth, without any deviations. Another plus: many suggest that for the entire stay never noticed mice in the house.

Due to the structure of SIP-panels, home is not afraid of strong winds and hot sun rays

Of the downsides of the houses of SIP panels, living in them say that not having good ventilation, the house is constantly ventilated. In addition, some note that when opening or closing window sashes and doors, there is a slight vibration. But this may be one of those cases when the construction of the aged technology of construction. In any case, positive feedback about the homes of SIPS panels is much more.

Thus, the modern, fast, practical and gorgeous homes of SIPS panels is the best option for those who dream of a private cottage.

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