Slate and the chalk boards in the interior

23 Aug 2017

Slate and chalk boards – not just another Supertrend in the interior. This is a practical and functional solution, a kind of cheerful “assistant” to all members of the family and their guests. You will always be the working surface where you will be able to record the desired information or delicious recipe, and leave yourself or others important reminder that it will be difficult not to notice. Your child (and you) will always be able to implement any of your artistic impulse. And nice wishes or celebrity quotes written on the Board, will make your mood great all day.

Why the need for a slate or chalk Board in the apartment? Sometimes we call on important issues, and we begin to rush in search of a sheet and a pen. Familiar situation, isn’t it? And then “sheet” and “handle” will always be at hand. And how many times we forgot in the morning about something very important? In the presence of the Board all necessary information is always in front of your eyes, and forget about it simply will not work. But if space for records and to issue, then your interior will sparkle with new colors, will look stylish and creative.

If your apartment has a small area, or the Board just doesn’t fit into your previously established in the interior, then the best place to embed this object will be the corridor. You can always stick the Board to the end of the enclosure or even on the front door. Things will be in your field of vision. For corridor suitable slate and chalk, as when leaving the house we usually don’t have time for hand washing or extra cleaning clothes (they may be soiled small).

Kitchen – the place where you inevitably meet all the family members almost every morning and evening. And how nice it will be waking from a dream, to see kind words written for you loved ones on a slate, or just to read some important message. Still, you will easily be able to remind yourself that you need to buy, you arrange the daily menu (especially important it will be for people on diet) and record various recipes, which we always forget in the routine of everyday life. Not forbidden are also posting encouraging quotes and slogans – as you know from psychology, they are powerful incentives that motivate people to action. In the meantime, you will cook a variety of dishes, your baby will be able to draw on the Board while staying out of your sight.

For kitchen is better to choose a chalk and a slate Board. This is due to the fact that kitchen space is the “wet zone”, thus hands are often wet from washing dishes. It may happen that, after receiving important information for you, you will not be able to do it because chalk will not draw out moisture. But since such situations do not occur so often, and many homes include a dishwasher, the choice of the Board depends solely on your preferences.

Children’s real expanse to embed or slate chalk boards. They’re quite relevant, because sooner or later every parent is faced with the bad Wallpaper from the drawings of young artists. And then the kid will have an entire wall for the realization of the first creative impulses.

When the child grows up, he will be able to learn letters and numbers. Grown-up child will be able to train to meet the Board to write examples and complex sentences. Thus, since childhood will be eradicated fear of public speaking.

On the Board you can write the schedule, and leave reminders about school matters.

In the nursery can be safely used as a slate, and chalk Board.

In the office (or work office) we plan meetings, answering endless phone calls and make important decisions. So easy to get lost in all current Affairs and forget about something really important! Board will help to avoid such situations. With its help, you can always write your schedule for the week and make it an infinite number of amendments, record important phone numbers. While leaving for a meeting outside the office you can just take a picture of the wall phone or tablet, thus saving time and nerves. Thus, all basic information will always be at hand. In the office it is better to use slate and chalk Board: first, you are not going to get a suit, and secondly, the dust from the chalk will not fall into the system unit of a computer.

You will be surprised, why in the bedroom need a slate or chalk Board. It’s very simple. Just imagine: the first thing you see waking up is a message with the words “I love you”… And the day will immediately be filled with positive emotions. But if your spouse is sick, you can always compile a detailed medication schedule.

What are the modern slate or chalk Board? You’d be surprised, but, as a rule, or a special Wallpaper, or special self-adhesive film. There is a perception that boards are only black. This is not so. Just on a black background, any color is visible best.

There are portable boards. You’ll be able to frame, for example, in a picture frame and hang it on the wall, or simply lean against any surface.

The only problem that may occur due to the presence in the house chalk Board, is the appearance of dust. But daily wet cleaning will solve it very quickly. If this option does not suit you, alternatively, will deliver the chalkboard. There is a third option – whiteboard, but it is not as interesting as the first two. It will not give you the atmosphere of childhood and lightness, and will not allow to realize all your creative ideas.

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