Simple Guide to Maintain your Furniture

Author:  Rajesh Kumar Tewatia

Over time, the furniture gets damaged, break and paint flaking. Regular maintenance can keep it in good condition for a longer time.
Each material has its qualities and faults which requires special care. Wood, for example, gets dirty easily and regular dusting is not sufficient to maintain the shine. Waxed, varnished, lacquered or painted, it needs to be thoroughly cleaned several times a year and the techniques differ in texture.

The old furniture can sometimes be repaired without any need to call a professional. Giving new life to a piece of furniture is trendy. Learn to strip, sand, white lead and lacquer your furniture before makeover with paint or stickers.

Keep your wood furniture

The wooden furniture is seduced by its nobility and authenticity. But keep it beautiful, some gestures are to be adopted! Update on the rules in the maintenance of wooden furniture like wax, varnish or painting of the furniture. Choosing specialists furniture manufacturers can give you the best results, eg for kids furniture you need to choose specialist kids furniture manufacturers for long lasting results.

Polished wood furniture

The wooden furniture wax requires regular attention to keep them warm glow:
– For daily maintenance of your wood furniture, a simple dusting with a dry cloth is sufficient. Once or twice a week, increase the effectiveness of this action by using an aerosol dust.
– Wood furniture wax tends to become clogged over time. The dust is not enough and the furniture can make a sticky by dint of being oiled. In order to clear, use of turpentine in the application.
– In case of severe dirt, remove the wax with a buffer fine steel wool. Rub in the direction of the wood without reaching the shade to avoid damage.

Wood furniture polish

Most wood furniture is now varnished for easy maintenance and better protection:
– For the maintenance of regular wood, a soft cloth associated with an anti-dust is enough to shine.
– Once every two months, go on a soft cloth dampened with water slightly soapy. This gesture can be cleaned gently. Wipe with a dry cloth as the wood should not be in prolonged contact with water.
– If surface stains appear on your wooden furniture polish, soak a cloth of mineral spirits and rub in the direction of the wood.
– For deeper stains, use a pad of fine steel wool on all the furniture, always following the grain. You will then polish the furniture. This gesture is to make abrasive sparingly.
– Some furniture like dining table needs more care because many times it is in contact with the water or the food containing water.

Lacquered wood or painted

The lacquers and paints are composed of the same resins as varnishes. They simply added a pigment and a layer of varnish can be applied to ensure good scratch resistance:
– For routine maintenance, a dusting with a damp cloth followed by drying with soft, dry lint is free enough.
– Careful not to use abrasive, otherwise scratch the paint or paint!

Outdoor Furniture

For durability of your new outdoor furniture in wood, apply a layer of protective oil with a lint-free cloth. Let dry and repeat the operation twice, this precaution will allow the wood to retain its original color and to be protected against stains:
– Then you reproduce this treatment twice a year , in spring and autumn;
– If the color of your outdoor furniture has already degraded, it is possible to act. Applying a coat of stain will restore color to the wood
– Finally, if possible, protect your garden furniture by placing it inside during the winter months. You save it during the action of rain, snow and frost.


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