Several ways to update the interior of the country

On 4 August 2017

Dacha is the place where we rest at the weekend from the hustle and bustle of the big city. Many residents of the Russian Federation of a country house inherited from grandparents. Accordingly, such construction is difficult to call it new, and their appearance often produces a somewhat painful impression. But want to relax not only the body but the soul. So, the aesthetic component is also important. In order to update and refresh the interior of the country, to give it a modern look, you will have to spend a couple of days off and show imagination.

“A beautiful Villa, the interior is very important for good rest”

Hardwood floors

If the old paint on your wooden floor cracked and peeled off, some design tweaks here, unfortunately, is not enough. Will have to spend at least a minimum of repairs, such as sanding the surface, and the top apply a new layer of finishing coating. To add liveliness to your decor and make it a fresh feel, you can choose more than one color, but several different, combined with each other. Bright colors can be set off by the austerity of the furniture and heavy curtains strict – you will get an interesting contrast.

If the condition of the flooring you are not satisfied, it can be treated with special antifungal composition, and the top to lay linoleum. Modern linoleum sometimes is a real work of art. He presented on the market with a variety of patterns, colors, textures, able to satisfy even the most demanding taste. Besides, this coating is not afraid of changes in temperature and perfectly clean, so is perfect for easy updating of design country interior. And don’t forget to change the plinth.

Country wall

Give the old country rooms a fresh look and fully “modernize” it will help upgrade the walls. At the height of fashion now naturalness and environmental friendliness, so if your interior surfaces are finished in timber, or clapboard, it’s just fine! Of course, as in the situation with Paul, first they need to be sanded and treated with anti-fungal composition, and then to paint. Recommended to use translucent materials that will allow you to keep the interior in its natural beauty and pristine. Stylish wooden surfaces combined with many materials and textures, so the flight to your imagination when choosing new furniture or a cute decoration can be nearly no limit.

If the walls of your country house made of brick, it is best to leave them with no decorative treatment – then you will get the interiors in a trendy loft style today, and thus be able to save on building materials.

In recent years, increasingly the question arises: whether the actual Wallpaper? And why not! If they have beautiful color or interesting pattern, and it looks quite well, you can leave them on the walls, “diluting” the interior fit-style with paintings, posters or even stickers. But the reality is that the old Wallpaper, as a rule, do not fit into the canons of contemporary design, and look is not the best way. So still suggest you remove them and then glue a new one. But what if cash is restricted? There is an excellent exit from this situation – the creation of the interior in the style of patchwork.

“In fashion, natural and environmentally friendly, so the wooden floors and walls it’s best just to cover with a transparent varnish, preserving their pristine beauty”

Patchwork is fashionable and interesting. Remember grandmother’s quilt, made from scraps? It perfectly illustrates this style of design. In addition to work in this technique is simple, nice and quite economical. The stores are almost always sold the remnants of Wallpaper, which, of course, are inexpensive (better to take the vinyl based Wallpaper, they are more durable and wear-resistant). Besides, remnants of rolls that cannot be used, but it is a pity to throw out, there are certainly friends. To create an interesting pattern on the walls you can cut the fabric into equal pieces or, on the contrary, play with symmetry. Work elegantly and effectively.

But do not forget about the correct arrangement of accents: it is better not to decorate the entire room in patchwork, so as not to overload it with lots of details, which, moreover, can quickly become bored. Designers are advised to decorate with a patchwork of two opposite walls and other vertical surface to hang Wallpaper for painting and apply them to the composition a calm, neutral tone.

There is another stylish and trendy option of the wall covering is old Newspapers, magazines, cards and the like paper “exhibits”. If after pasting cover them with varnish, you will get a non-trivial interior, which will be easy to choose the large beautiful accessories clear geometric lines and shapes.

Interior doors

Old interior doors can be updated in the same way as the walls – get a harmonious space designed in the same style. And you can go the other way and hang on the door mirror from old dressing table, attaching it with liquid nails. Another interesting option is to carry on the door is a mosaic of old tiles, pre-breaking it into small pieces.

The ceiling

The ceiling can freshen up with fresh paint or do with it the same manipulations as with the walls.

Fashionable and beautiful happens when you decorate the ceiling space of the decorative beams. It depends on your fantasies and desires.

“Patchwork is fashionable, stylish and beautiful”

Country furniture

Do not forget about furniture. Do not have to throw it, because almost all of it came from the last century, so ancient, quality. When making the garden in retro style, this furniture will be very useful. Wooden chairs can be covered with stain, giving them a Shine and highlighting the texture, while leaving their “rare essence” intact. Chairs with fabric seats easy to update, replacing them with cloth, or throwing on top of a beautiful case. And if you decide to decorate the walls in patchwork, the seat, designed in the same style, will perfectly complement the interior.

A second life to an old sofa can be given, having made him a beautiful cover, or linking a large stylish plaid. You can Supplement it several stylish, decorative mini-pillows. And from old boxes can make wonderful shelves, pre-progresiv and having beaten bottom to the wall, so you will get unique design of your garden room.

As you can see the repair in the country can be not only a chore, but a pleasant pastime for the whole family where everyone can come up with a bold design for her room. Your holiday home will be a unique design object and will delight you more than one season.

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