Scandinavian style in landscape design

24 Mar 2017

Scandinavian style is very popular not only in design of interiors of apartments and country houses, but also in the design of suburban areas. A charming combination of simplicity and comfort, characteristic of the gardens of Sweden, Finland, Norway and Denmark, gained many supporters among the owners of the farmlands North of our country. In fact, to get real pleasure from a countryside holiday and to have time in the weekend to really rest and not to work from morning until night, caring for the fragile whimsical plants, it is important to equip your garden, choosing the appropriate elements of landscape design. The garden, decorated in a Scandinavian style that can withstand the harsh Northern climate, without requiring excessive effort to maintain it in good condition. Let’s see what features are characteristic of Scandinavian style in landscape design.

“Garden figures depicting characters from Scandinavian mythology, will be a great decoration of the garden”

Basic principles

Perhaps the most basic feature of Scandinavian garden – the most natural and environmentally friendly: natural materials and textures, flowers, shrubs and trees, characteristic of Northern latitudes. After a long winter with its short daylight days and an acute shortage of bright colors Scandinavians like to decorate your garden is dynamic, rich shades of red, rich blue, yellow, orange – the main thing not to overdo and not to make the design colorful and excessively tedious. Precise geometry of man-made products combined with the irregular shape of artificial lakes and boulders, scattered randomly through the area by some huge giant. Scandinavian garden should be both simple, comfortable and moderately bright, helping owners to relax and recharge with positive energy.

Scandinavian style in the design of the landscape is characteristic of the openness of the floor plan, the presence of an artificial pond, lawns with a combination of paving small areas of geometric forms, the rejection of fences and borders in favor of hedges, the charming Heather gardens, floral lawns with semi-wild flowers and potted plants instead of flower beds. If you prefer to grow vegetables and herbs in their own garden, make this small area where you can build a small number of beds, carefully filling them with small stones or frames, of wood. Furrows between the beds can be filled sand or decorative dumping of natural shades.

“In the Scandinavian garden can be a small pond of irregular shape, decorated with stones and moisture-loving plants “

Plants in the Scandinavian garden

In addition to traditional turf grass for the design of picturesque clearings should be reserved for seeds or seedlings unpretentious flowers: calendula, Phlox, lavender, daisies, asters, poppies, and peonies. The space between the trees and border hedges and the lawn can be sown with a thin strip of linen or semi-wild cereals.

The rocky areas of the Scandinavian garden perfectly decorate groundcover and lovely mountain flowers – gypsophila repens Alpine Dianthus, Sedum, Carpathian bell, and for framing and gazebos create shaded areas and rest areas, you can use a twining plants – ivy, hops, clematis, beans, morning glory.

From trees to create hedges around the site and individual accents on the territory is definitely necessary for conifers – juniper, arborvitae, pine, spruce. Compact boxwood and yews can grow both in ground and in containers. The bushes of Jasmine and lilac, deciduous trees, characteristic of Northern regions (birch, aspen, ash) may also be included in the hedges on the perimeter of the site.


Form a decorative pond created on the site, should be as natural, without strong straight lines and precise geometry. The pond can be laid with stones of different sizes and shapes, decorated with pond lilies, lilies or other plants that are resistant to high humidity.

If the size of the plot or other circumstances do not allow you to equip it pond, you can restrict the installation of small tubs to collect rainwater.

“Garden furniture made of wood is typical for the Scandinavian style”

Garden furniture

The main material from which the garden furniture in the Scandinavian garden, is wood. For socializing and relaxing in the lap of nature you can make a bench of rough boards, small logs or chumps, but you can put a light wooden or wicker furniture, both options are completely organic look in the Scandinavian style. Combining natural beauty and function can, erecting benches, container type – under the seats of these benches is a closed space for storage of garden utensils and Housewares.

When choosing a place for the arrangement of pavilions, rest areas or places for a meal in the fresh air, not consider open spaces and shaded areas under the trees, shrubs or garden structures with climbing plants.


The most common decoration of Scandinavian garden are also elements of natural origin – stones, cobbles and boulders of various shapes and sizes. Stone put the track, the stairs, if the site has a slope, the fire-pit for evening gatherings on the street. The stones just lying here and there, underlining the style of the Northern landscape. If desired, of stones of medium size one can build a outdoor fireplace, decorative grotto or the imitation of ruins of an ancient fortress.

In addition, the area in the Scandinavian style can be decorated with driftwood, old wooden wheels from carts, clay pots or jugs, figurines and coasters, woven from straw.

In a simple and generally calm colours of the Scandinavian garden, you need to make some bright accents – it can be as flowering plants and painted in pure, saturated colors, metal heads, and figurines of gnomes, Vikings and Norse mythology.

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