Pros and cons of combining the kitchen-dining room and living room. Expert opinion

To be or not to be a unit of functional zones in the space of an apartment or a country house is a highly controversial issue requiring a deliberate approach. After all, this solution, like any other solutions in the field of redevelopment, should be taken at the design stage, while the result will be seen much later, after the completion of all repair and finishing works.

Zoom in“The common space, where the kitchen and the dining table are located, and the soft zone for recreation and communication, looks very spacious”

About what important nuances should be thought out in advance if you want to combine the kitchen-dining room and living room, today the readers of will tell the decorator Marina Zherenko (design and decoration studio “Details of Happiness”) .

“The topic of combining different zones, of course, is of concern to many homeowners.It is important to take into account the issues of functionality, comfortable planning and harmony of space in general.On the one hand, what could be better than a large, spacious space in which to accommodate a kitchen with a dining table , and a soft zone for recreation and communication.However, there are significant points that can adversely affect the outcome of such an association. So, what should I pay special attention to?

1. The first and most basic: if you decide to combine the kitchen-dining room and living room, it is important not to save on a good hood . Ventilation in this case is a very significant moment. It is also important to remember that combining two zones into one does not always mean the installation of one air conditioner. Even if experts suggest you to choose one powerful conditioner, for your own comfort, I recommend still staying on two.

2. It should also be noted that it will be necessary to work out the lighting more carefully , distributing the light in such a way that it is sufficient, and placing emphasis on the zones of the most active use. So, for example, you need to think over additional light above the kitchen work area and do not forget about the lamp (chandelier) above the dining table. In addition, in addition to the main light in the living room, it would be nice to take care of such lighting, which will create maximum comfort (floor lamps, table lamps or sconces).

3. Further, it makes sense to remember that a large space is more difficult to make the most warm and protected from the wind, especially if such a room has several windows (or they are panoramic). It is necessary to work well on the tightness of window frames and heating radiators . It is important to realize that excessive savings in such matters often lead to a deplorable result and, as a result, to a re-alteration. A clear example of how “miser pays twice.” If you still need to save money, it is better to refuse “warm floors”, but to make high-quality heating.

Zoom in“If there are two families living under one roof, two different generations – it is better to provide zoning space with sliding partitions, which allow either to combine or separate the functional zones”

Hint:categorically do not recommend buying radiators via the Internet. This can lead to the purchase of substandard products without a long warranty. The company that opened the online store may disappear the day after your purchase. Carefully study the seller’s website, look for reviews about this seller on the forums and only after that make a purchase through a specialized store. Even if it is a bit more expensive, you will be in favor, giving preference to reliability. This, by the way, is one of the reasons why it is profitable to work with a designer. The designer (of course, the professional) always knows the best suppliers of goods, personally they are familiar with them and can often help in obtaining an additional discount for you. But the main thing in this matter is not even economy, but reliability and confidence that your order will be executed in good faith and on time.

4. Sometimes space dictates if there are not built walls between the living room and the kitchen, then at least the partitions, which differ not only in functionality, but also in airiness. It makes sense to review and analyze different options. Perhaps, in its way of life, it is more comfortable for you to feel yourself in a more closed, cozy space than in a large and spacious. Do not blindly follow the fashion, it is much more important to listen to yourself. Also, one should pay special attention to the creation of a single space if there are two families (two generations) living in the house. In this case, when one will sit comfortably and chat with friends in the kitchen, others will want to watch TV and relax in the soft zone. Here it is better to think over the option in which the premises will be completely separated, or provide for the possibility of temporary unification and, conversely, the delimitation of zones (sliding doors, glass partitions).

5. What do you need to know about flooring for joint areas? It is important to remember that even if there are no “visible” walls, the functional zones need to be divided. In the work area near the stove, do not put the same parquet board as in the living room, guided by the fact that I want a single space, including design. Or, for example, you should not put the same tile as in the dining room, in the whole space of the living room, even if the tile is expensive and beautiful – it does not give warmth and comfort to the room. Follow the principle of separation: in the kitchen-dining room – tiles, and in the living room – parquet. Competent selection of floor coverings, combined in color and decoration, will solve the aesthetic task, and experienced foreman will be able to beautifully and qualitatively handle the joint – the connection of various materials.

6. Do I need to think about a color solution ? Certainly. Even when all rooms are located separately from each other, it is important to observe the integrity of a single space, giving a sense of harmony. Therefore, combining the kitchen-dining room and living room, it is also worth thinking about that the space was sustained in either one color solution, or that the interior of the dining room combined in its tones with the interior of the living room. I’m not an adherent of all the same and repetitive (although, of course, to choose lamps and chandeliers from one collection is much simpler) and I think it’s much more interesting to choose lighting elements from different collections made at different factories, but combined with each other. The same should be done with furniture. Of course, the style of the interior in the dining room and living room should be the same.

Zoom in“The ideas of a competent unification of the kitchen-dining room and living room from the decorator Marina Zhyrenko”

7. On carpets and curtains in the united zones I will say separately. In the living room you need a carpet. This will give a certain charm and inimitable coziness. The carpet is chosen according to the style. If possible, buy carpets made of natural fibers: silk, wool + silk, wool. If the budget does not imply such a possibility, contact viscose. I do not recommend using other synthetic materials – it’s better to give up carpets altogether than to risk your health. If you work without the help of the designer-decorator, the curtains should be sewn, proceeding from the presence of companion fabrics. So you definitely will not be mistaken in the selection of shades and textures.

Tip: You should also choose cornices , similar to each other. By the color and material of the cornices it is desirable to select the fittings in your space. So, if door handles and drawer handles in brass furniture (as well as brass is present in the lamps), then the cornices are better to choose from brass or bronze. If the handle is chrome (steel), you should take care of a similar color in the cornices. You can select cornices and the color of wooden furniture elements, if you want to choose eaves from wood.

8. When combining the areas of the kitchen-dining room and the living room, special attention should be paid to the guest bathroom and the place for storing household utensils . Paying all attention to the arrangement of the unification of zones, they often forget about the practical and important side of other issues that are directly related to comfort in everyday life.

9. The design of the ceiling must also be consistent. I do not advise you to realize on the surface of the ceiling all kinds of waves and mount geometric structures from gypsum board – often it looks like an excessive pile. Remember that additional works with false ceilings significantly reduce the height and eat up space. Allow yourself to breathe easily and enjoy the cleanliness of the lines. Complement the ceiling with beautiful rosettes and cornices, which are appropriate in your interior. I’m sure there is nothing more beautiful than a high-quality, smooth ceiling.

Tip: For a white ceiling to match the tone of the walls, you need to add a minimum amount of paint to the white paint that will be used in the decoration of the walls. You will get a perfect ceiling, flawlessly combined with the walls.

It remains to wish you good luck in deciding whether to combine the kitchen-dining room and living room, or better abandon this idea. All individually. In any case, love your home and be happy! “.

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