Property Financing – 19 Quick Tips for Buying an Apartment

Getting the key of your apartment for the first time can be a priceless dream. Having the song itself creates a very similar feeling. Organize furniture, colors, lights. Leaving everything in the way you like is one of the greatest goals of the human being.

But on the other hand, in times of crisis and lack of money , is there any alternative way of having one’s house without having to go into long financings?

In fact, in this purchase option, usually, the consumer will pay the value of the property doubled or tripled, when it is not.

The big question is how to prepare to face the moment and choose the best way to raise enough money to at least give a good entrance in your financing.

All care is short on making such a large debt, and having a letter (money) up your sleeve is essential to letting you sleep more peacefully at night.

We separate the main doubts of people who think about financing a property . They are questions answered, comments, affirmations, projections, simulations and everything else that involves the purchase of a property, either in the plan, or ready, for the future.

Check out each of the topics before Financing the Property. As a lame person it can help you but it’s preferable to hire a Financial Planner in Washington DC . Note, however, that there is no right or wrong and we are not telling you to stop buying, but at the very least be sensible enough to take all of these points into consideration.

1 – Take into account the risk of losing money with real estate

Currently, according to informal information, 80% of borrowers lose money on financed properties and the main reason is the lack of financial planning.

In the end, only 4% of US people think about the future and make the ideal time table so that the dream is actually fulfilled and does not turn into an eternal headache.


2 – Financing the Property is Your Best Option

Leave the pen still in the bag and do not sign. Ask yourself: “Financing is the Best Option”? Put all the values ​​in the pencil account and add the accumulated until the end, in the last installment.

Understand, too, what is the Total Effective Cost (TSC) of the funding. Report interest and fees, taking into account that they should not be abusive.


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3 – Understand How Real Estate Financing Works

The Real Estate Financing allows the consumer to pay the property in several installments, which can be extended for years and with interest, considered, facilitated.

Banks make programs based on the profile of each buyer, taking into account the conditions of payment, minimum values, interest rates, minimum payment terms, type of property, credit limit and additional costs.

To get an idea, in a public bank, there is the possibility of financing a property through many different financing programs , where families can only have maximum incomes of 5 thousand reais and real estate can not exceed 230 thousand reais, among others features.

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