Projects of houses of timber for permanent residence: we build comfortable housing

Timber houses have excellent insulation qualities, they are environmentally friendly and attractive. Given the low cost, they may be an alternative to the expensive housing. Under these cottages there is no need to build a strong Foundation, which significantly reduces construction costs. Construction companies offer standard projects of houses of timber for permanent residence or developed according to individual drawings.

Houses made of timber have a high level of environmental

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  • 1 Projects of houses of timber for permanent residence: types of material used
  • 2 Features projects of houses from glued beams for permanent residence
  • 3 the Construction of the houses from glued beams: functionality and comfort
  • 4 Projects of houses of timber: photo, description, specifications, characteristics
    • 4.1 Finnish home from a bar: projects cozy cottages
    • 4.2 timber Houses with garage: projects functional facilities
    • 4.3 the Projects of single-storey houses from profiled timber
    • 4.4 two-Storey house from a bar

Projects of houses of timber for permanent residence: types of material used

The performance of the buildings mainly depends on the materials used in construction. In this sense, timber is lumber that is characterized by high strength, excellent thermal insulation, resistance to cracking, environmental friendliness. In addition, design of timber quickly, are relatively low cost and have a decent look.

A useful tip! For the construction of houses of timber it is important to use lumber produced in the winter period: it contains the minimal amount of moisture and this wood is not prone to bruising.

Contemporary design building, built of timber

The main property of timber for construction is its density. There are two types of timber recommended for the erection of cottages:

  • profiled opposite surface of the beam endowed with grooves and ridges and the front side has a smooth surface due to the planing and milling;
  • laminated – composed of specially treated and longitudinally glued slats (boards).

These two beams have excellent strength characteristics, but the glued sample has a greater resistance to cracking, the construction of it does not give the shrinkage and retain their performance even when exposed to harsh climatic conditions.

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Externally, the design of these types have an identical appearance, but the construction of the cottage made of profiled material cost is 40-50% cheaper than the construction of houses from glued beams. Reviews about quality, price and timing of construction of such designs, read the relevant sections on the websites of specialized construction companies.

Features projects of houses from glued beams for permanent residence

The use of technology of glued timber in the construction of wooden houses due to the following factors:

  • the possibility of producing one-piece items of non-standard sizes (length of products can reach up to 85 m);
  • manufacturer of steel I-beams curved shape;

Quick construction speed, low cost and natural beauty are the main advantages of houses built of timber

  • no deformation during the whole life of the building due to the cutting, pressing and drying of the slats;
  • the selection of quality boards, the use of high-strength adhesive composition increases the structural strength of laminated veneer lumber;
  • refractoriness – beam construction of glued laminated timber for a long time lose their rigidity, even in case of fire;
  • the minimum rate of shrinkage (up to 2%);
  • houses lose heat in a much smaller extent than the structures of solid elements;
  • resistance to aggressive influences allows to build from this lumber storage, garages, bathhouses, cabins, and other outbuildings;
  • environmentally friendly construction, production and operation of buildings do not harm the natural environment.

This kind of material is used in the form of support beams and support pillars for the construction of roofs of complex design, as well as other articles of joinery production.

To date, the sale of present glued profiled beam, which is a building material of new generation

A useful tip! Laminated veneer lumber is perfectly suited for interior building: it is possible to make arched window construction, window sills, stairs, railings and shelving.

The relevance of laminated veneer lumber for building houses due to the low thermal conductivity of the material. Heat loss at the walls with a thickness of 20 cm of this material is 5 times less than the similar brick walls, and 12 times less than that of the reinforced concrete walls. Low shrinkage makes possible continuous construction of multi-storey designs, thus reducing construction time.

Cottages of laminated veneer lumber resistant to mold and mildew, due to the fact that the material is subjected to a protective treatment against pests. Such structures do not rot and their lifetime as long as possible. In addition, various options for strengthening the sustainability of the building, in case of need.

Technology of production of profiled glued timber

The construction of the houses from glued beams: functionality and comfort

Construction of houses from glued beams is rapidly gaining popularity. Such a material may be erected as a summer cottage or a guest house, and the sturdy cottage all year round use. Development projects of single-storey houses from glued beams is focused on maximum comfort and rational use of the useful area of the building.

The main advantages of single-storey buildings is the high speed of construction, affordable construction, good planning and the implementation of projects of houses from glued beams (photos of the finished structures to prove) in different architectural styles. Proponents of original ideas to choose the unusual projects of cottages with an interesting exterior.

Functional one-storey house made of timber with single pitch roof

In addition, one-story house can be built to individual designs and wishes of the customers. It is not excluded the development projects of Finnish houses from glued beams from the traditional classic to the trendy buildings in the style of hi-tech. Thanks to special technology of manufacturing of glued laminated timber, in such houses there is no need to conduct periodic repair or restoration work.

Another distinctive point is the convenience of planning of cottages for people with disabilities, the elderly and families with young children. All the important rooms concentrated in a single floor, which gives the opportunity for the whole family to be around. It should be noted that all projects meet requirements and current regulations.

Any existing project houses from glued beams can be modified to fully meet the customer’s requirements

For houses on one level a fairly low-depth tape base or screw piles. If you save time, commissioned the construction of the home by a specialized company, on a specified platform will be delivered ready design elements that will only bring together.

Single-storey houses do not have stairs, which occupy part of the useful area. This fact allows to optimally allocate the space for residential and utility rooms. Wiring of all communications in a house is simplified, which contributes to significant energy savings during the heating season. This house is ideal for a small family.

Example plan small one-storey house from a bar

Projects of houses of timber: photo, description, specifications, characteristics

Log houses are beneficial, not only because of reasonable cost of construction and minimum cost of external and internal finishes. This is because smooth beam forms a dense, smooth and looks aesthetic wall surface. In addition, the wooden houses are characterized by their ability to “breathe” and clean the room air from the harmful impurities. In such houses always fresh and easy to breathe, which has a positive impact on the health of people.

Finnish home from a bar: projects cozy cottages

The main features of the houses built by the Finnish technology, are compact (it is a small wooden structure in 1-1,5 floor), neat appearance, excellent sound and heat insulation and comfortable layout. The design of each house, both inside and outside the careful attention to detail, and has its own individual style.

Project of two-storeyed houses with a small area

One of the hallmarks of the Finnish-plan buildings is considered to be the lack of “waiting room”. Heat retention is provided by double doors in the winter the house is warm, and summer – cool. On the lower floor is usually the living room and kitchen-dining room and the upper bedrooms. The roof of the buildings is executed in the gable option, mainly acute forms.

As for the hallway, this room is traditionally made large. The area of the corridor is approaching its size to the size of the kitchen or a small room. This feature is due to the fact that the inhabitants of the Nordic countries prefer the minimalist style. Due to the spacious hallway, you can unload the rooms without cluttering the space with things.

Home from a bar, built by the Finnish technology

Special pictorial look at home with a terrace. Projects of wooden houses of timber it is also a spacious balcony to attic rooms and several entrance doors. In addition to the main entrance, the house settling the door leading to the yard. Moreover, the design of almost every building construction, the architects envisage a sauna. Depending on the dimensions of the house, room for bath, can be big or compact.

Finnish home from a bar perfectly withstand harsh climatic conditions – be it heat or cold. Those who once visited this house, the beautiful atmosphere of coziness and freshness indoors. Finnish technology allows for construction in any season of the year at high speed. On average, the erection of a cottage takes 4 to 5 weeks.

The project is a two-storey (second floor – attic) Finnish home from a bar

Timber houses with garage: projects functional facilities

Used in the construction of houses of such material as the bar does dream of having your country cottage is quite real. For people accustomed to comfort and practicality, the optimum is to choose a house with a garage. After all, the garage can be used not only for Parking but also for storage of tools, equipment, and also for the organization of small private production.

A useful tip! With self-construction of the garage from a bar, remember that good ventilation is essential for normal long term operation of the building.

The project is a single storey timber houses with three bedrooms and garage

Modern projects of houses from a bar with a garage designed in different variations. It can be a cottage with attached garage for one/two cars or a free-standing building. In some projects, the proposed placement of the garage in the basement, but this layout provides for the construction of a full Foundation that will lead to a significant rise in the cost of construction.

Usually in a garage adjoined to the house there are two entrances: the Central street and directly from home. This arrangement allows the owner to approach the car, without going outside, which is very convenient in rainy weather or in winter. The advantages of timber houses with attached garages are obvious:

  • compact footprint – allows the efficient use of land;

A 3D model built of timber house with adjoining garage

  • reliable storage of the vehicle;
  • the use of the premises as a warehouse for storage of household utensils;
  • the ability to post in this room the boiler, saving the useful area of the house;
  • a simple summing of utilities: water, heat, light.

As for the cost of construction, then the cost of a house with garage not much exceed the conventional construction of the cottage, since this complex has a communal roof adjacent to the house wall and unified communications system. Because of this, the project of a house with a garage is the most economical and practical solution.

Project of two-storeyed house from a bar with a garage for one car

Projects single-storey houses from profiled timber

The use of profiled timber as the main construction material allows quick and economical construction of houses. On average, installation of houses made of beams, including preparation and planning of work, takes about 3 months. The cost of construction varies by project, but it will be much lower than similar buildings of brick or foam blocks.

For the construction of structures using lumber with different cross section, depending on the purpose of housing (summer house or cottage for permanent residence). Among the proposed projects, you can select the variant most suitable for architectural performance and price. It should be noted that some models of one-story cottages will be 2 times less than the price of two-storey buildings.

One-storey house, built of the profiled timber

For a seasonal residence, you can also choose one of the project one-storey house from a bar, the cost of which will be available in a wide range of buyers. The layout of a small cottage 6×6 m includes an entrance hall, combined bathroom, compact kitchen and main room. Opting for the same option, but with a loft, you can equip one or two bedrooms.

The height of the first floor single-storey house is typically 2.7 m. the package includes partitions, floor and ceiling beams made of timber 150×150 mm, ceilings and floors from boards 22х100 mm in a draft version. As well as the Gables and the roofs of boards, asphalt coating, basement waterproofing and treatment of wooden joists, floors and sheathing antiseptic compounds.

Good layout a single-storey house from a bar

Two-storey house from a bar

To solve the problem of placing on a small area roomy home can opt for a model two-storey building. In this case, the desired square meters are doubled, and the area of the plot remains unchanged. In addition, there is the opportunity to choose a project with an attic and a terrace where you can meet for tea the whole family.

Among the proposals posted in the directory of cottages, quite popular typical project home from a bar 6 to 9 for permanent residence. The project implemented a successful planning scheme, which combines all of the required rooms: living room, bedroom, kitchen, bathroom and spacious corridors on both floors. You can make individual adjustments to a plan of the premises without the increased costs of the project.

Example 6 by 9 meters, designed for permanent residence

The package a two-storey house from a bar includes a gable roof with a coating of roofing system rafters and walls on both floors from timber, rough floors and Gables of the Board. The unloading of materials and installation facilities on the customer site are included in the project. Can be installed tape or screw pile-foundations.

Before you book a particular type of wooden house from a bar, you can see not only the layout inside, but with the plan of the Foundation and the image of the facade of the building from different angles. Some projects include attic insulation and finishing her dried wagon boards.

The project is a two-storey Chalet-style houses made of timber

To sum up the advantages of houses from profiled bars (reviews confirm this), it can be stated that these homes are warm, budget, as installed on an inexpensive basis, do not require additional finishing and quickly erected.

Currently, companies are offered for projects of houses of timber of any complexity with minimal cost. Subject to the Builder of all engineering principles that timber houses are warm, comfortable and their life will be tens of years.

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