Plants shade-tolerant and shade: what’s the difference?

26 Jun 2017

On any summer cottage is a place that most of the day in the shadows: the fence or the trees in the garden. Shady corners can also be beautifully arranged, if competently to approach to business, because there are many plants which thrive in places that are not sun-drenched. However, the degree of shade for plants is essential.

What is your shadow?

Often online you can find the article on shade-tolerant and shade-loving plants. Despite the fact that both types of plants can do a small amount of ultraviolet light, biologists say that this separation is not entirely true, because the basis of the ability of the flora is the photosynthesis, i.e. the conversion of light energy into energy biochemistry. However, plants are like people – someone who thrives in the open sun, and someone may to sun only in the shade.

And flora, with some plants need direct light, while others can grow only in locations with ambient or reflected light (in other words, where almost always the shadow). Such plants are referred to semi-shade. To shade-loving plants include those which grow well in not very sun-drenched areas, they have dimmed the sun (i.e., areas poorly lit, but not dark).

To make it clear what the difference is, we give a concrete example. Impatiens grows well in shaded areas, but in full shade it will not bloom, there’s also the risk that without sunlight it will wither and die. Impatiens – shade, but not shade-tolerant plants. So first, the grower needs to determine the level of shade in the country: if location is just not very Sunny, it is better to plant shade-loving plants, if the sun very rarely appears – then it will suit shade-tolerant (literally tolerate shadow) flora.

Shade-tolerant plants

As a rule, very little sunlight gets to the North areas of the garden or Villa. Such locations are ideal for planting Hosta (online you can find many articles with the headlines “Hosta – Queen of shadows” and it’s true), but it will grow well only under the condition of abundant and regular watering.

Of course, the ferns thrive in the dense shade, Polygonatum multiflorum Among shrubs, this cotoneaster (its leaves turn red in autumn), forsythia (beautiful blooms of bright yellow flowers), barberry Thunberg, its foliage will also become a good decoration of any garden.

Mock orange, which is sometimes also called the Jasmine garden, will also adorn the Northern areas of the garden. This plant is not picky about soil, can grow almost on any ground, will not wither if you forget to water it, the winter also shifts very firmly. All the familiar shrubs with white berries that explode like little bombs when pressed. This is the snowberry, it is especially loved by children just because of the distinct popping sound of the berries when crushed it on the pavement. In the country are the berries won’t fall off and will delight almost to the cold weather, i.e. the whole period of fruiting.

Shade-loving plants

Now let’s talk about those plants that are best planted in locations with a shortage of light, but not quite shady. Garden lilies, whose strong flavor well all know and love, grow well under the canopy of trees in the diffused light. In the period of flowering Lily of the valley will serve as a great decoration of the garden, and in late summer the flowers turn into small orange berries. Remember that Lily of the valley is a poisonous plant, so for young children you need to watch carefully. A beautiful cream or yellow flowers will delight hellebore in early may, the rest of the time to draw the view will its bright foliage.

Foxglove – the flowers in the shape of bells on the leg pink. The plant is undemanding, growing on the Sunny and shady locations in the garden. In may, begins flowering dicentra and will delight chains of crimson buds until September. Rhododendron grows in open areas where there is no shortage of sun, and in the dark. The plant is easy to grow because of its simplicity, and it blooms very nicely. Rhododendron can grow in full shade, but bloom he won’t be there.

Malotonnazhnye locations (e.g., house wall or fence), you can always decorate with ivy. This is a great plant for vertical gardening, due to the fact that it quickly multiplies and grows in the area – ivy cleans the air, so to grow it at home.

Want to full shade a carpet of beautiful flowers? Plant forget-me-not. It is growing rapidly and will soon adorn all very dark location of your garden. Another undemanding plant that grows quickly and covers all the dark locations is Brunner.

Penumbral areas are ideal for viburnum, elderberry and hydrangea. They will not hurt and clematis and maiden grapes and the lupins, whose bright blooms will delight the eye at the end of may and in June. Everything you need to monkshood to bloom beautiful blue flowers, shade and moist soil. But tobacco scented (like clematis blooms, but the smaller red and pink colors) simply partial shade.

Flora motifs

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