New life of old things: the creation of the original decor on the plot of old garden barrel

Well-kept garden is not only a beautiful house, tidy the beds and evenly trimmed grass. It is also a lack of different objects for household purposes, which over time lose their attractive appearance. This is especially true of old barrels, without which many gardeners can’t imagine farming in the countryside, because they are so convenient to burn the garbage. A rusted barrel immediately catches the eye. While it remains completely functional and can serve you for many years, but it is unsightly causes us to get rid of it. In times of crisis is not the best solution, especially when there are numerous options to breathe new life into garden tools.

Before an original way to decorate the barrel, you should make sure that it is not rusted to the holes – in this case, any renovation work will be virtually useless. But here’s the paradox: if you want to use it as a flowerbed, in case you have to make drainage holes.

After you decide the functionality of the barrel, it will need to thoroughly clean out the dirt, and then remove the rust with sandpaper. Don’t forget to degrease the case: not only does this contribute to the quality of coupling of the dye with the material, but also helps to keep the applied patterns and other decorative elements. First, the barrel should be painted in a primary color and then apply different techniques of decoration. For printing it is better to use acrylic paints: they dry fairly quickly, are water resistant and do not fade under direct sunlight. Besides, they may be used by people suffering from allergies, and even children.

A good way of decorating garden drums – pattern printing with the use of the stencil. This is a good option, as not everyone knows how to draw. Stencil is best made of thin cardboard, transparent file for papers (multipara) or thin plastic, and image to find on the Internet. If the loop is too large, then it can be divided into fragments. The cardboard figure is best applied with a pencil, multiforo marker. The most important thing here is to cut strictly on the lines without damage. Also as a stencil can come in natural materials such as leaves, twigs, shells. The stencil is attached to the surface with double-sided tape. If you want to give the image texture and convexity, use construction adhesive dropout. To obtain the smooth colors are best to use spray paint.

As we have said before, when decorating your old garden barrel most importantly – to determine its functional purpose and choose a theme of the painting, because almost any thing can be turned into an art object. You can decorate the body of the barrel heroes of your favorite movies or TV series. Just imagine how unusual it will look, for example, with the characters from everyone’s favorite movie “Star wars.”

If you are a lover of style, it’s Britain, it is possible to paint the barrel as post column, or to stylize it under the world famous telephone or police box. However, to create an atmosphere of modern Britain simply to portray her British or English flag.

Fans of Sunny style of Provence , you can decorate the barrel a few shades of lavender colors that will smoothly transition one to another, or simply to portray the azure sea with the foaming waves.

If your barrel is located near the Playground, then undoubtedly it is best to portray her cartoon characters. Allow your child to participate in such an interesting process: not only will this allow you to take his case, but will give the work a certain importance, because there is nothing more valuable than joint leisure.

Your garden house is made of brick? You don’t like bright colors? Then on the barrel it is possible to represent the bricks that will form a single harmonious composition on the site with a residential building.

If you are a supporter of eco-style, with a special glue barrel can be decorated with pebbles or tile. It will take more time but the result will exceed all your expectations.

Fluorescent paint is another way to create an unusual decoration that will look great in the dark. You can depict the stars, the universe, or to show imagination and humor and draw unexpectedly frightening picture – it you definitely will be able to surprise your guests.

If your barrel is no longer able to serve you directly, or simply turned out to be unnecessary, then it is possible to make wonderful flower beds. And if it is cut and put in the ground, you will get a wonderful little pond on his land.

To figure metal body and please you for a long time, don’t forget to cover it with varnish. Remember that your barrel in style should not break the concept of landscape design. Try to achieve color harmony with the rest of the buildings situated on the plot, or, alternatively, make it a striking accent in the garden. Remember that your main task is to give new life to old things, and it must be done in such a way that it still long time will delight you and your loved ones with its beauty.

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