Kitchen fronts: beauty and practicality

November 1, 2017

It is unlikely that we make the mistake of calling the kitchen the “heart” of our home; we spend much more time than in other areas. In addition to cooking and eating here often satisfied intimate get-togethers with friends. Therefore, to be in the kitchen should be comfortable and pleasant. And aesthetic component plays a significant role. One of the most important elements of decor are kitchen fronts. That’s why their choice should be taken very seriously. A decent kitchen set is very expensive. And if the boring table or sofa you can afford to change easily, a new stylish and functional cabinets will probably cost you a pretty penny.

When buying a kitchen it is important to understand that her frame must have the necessary strength and reliability, and the façade is to be beautiful and practical. Not to be mistaken in his choice, should pay attention to the material from which made the facade. Make sure that it is resistant to temperature extremes, moisture-proof and easy to clean.

The modern market offers customers a wide range of faceplates made of different materials. And each of them has its pros and cons. That’s why we recommend you first determine the budget that you are willing to spend on the purchase of new furniture. In accordance with him, you already be easier to select suitable material based on various characteristics and parameters. Of course, the appearance of the panels needs to play one of paramount roles.


Particleboard is one of the most common and affordable material, which produce kitchen facades. It is moisture resistance and durability. However, there are some pitfalls: if suddenly an unscrupulous manufacturer decides to save on the protective layer, under the influence of heat the material can start to produce toxins. Besides, there is one caveat: the line of facades made of chipboard, will direct.


MDF – a more modern equivalent of chipboard. It has the same advantages, but also is not subjected to deformations. In addition, the design of the facades is made of this material are quite diverse: on the MDF basis often apply paint or finishing layer consisting of veneer, plastic, foil, patina. If to talk about disadvantages, it should be noted that the paint will eventually burn out, the film always looks good, and plastic is not so easy to clean from contamination.


The basis of these fronts, as mentioned earlier, made from particleboard or MDF and then covered with plastic. This material has high impact properties and also has high thermal and moisture resistance. It is often used by designers when creating a modern and stylish interior. This is because plastic producers offer a huge choice of colors, as well as the possibility of creating with it, a variety of unusual designs. Among the shortcomings note the glossy surface of the material from which it is highly visible prints left over from careless touch, as well as other impurities, which are difficult to remove.


Acrylic is a relatively new material used for the manufacture of furniture. As the basis it also uses MDF. Acrylic facades look very fashionable. In addition, it is very easy to give a vivid personality with the help of prints. But, like any other glossy surface, acrylic immediately visible impurities that need to be removed immediately, so as not to spoil the overall impression of the cuisine.


The tree is considered the highest quality, but expensive material. The facades are made of solid, will last you a very long time. If necessary, they can even be restored. The only drawback may be the deformation of the material due to improper operation: the sun’s rays gradually make the wood dull, and temperature changes contribute to the swelling or shrinkage of the wood.

Choosing the color of new facades, we should not forget that they should be in harmony with the General appearance of the premises (i.e. to match the color with the countertop, backsplash, and Wallpaper). If your kitchen has small dimensions, it is necessary to give preference to light tones and a glossy surface that is capable visually enlarge the space.

If your goal is to update the kitchen fronts without having to replace them, it can be done in the following ways:

– painting of facades;

– applying PVC film on the surface;

– creation of the original inserts.

Seemingly simple facade painting update your kitchen and give it a freshness. The main thing is to choose non-toxic and moisture proof paint. If you are patient and careful, it is possible to be creative and to paste over the front panel PVC film. As for the original decor, for decoration of old facades will perfectly fit the original moldings or panels of wood, tile and other materials.

You can use your imagination fully, the main thing – to observe one important rule: you should choose such materials in demanding conditions (extremes of temperature, high humidity) will not produce harmful to human health substances. Remember that whichever you choose a material or method of updating the kitchen fronts, the main thing that changes you make to harmoniously fit into the interior. And don’t be afraid to change the situation, because any positive change is sure to bring you satisfaction and joy.

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