What should be the decor of the interior in the art Deco style

There are many design styles that can be used for the original design of the house or apartment. The main challenge here is to create an environment in which you and your family will be comfortable any time of the day or night. It is important to make the household a sense of harmony and peace. Someone feels as in a classical setting, someone will approach cute Provence, and someone will prefer the unusual art-Deco style.

What characteristic features inherent in art Deco style, and what methods to use to create a non-trivial interior in such matters at home, readers Pro-N.ru says art Director of design Studio “design Point” Ivan size:

“More recently, the art Deco style was at the height of fashion. But over time, trends will inevitably change – and here it is already rapidly replacing the colourful era of the 70s. But for fans of a particular style should not be barriers to its implementation. Therefore, in order to make it a little more relevant, can realize the trends in the decor. Here are some interesting trends that perfectly complement your interior in the art Deco style.

1. A jungle of vegetation

A jungle of vegetation – this is the decor that does not force you to change existing interior to make it more expressive and stylish. Banana leaves, Fig trees, cactuses – use everything that can bring to your apartment in the notes of the wild spirit of Africa. After all African issues – one of the family motifs to art Deco. And fans of extravagant receptions can buy artificial plants good quality and paint it in Golden color.

2. More color

Color in all its manifestations – is a fashionable trend 2017. For classic styles perfectly as the finish is perfect colored stone. In addition to the most commonly used white, gray and black come in green, red and blue tones of the marble.

3. Color and textile

Do not forget about the color in the textile. Among the favorites are now green, Burgundy, sand and brick hues. The more color, the better. If desired, it is not forbidden even monochrome interior revive colored textiles.

As for the texture, the velvet is still holding at its peak of popularity. A separate category of fabrics in the Chinese style.

Another fashionable theme that can bring fresh notes in the interior is animism combined with naturalism: storks, tigers, tropical plants and flowers, embroidered on the satin, as if specially designed for luxurious art Deco style.

4. Young naturalist

Art Deco is very actual decoration in the style of young naturalists. It may be unusual semi-precious stones, dried beetles with mother-of-pearl wings or art objects in the form of skulls of different animals. If you find this acceptable, decorate your living room with stuffed animal, poultry or a bunch of fluffy feathers.

As a variant – it is possible to have tropical birds in a gilded cage, but it is important to remember that they need attentive care. Not everyone is ready to take on this responsibility.

5. Bouquets

Familiar to us flowering plants, a few lost their positions on the wave of universal love for the tropics. So if you suddenly want to add to the table a little cut green, then it is best to choose a vase a concise form (e.g., cylinder) and put it in the composition of the leaves of tropical plants. But be careful with their choice (especially if you have children or animals) tropical plants can be poisonous.

6. Concise form

Lamps, dishes, vases – all in 2017, is committed to concise forms. Simple geometry elements, circles and straight lines, should be made in a noble material (e.g., brass, stone, nail). So they will look modern and will blend in the noble interior.

7. More gold

Brass and gold for a long time are at the height of fashion. To give the interior elegance of the art Deco style you can, for example, to combine items gold chrome, the more elegant solution would be to endure all in one metal. Even Cutlery can be gold plated. Serving your table will look especially good if you place several gold items together with elements of the more restrained of metals.

8. Decor 70’s

Bright decor 70 years applies to specific categories of trends that can change the total appearance of interior. Among them are the puffs with a long NAP, and glossy painted metal, and the use of saturated colors. Trends 2017 are designed to plug all these items in the art Deco”.

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