Interior design style minimalism for the pair, regularly coming from out of town

20 Feb 2017

We offer to your attention a new project of the design Studio “design Point” – the interior of the apartment of 50 square meters with open plan. The project for a couple of age, residing in another city and regularly visit children and grandchildren in Moscow, implemented in a new residential complex in the capital, located in Fili Park. Details about the project says art-Director design Studio Stepan Bugaev.

“Point of design: the project of an apartment in a hotel style”

“Today we will tell you about our new project. The interior of the apartment is 50 m2, we performed for an elderly couple. They visit children and grandchildren from his native city of Kemerovo, where they have a large house, so do not plan to live in this apartment permanently.

The interior is designed in a minimalist style with lots of wood and natural materials. The plan initially was free, so we didn’t transfer zones, only slightly expanded bathroom. We redid the bedroom attached to the balcony in the Seating area. To create a shared space, we demolished a window block to left of piers. Our goal was to create one large space for kitchen and living room where the owners spend a lot of time, and separate bedroom, which performs the function of the room for relaxation. The bedroom also needed to place the storage area, which perform the role of 2-meter Cabinet.

We tried to make the interior as smooth as possible and not to overload it. In the wall separating the living room and bedroom, placed the insert of frosted glass from floor to ceiling so that light can freely propagate in space. Despite the fact that the apartment is small we managed to achieve a logical arrangement of all objects and allocate space for spacious kitchen.

Among the chips of the interior it is worth noting through hidden lights, which are located in each room in addition to main lighting. They are both in the kitchen and in the living room. The bedroom has fitted linear luminaires accentuate the textured plaster, chosen according to the wishes of customers.

Go over the areas of the apartment.

Hallway. Here is a large six-foot dressing room on one side and cupboards on the other. Zone, passing from one to another, hidden rack panel.

“Point of design: the project of an apartment in a hotel style”

“Point of design: the project of an apartment in a hotel style”

Kitchen. In the kitchen there is a large set, but it doesn’t look bulky thanks to the use of light shades. The top of the headset painted white, and the bottom in grey. So, the focus is only on the lower base fare. Besides, the linear illumination even more reduced weight.

“Point of design: the project of an apartment in a hotel style”

Living room. Living room is common area with kitchen. On the wall there are panels and furniture veneer that allows you to visually conceal it. Lighting visually lighten dark wall. The sofa at the request of the owners decomposed and transformed into an extra bed. The room has a lot of patterns of light: night light under Cabinet, decorative lighting for the back of the sofa, basic lighting on the ceiling, cozy floor lamp with directional light. We tried not to clutter the Central part of the room, so I chose the easy transparent table streamlined shape with thin legs.

“Point of design: the project of an apartment in a hotel style”

Bathroom. Because customers do not need was the bathroom, in the space of the bathroom, we placed a shower. It takes quite a large area, which allowed us to abandon the doors: water leaking through the walls. We made the ramp not the floor, right in the corner of the wall. Due to the differential in the 2 cm we made a draft and avoided the nut. We used the tile Ornamento, drawing and format are the tiles 40×40, 20×20, 40х20 elongated shape. In addition to the hand shower there is also tropical. As in other parts of the apartment, the bathroom has a backlight.

“Point of design: the project of an apartment in a hotel style”

Bedroom. In the bedroom we used textured plaster with lighting behind the headboard. It has adjustable illumination, allowing you to use it as a night light. For bedside cabinets from floor to ceiling, symmetrically placed mirrors. They visually expand a rather narrow room. Next to the panoramic window by the customer is the podium. To create a recreation area, we demolished the partition with a door, made waterproofing and insulation. Placed in a floor convector. Location of built-in wardrobes from floor to ceiling does not affect the shape of the room – cloakroom door made in the wall color and not draw attention to himself.


“Point of design: the project of an apartment in a hotel style”

A lot of furniture for the interior was custom made, specifically for size of rooms.
As the apartment was originally conceived not as a permanent residence, we have used the secrets of designers who design hotels. So, small apartment space designed in the style of the hotel. Customers close similar aesthetics: the hidden, system, storage, bright space, lots of light and built-in furniture, quiet, versatile colors. On the one hand, the interior is a contrast because it uses as light, beige colours and dark wood. At the same time, it looks very organic”.

Design Studio “design Point”

Art Director: Stepan Bugaev

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