Infrared sauna: benefits and harms, usage characteristics, and recommendations

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In this article you can learn what features and properties of infrared sauna: benefits and harms of radiation, its effects on the human body, rules for the use of IR cabins, their types, principle of operation and device. The text contains specialists ‘ recommendations, indications and contraindications, consumer reviews, and prices for the emitters.

Infrared sauna will help to maintain health and beauty.


  • 1 unit of infrared sauna: what it is, the principle of operation of transducers
    • 1.1 What is an infrared sauna and how is it different from.
    • 1.2 Types and characteristics of infrared emitters for saunas
    • 1.3 the Influence of infrared radiation on the human body
  • 2 Infrared sauna: benefits and harms of emitters, the scope of
    • 2.1 how useful is the infrared sauna: the therapeutic effect of radiation
    • 2.2 how useful is the sauna with infrared radiation: a cosmetic effect
    • 2.3 the Use of infrared saunas: indications and contraindications
    • 2.4 How often you can visit the sauna: the benefits and harms, particularly the procedures and rules
    • 2.5 the Benefits and harms of saunas: how to avoid the negative impact
    • 2.6 Can I use infrared heaters to the baby
    • 2.7 Can an infrared sauna cause harm to a pregnant or nursing woman
  • 3 Which is better to buy an infrared sauna: price and recommendations
    • 3.1 How to choose and buy infrared sauna for optimal performance
  • 4 Fabrication of infrared sauna with your own hands

The device of infrared sauna: what it is, the principle of operation of transducers

To understand the benefits and necessity of applying the infrared radiation, you should study the device of the sauna: what it is, how it works and what is the effect on humans.

To pick the shape and design of the cabin should take into account the design of the room where it will be installed

Unlike conventional saunas, infrared sauna not so hot, so it will be a great alternative for people who are struggling to tolerate high temperatures.

What is an infrared sauna and how is it different from.

Infrared sauna is a room of small size, constructed of materials of natural origin. Most often used for this purpose is wood. In most cases, these saunas are infrared cabins, which are designed for simultaneous stay of 1-2 people. Established inside emitters with infrared waves. Thanks to them, warm up the body within the area of the action. Infrared waves are part of the light spectrum. They are invisible, but able to warm up various items.

The most popular material for the manufacture of cabins infrared saunas — natural wood

If we consider, in General terms, all baths have similar principle of operation involving the heating of one object from another. The differences lie only in the method of transmission, which can be:

  • Contact.
  • Convection.
  • Wave.

Contact heating occurs at the moment when a hot object touches a cold, giving him their infrared. The heat transfer convection process involves an intermediate carrier, usually water or air. In the baths traditional type of heating of the human body occurs due to the air.

The wave method involves the use of infrared waves. When a man acts safe radiation. Infrared waves penetrate under the skin 4 cm, providing a warming body, joints, and internal organs. As a result, in humans, increased sweating, and the air itself is not heated. For this reason, the maximum temperature in the infrared sauna for home is not more than 50°C, while conventional steam heated up to 110°C.

A typical solution dimensions of cabins for infrared saunas

Interesting fact! Any body emit infrared radiation, including people. Most powerful source of such radiation is the sun. The tangible skin from its rays and heat is infrared waves.

Types and characteristics of infrared emitters for saunas

The most important component of the sauna are the emitters. So before you buy an infrared cabin, it is desirable to know the length of the produced waves. Taking into account this peculiarity, there are the following types of radiation:

  • Long – 50-200 microns.
  • Average of 2.5-50 microns.
  • Short – no more than 2.5 microns.

Long waves are considered the most secure. This type of radiation is as close to what comes from the human body. This figure is in the range of 70-200 microns. Short and medium wavelength used for space heating of large size. So the answer to the question, are they harmful infrared heaters depends on what range emitted wave.

The variety of shapes, sizes and specifications allow you to install an infrared sauna in almost any room

The price of infrared saunas it depends on what material the radiator.
Manufacturers use:

  • metal (stainless steel, Incoloy, a metal with galvanization or chrome finish);
  • ceramics;
  • quartz glass.

Incoloy is a special metal alloy, composed of iron, chromium and Nickel. This material is effective and practical, so it is most often used for making infrared heaters for sauna.

Choosing a particular model of infrared sauna, special attention should be paid to the heating elements

The influence of infrared radiation on the human body

Despite the fact that the temperature in an infrared sauna does not exceed 50°C, the radiation is able to penetrate deep into the body, and it is good to warm up the body. Moreover, such heating more effective than conventional heat. If you compare a traditional sauna with infrared saunas, in the first case the waves penetrate into the body only 3-5 mm, and the second to 40 mm.

The fact that the length of the infrared radiation is almost the same as that of heat waves that originate from man. Their effect on the body is not perceived as foreign, so the body prevents the heat. The temperature of a man rises up to 38.5°C.

The effect of infrared waves on the body is not perceived as foreign, so the body prevents the heat

The properties of infrared radiation:

  • the destruction of harmful microorganisms and viruses;
  • rejuvenation;
  • preventive and therapeutic effects.

At each stage of the procedure occur certain processes. Detailed discussion will help to understand the mechanism of action of the sauna per person. First, portable infrared sauna should be ready by the session. To do this, set the desired humidity level (approximately 45-50%) and temperature (approximately 35-38°C). During the first 10 min. sauna accumulates energy. During this period of time in humans, there is a slight perspiration and increased body temperature to 38°C.

Infrared waves gently warm up the body, joints and organs

Over the next 12 min, the upper layers of the skin begin to actively secrete moisture, which increases the level of sweating and increases the rate of blood circulation and metabolism in the body. Together with the liquid, the body gets rid of the harmful substances and toxins.

Pay attention! The shorter the wavelength, the more warm items that fall under its influence.

Further, the amount of available moisture is gradually starting to diminish as the body during this time has managed to allocate a portion of free water. In the process there is a rapid rise in body temperature. The optimal duration of treatment is 30 minutes then you need to leave the sauna. At this stage, the intensity of sweating may increase. This process usually lasts no longer than 8 minutes.

Single infrared cabin — great for small apartments

Infrared sauna: benefits and harms of emitters, the scope of

Many consumers prefer infrared saunas for apartment. In contrast to the usual steam rooms, these structures have many advantages:

  • Simplified provisioning process – to heat requires only a 10-12 min, in the case of Russian bath the process more difficult and sometimes it lasts more than 1 h.
  • Shortened session – the procedure takes about 30-40 min when the usual steam rooms to achieve the effect you need to be at least 60 min.
  • High efficiency due to the rapid and deep heating and increased sweating.
  • Safe system operation – heat load on the body is minimal, so the list of contraindications to the bath with infrared emitters is small.

If you exceed the residence time in the bath, it can cause overload of the heart muscle.

With limited spare should pay attention to the booths of the combined type

How useful infrared sauna: the therapeutic effect of radiation

In addition to the preventive effects on the human body and its fortifications, the infrared sauna helps to cope with certain diseases.

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Plan space: the choice of tiles, lighting, plumbing, furniture, washing machine. Pipes and waterproofing.

Infrared light positively affects the human body:

  • stabilizes blood pressure levels;
  • increases the effectiveness of treatment of ENT diseases;
  • strengthens the walls of blood vessels;
  • reduces the amount of cholesterol in the blood;
  • promotes healing of injuries and wounds, for example, dislocations, contusions, fractures;
  • reduces pain in joints, back and muscles;
  • due to the increased blood circulation improves the function of the kidneys;
  • strengthens the immune system;
  • promotes the resorption of bruises and hematomas;
  • normalizes sleep mode;

Wellness infrared saunas are beneficial during rehabilitation after injuries

  • reduces pain during menstruation and during headaches;
  • promotes treatment of skin diseases such as dandruff, acne, dermatitis, pimples, etc.;
  • eliminates stress;
  • promotes healing of scars.

Importantly! You cannot use the infrared sauna as the only method of treatment. Specialist prescribes procedures, as an auxiliary part of complex therapy.

What are the advantages of sauna with infrared radiation: a cosmetic effect

Apart from medicine, the sphere of application of the sauna applies to the decision of cosmetic problems. During the session, the human body emits large amounts of sweat. The result is a cleansing of the skin and remove dead skin cells. Similar procedures are assigned to people who have problems with pimples and acne.

Infrared sauna requires no special care, just to air it after use

Such booths are installed not only in beauty salons, but also in gyms where use infrared sauna for weight loss. Session heat exposure duration 30 min. burns the same number of calories as the run length of 10 km, However, the independent use of saunas for weight loss will not bring significant results.

To achieve a noticeable effect, the procedure should be applied comprehensively, in combination with other activities:

  • proper diet;
  • regular exercise;
  • the use of specialized cosmetic products.

Infrared radiation accelerates the resorption of lactic acid, which is formed in the muscles during exercise. Athletes actively using the sauna to reduce pain and restore the body.

Cabins for infrared saunas can be rectangular, angular, polygonal or

The use of infrared saunas: indications and contraindications

Before you use infrared heaters, you should find out who contraindicated bath, and for whom it will have a positive effect. Otherwise, you can harm the body.

Indications will apply to people with such disorders:

  • disorders of the nervous system (irritability, fatigue, pinched nerve, attention span, memory impairment);
  • impaired blood flow and pressure surges;
  • lowered immunity and frequent colds;
  • pathology of musculoskeletal (rheumatism, cramps in muscles, scoliosis, bursitis);
  • problems affecting the digestive system, including metabolic disorders at the cellular level and slow metabolism;
  • the presence of urticaria, psoriasis, acne, eczema and cellulite;
  • symptom of menopause.

In addition, the possibility of sauna will be beneficial during the recovery period after the transferred inflammatory processes, infectious diseases and injuries.

On the market given a wide range of different solutions IR booths

Importantly! Radiation enhances the effect of cosmetic products applied to the skin. To avoid allergic reactions, it is not recommended to use substances that are not intended for the sauna.

What are the contraindications of infrared sauna:

  • aggravation of skin diseases;
  • medication (use of some medicines in the sauna may lead to side effects);
  • the presence of tumors and cancer diseases;
  • the period of menstruation and the presence of bleeding;
  • diseases affecting the prostate gland;
  • mastopathy;
  • postoperative period;
  • gynaecological diseases (myoma, fibroma, endometriosis);
  • infectious and respiratory diseases;
  • irregularities in the cardiac system (low or high blood pressure, tachycardia, cardiac failure, anaemia);
  • diseases of urinary system (nephritis, cystitis);
  • the presence of implants;
  • inflammation and diseases of the joints (arthrosis, arthritis).

To achieve the best therapeutic effect is not recommended to leave cabins during the procedure

In some cases, warming up helps to cope with colds, so many people think it is possible to me to go to the bath. The treatment can be used herbal medicine, lavage, inhalation. However, in the period of exacerbation of chronic sinusitis to visit the booth is strictly prohibited.

How often you can visit the sauna: the benefits and harms, particularly the procedures and rules

Rules for visiting infrared saunas differ in many ways from the procedures used in ordinary steam rooms. Session duration does not exceed half an hour. This is sufficient to achieve the desired effect. It is prohibited to step out of the stall even for a short time. But you can open the door, the quality will not suffer.

Infrared corner Cabinet out of solid mahogany

During a session it is very important to choose the appropriate pose. The person has to sit on the bench down on the floor. Be sure that the spine was straight. In the booths emitters installed not only on walls but also under the seat. For this reason, the sitting posture is considered the most effective. Be sure to drink during the session a large quantity of water. The harm of infrared radiation in the absence of contraindications has not been proven, however, the intake of fluids to avoid dehydration.

Comparative characteristics of the infrared sauna and the Russian bath:

Criteriously brainmachine SounDrama training 60 mins-12010-15Как often visit сауну1 times / week1 time in nudelaminator mode °C90-11045-50Продолжительность session, Duration of session, min. 30Эффектрасслабление, drowsiness, stalactiles energiestraat energiefussanalyse

The harm of infrared radiation is possible only in the case that you can ignore the rules of the visitation, for example, increase the time and number of sessions, ignoring contraindications, etc. If the sauna is visited frequently, it is desirable to reduce the time spent in it up to 20 min. In this case, the optimal number of sessions to 2 times a week.

Tooling infrared sauna in your house, do not forget about additional place to relax after the procedure

Pay attention! After the sauna it is not recommended to take a cold shower. The body does not take the influence of infrared radiation from overheating. Can be limited to a warm shower, which will wash the remnants of sweat and moisturize it.

Benefits and harms of saunas: how to avoid the negative impact

The positive effect depends on how carefully one follows the rules. Before you begin this procedure, be sure to wash the face and body cosmetics and a shower. Do not use before a session, lotions, creams and scrubs. Otherwise the skin may occur not only allergies, but also burns.

Stylish and sleek performance IR booths

Also, experts do not recommend before the procedure and immediately after it, and directly in front of her to eat. Better to take a break with a duration of 1 h (the food that is taken before entering the sauna should be easy). For wiping sweat, use a dry towel. If this is not done, the moisture on the skin will slow the heating of the body and block the heat. To fill the water balance, after visiting the sauna you need to drink green tea or clean water.

To avoid negative effects, it is necessary to adhere to several requirements:

  • To monitor the power and wavelength to eliminate the possibility of burns.
  • Carefully read the list of contraindications and advice to consider all the individual characteristics of the organism and health.
  • Individually count the time spent in the booth. The maximum session duration for adult is 30 min., for children – 15 min.
  • If such side effects like burning of the nose, throat and skin, dizziness and headache, watery eyes, should immediately leave the sauna.
  • Shouldn’t be in the booth, if you feel uncomfortable. Good body will not do it.

Corner quadruple sauna from alder

After a session in the infrared sauna the body needs rest. This is enough for 10-15 min. Warm shower will get rid of remnants of sweat. Then, on clean and dry skin possible to apply any cosmetics.

Can I use infrared heaters to the baby

Infrared radiation is useful not only for adults but also for children. Subject to the rules of the body of the baby during the stay at the cabin will become stronger and healthier.

For a visit to the infrared sauna you need to obtain the advice of a pediatrician

Precautions for children:

  • Not that the kid was in a sauna more than 15 minutes.
  • The maximum capacity for a child is 65%. While men require around 85% and women 75%.
  • To eliminate the possibility of thermal shock, the baby should be wearing a hat during a stay in the sauna.
  • Before entering the sauna definitely need to consult a pediatrician.

Tip! Children will be particularly useful salt infrared sauna. As a finishing material in the cabins is used instead of wood tile made of Himalayan salt.

In use it is recommended to water the booth water

Can infrared sauna cause harm to a pregnant or nursing woman

During pregnancy is not prohibited medical procedures (in the absence of complications), but access to the sauna in this position be very careful. The fact that the cabin warms up the whole body, under the thermal effect gets even lower back and abdomen. No one can know in advance how to react in such a procedure a pregnant woman’s body. So be sure before you visit you need to consult a doctor.

Nursing moms can also enjoy the infrared sauna. However, you should consider the fact that the radiators raise the body temperature to 38.5°C, as a result, the milk may just “burn out”.

Use special popularity salt infrared sauna

If the mother is not feeding the baby’s chest, then first the sauna may not be held earlier than 6 weeks after childbirth. Otherwise, the heat can cause the deterioration of health, and even cause bleeding.

Which is better to buy an infrared sauna: price and recommendations

The range of infrared saunas on the market, is quite wide. Therefore, the purchase of the booth turns into a tough task. To choose the best option, just follow the simple algorithm.

  • How to choose an infrared cabin:
  • To determine the installation location and then calculate the size of the sauna.
  • To pick up the form and exterior design.
  • To determine the material of manufacture of the cubicles.
  • To choose a heating element with the required characteristics.

Typically, infrared saunas have clear and convenient control system

Make sure that the stall has a comfortable and intuitive control system.

If we consider all these nuances, the cabin will bring the joy and health for many years. Of course, important selection criteria remains the manufacturer and the price that have a direct impact on the quality of construction, and its durability. It is not recommended to water the booth water or to break the rules of operation, otherwise the sauna will quickly become useless.

How to choose and buy infrared sauna for optimal performance

To install the infrared sauna in the house will need space for at least 1,2×1,2 m Is the size of standard cabins, which are designed for one person. A single design can be installed in a city apartment, for example, on the balcony or in the bathroom. If you have extra space, you can install the Cabinet with the dimensions 1,5×1,5 m, for 2-3 people.

The interesting performance of infrared cabins suitable for home gym

Triple or quadruple saunas are usually installed in private and country houses. Sales are booths, which are able to ensure the simultaneous presence of 5 or more people. Such structures are designed for gyms and spas.

The shape and design of cubicles is selected based on the design of the room where it will be installed. Structures are rectangular, corner, hexagonal.

Tip! To sauna optimally fit into the style of the room, you can order a Cabinet with a suitable design of the outer panels, which may be made of glass (mirror, matte, transparent) or MDF. To diversify the look of the booth will help handle, trim, and other accessories. All these little things will allow you to achieve unity in design.

Dimensions single cabins infrared saunas

To manufacture booths are used most often such breeds of wood:

  • Siberian cedar;
  • obessilennaya pine;
  • aspen;
  • canadian cedar;
  • alder;
  • linden.

Average prices of infrared saunas at the example of the manufacturer KOY:

Modelability, mana, RUB H01-K61,1х1х285900КОУ H01-ЈК711х1х287000КОУ R05-К11х0,96х2111000ЈК-R81011х0,9kh1,95112800JK-R21021,1×1,05х1,95112800H03-K611,3×1,3х2114200

Many buyers have already appreciated benefits of infrared sauna, consumer feedback forums to confirm this.

“Go to the sauna after a workout in the gym. I like that the temperature in the booth is small, but sweat more intense than in the bath. After 10 treatments I have noticeable improvement in the skin condition, it was clean, the pores decreased. And the lack of muscle pain after exercise – the extra plus.”

Marina Fomicheva, Moscow

“Last year, my husband gave a small infrared cabin for a birthday. Feeling great. After a few sessions, I lost a little weight. Excellent thing. Suggest to try”.

Ekaterina Scheglova, Ekaterinburg

Mounting dimensions for the installation of the corner booths infrared saunas

Manufacturer of infrared sauna with your own hands

The infrared sauna can be made with your own hands. This will require a set of necessary knowledge and appropriate tools.

The stages of building an infrared sauna:

  • The choice of project and drawing with the placement.
  • Selection of construction materials.
  • Manufacture of parts in accordance with drawings.
  • The Assembly of the structure.
  • The installation of seats.
  • Electricity and installation of radiators.
  • Installation of internal cladding.

Before you begin, selected the project to be agreed in the relevant departments. This is especially true in cases when the sauna is installed in the apartment. Will have to get permission in housing inspection, architectural supervision, fire service, sanitary epidemiological service and other organizations.

Three-dimensional design of the sauna combined type

If this process is too complicated, you can always buy a compact design ready and take care of your health throughout the year. The care booth is very simple. It is enough to ventilate a structure after using for 20 min.

You can even get more that 16 000 similar project with details instruction on Wood Working Plans.

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