How to replace the gas stove electric: 6 expert tips

Many electric stove seems more convenient and safer than gas because it requires work with an open fire. In addition, only a kitchen with electric cooker can be combined with the living room. But the process of replacing the appliance will require compliance with the technical features and difficult approval procedures. All the nuances will tell expert on redevelopment Maxim Juraev.

1. When to change the plate

To replace the gas stove electric a must if you plan to combine kitchen with living room. In addition, modern electric stoves have a much higher functionality than conventional gas. Therefore, experienced cooks choose them. But the observance of all technical rules will require extensive repair. So don’t count on easy replacement of the gas stove to electric to ready the kitchen with completed repair.

Expert advice: to combine the kitchen with a living room, a gas pipe in the apartment should not be, it must be completely removed from the apartment. It is not always possible, as most of the flats are vertical gas risers. In this case, you will have to abandon the idea to combine the kitchen with living room.

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2. Find out the capacity of the grid

Usually to work the electric stove, it takes 8-10 kW, and the power of the network in apartments with gas appliances in older homes does not exceed 5 kW. Therefore, to install a particularly powerful equipment you should know from the management company, is it possible to increase the load of the network. If it is, you will need to prepare a new draft of the installation and documents management and electric grid companies.

Expert advice: if you increase the load the network can not, you may need to lay a new power cable. The wiring will have to change at their own expense.

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3. Agree on the dismantling of gas stove

While preparing the project of the new installations, you can do a redevelopment plan of the apartment. It is made in any organization with an SRO license for design and agree on OJSC “MOSGAZ”. Then there will be harmonization in the Moscow state residential inspection and a permit to redevelop.

Expert advice: in practice, if the stove is the only gas appliance, it may be necessary to dismantle all gas appliances in the apartment, including a transit tube. So to change gas stove to electric, you may have all the owners of apartments in the riser, and that not everyone is ready to go.

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4. Prepare documents for new electrical installation

If you had to lay a new mains cable and electrical wiring, it is necessary to issue the act of differentiation of balance accessory and operational responsibility. It needs to be done in the management company and the grid company.

Expert advice: don’t forget to get in the territorial body of Rostechnadzor the act of admission to operation new electrical installations.

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5. Remove the old and install the new plate

To dismantle the hob and disable the apartment from the gas supply is only entitled OJSC “MOSGAZ”. Then place leaves the Commission from the Moscow state residential inspection and only after that gives the act of complete reconstruction.

Expert advice: if you want to pay less for electricity, you have to issue the relevant documents in the “Mosenergosbyt”. Rates for apartments with electric stove is typically 70% lower than for those who have a gas stove.

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6. What happens if you don’t agree on a replacement plate

Theoretically you can just shut off the gas valve and connect the cooker without any coordination. But it is at least dangerous, because the wiring could not withstand the increased load, and the gate – to podtrunivali gas. In addition, you will have to pay for gas and electricity at normal rates, and it is not economical. But the law provides responsibility for unauthorized connection of the equipment in the apartments.

Expert advice: the penalty for unauthorized alterations is from 2 to 2,5 thousand rubles. And if the house is your fault there is a fire or explosion of household gas, there may be criminal liability. In addition, to sell an apartment with inconsistent redevelopment is extremely difficult.

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