How to Refinish Wood Windows

If you have wood window frames, you know that it needs to be treated properly to prevent the wood from rot, moisture and other possible issues. Carefully refinishing wood window frames are imperative to preventing further problems with them in the future.

Ensure that the window frames are undamaged and that the glazing does not need replacing. Below are a few basic steps to adhere to, when deciding to give your wood window frames a new finish.

Step-by-step Instructions for Refinishing Windows

Step 1

Decide if refinishing is necessary – A refinish is required when parts of the paint or stain on the wood is already peeling off. A new finish will stop water from coming into the wood and thus prevent rotting. A refinish is also necessary if your house is being repainted with a different colour. This must be done to make the window frames match the colours of the house.

Step 2

Eliminate the old finish – In order to remove the old finish, you must scrape off all the paint that is peeling, using a putty knife. Once you are satisfied that the putty knife has removed all the paint, you should apply a coat of paint stripper. After a few minutes you may scrape off the remaining paint, then allow the paint stripper to evaporate before using sandpaper to remove the remaining finish.

Step 3

Clean and prepare the wooden window frames – You can now dampen a clean cloth and use it to wipe off the remaining particles and dust from the wooden frame. Allow the frame to dry. In the mean time you can begin preparing the paint or refinishing material you wish to use.

Step 4

Paint the window frame – You are now ready to apply paint primer onto the surface of the frames. Allow the primer to dry and sand down the frames with a grit sandpaper. Apply multiple coats of paint on the window frames and allow each coat to dry before applying a new coat.

Maintenance – How to take care of wooden window frames

Wooden window frames are usually low maintenance and can take care of themselves however there are a few things you can do to ensure it is well taken care off. You should inspect them regularly so that you can identify early on when there is a problem. This way, you can attend to issues in the early stages and save time and money. You must clean the window frame regularly and check for signs of damage.

Although it is low maintenance, it is vital that your wooden frames be cleaned and checked for damage. At the earliest sign of a problem, try and attend to it so that it does not need replacing at a later stage. Wood must be taken care off, to prevent rot through water damage. Wood window frames don’t go out of style, so many people prefer it. Another benefit is that when wooden window frames need attention, it can be done by you, without enlisting the help of a professional.

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