How to make original flower bed: handmade at their summer cottage

16 Jun 2017

It is no secret that the happy owners of suburban areas love to decorate the area all sorts of flowering plants. Alpine slides, flower beds and flower beds can bring bright colors to the landscape, add zest and comfort. Many owners of country houses want house territory look stylish and original. Decorating often use various garden sculptures, fountains, lanterns and benches. However, the bed can become an independent art object, and worthy ornament of the infield. In this article we consider what are the custom options for the design of flower beds and flower beds.

Let’s start not only beautiful but functional design. Gabion is a structure of stone, fenced with galvanized mesh. To fill this “cage” is perfect slate, Sandstone, gravel, pebbles, granite and quartzite. Similar designs can be of any shape: there are rectangular, round and even curved system. Thanks to the original configuration of the gabion, they are framed by a flower will become a stylish decorative element suburban area. Also with the help of the gabion often strengthen the soil on slopes. All of these properties contribute to the popularization of mesh structures when creating a landscape design.

You arrange a flower bed you can use cinder blocks, remaining after completion of construction. Holes placed in the ground for plants, and the blocks are stacked along the tracks or fences, giving the flower garden. A similar construction is possible to do multi-level, original form. Thus, they will not take much space on the site and become distinctive decorative items.

A leading position among scrap materials to design flower beds is an old tire. Of tires make excellent barriers for colors that do not require special skills to create them, as well as a lot of time. By the way, Shin also possible to build vertical structures, installing them one to another, the type of the pyramid. Decor such flower gardens range from coloring in various colors, up a winding hemp or twine.

Another material for decoration of flower beds there are, without a doubt, everyone, because we are talking about plastic or glass bottles. Such a fence can be done in any shape: flower, butterfly, heart, etc., all depends on the imagination of the performer.

To create a non-trivial flowerbed in the suburban area is also using all sorts of things, long disused: the old tub, leaky watering can, wicker basket… Options there is a great variety – from unnecessary shoes to kitchen utensils. In the work can go even automotive skeleton! More colors will perfectly decorate the garden junk car, truck or bike that is useless gathering dust in the shed. Strengthening on these items hanging planters, you will receive a mobile floral design, which will be able to decorate a particular area of the site, giving piquancy to the gardening area.

If you want to bring the rustic romance plot, use for fencing flower beds fence. To create a suitable cropped from trees and shrubs branches. Woven fence perfectly complement the flowering plants and will help to create a lovely rural ambience. By the way, to emphasize a rustic style you can use old wooden wheels or rims of the carts, rockers or wooden barrels. Such elements will also be a great decor for flower beds.

Natural wood looks great not only in the interior of a country house, but in the landscape decor. To isolate the flower by using various wood scraps, firewood, logs and urbanicom. For wooden design flower beds will suit and old pallets. And if the site is present the stump, it can easily be turned into an original art object. Instead of going through the time consuming work of his uprooting, pour inside the ground and create an original flower garden. Around the stump, too, can plant flowers, creating a “living” fence. Such wonderful flower arrangement will decorate your garden plot.

Fashion trend in landscape design is vertical gardening. In addition to the above structures made of cinder blocks and tires, for floral decoration, you can use garden lattice, walls of buildings and the fence. Placing them various pots, containers, homemade flower pots from plastic bottles or small buckets, you can create an original floral arrangement that will not take up valuable square footage. Pendant designs with flowers can decorate even the most simple fence.

Flowers can serve as an excellent framing of the lawn or lawn themselves acting as barriers. Planted around the perimeter of the flowering plants would be excellent for the zoning of the site. Very stylish on the manicured lawn look arrangement of flowers and various objects. Inverted earthenware jar, from which the grass instead of milk follows a scattering of daisies, if accidentally overturned pots with colorful begonias at the foot of the tree and other “sloppy” floral accents will add uniqueness to your gardening area.

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