How to give the interior freshness and originality without much effort and cost

15 Nov 2017

“The sad time! Eyes charm!” – wrote Pushkin in the distant 1833. And since then, little has changed. In autumn, when leafs falling down, but the snow is still lies on the ground, many people have a heartbreaking sense of longing, and a desire to decorate your life with bright colors. Of course, you can decide on drastic measures and make repairs, changing completely the situation in the apartment, but agree that there is hardly energy, time, desire and financial means to do so every year. Fortunately, there are alternative ways to give the interior freshness and originality. About them we will talk in our today’s article.

To “refresh” the interior, you should first decide what it is that makes you feeling restless and the desire for change. Often the discomfort in the room feel because of the banal lack of light. This problem can be easily solved – by replacing the lights in the room brighter, or extra lighting. If you want to act in accordance with the second option, then get fixtures that will successfully fit into the existing design of the apartment. You can also replace an old chandelier hanging in the center of the room, by placing in its place a more modern and simple model. To decorate the Windows best special light garland, hiding her light, weightless curtain. A conventional led garland to hang above the bed and use as a night light. Very creative and original will look glowing design, made in the shape of a heart, star or tree.

If you understand that the problem is not a lack of light, it is likely that you have more of a global transformation. However, before to start something to change in the external appearance of the home, get rid of unnecessary parts, or those things that has ceased to like you. Room too cluttered with household items, had a negative impact on the mood of the inhabitants. When you get free space, there is a high probability that you do not need anything more to do. If that doesn’t work, then it should not resist the impulse to try to implement all the design ideas you’ve seen in fashion magazines or TV shows: as you know, one and the same object or accessory in every interior will look different. It is important to consider every detail, from the colors and shapes and ending with the texture of the material. So try to use another proven method to add variety to the interior to make the rearrangement of furniture. In order to make your room sparkle with new colors, sometimes it is enough just to change the furniture places. A great way will be the alignment of the shelves in the bookcases according to the principle of asymmetry; the layout of the books in this case can be realized by color.

To change the design of the apartment is possible by means of decorating it with various accessories. The spark for this approach can be very useful. Trivial will look candle holders made from wine bottles (or bottles of unusual shape), if their edges pour the wax. Put them in the center of the dining table, and you will create a room atmosphere of mystery of bygone centuries.

Walls can be decorated with a special interior labels (stickers) that are able to bring to the interior a special flair, or hang on to them interesting posters or pictures. On plain Wallpaper will look great in the pictures printed through a stencil. An unusual way of decorating the walls become mirrors of various shapes and sizes hanging on one side. They not only give originality to the interior, but also visually increase the room.

To add variety to the design of the apartment, and using the textile: new curtains are quite capable to change the perception of the entire room. And cushions, correlate with them in color, the interior will add spice and style.

The freshness, individuality, and comfort to any apartment will add flowers and plants that will be placed in interesting pots. Imagine how nice it will look stylish gerbera standing on the floor in a vase in the shape of the bulb!

Traditional flooring (parquet, laminate) it is best to decorate small rugs. In the living room you can put a few wicker mats at every seat, and in the bedroom perfectly “fit” the neat fur rug that would be so nice to come in the morning, feeling under the feet is not cool sex, and the softness and warmth of the pile.

If you want to freshen up the interior of the bathroom, it is sufficient to change the curtain; the toilet you can hang bright posters in a nice frame. To transform the kitchen you will help the cushions on the chairs and new textiles (curtains, tablecloths, towels). Options in order to change the design of the apartment without making substantive adjustments, there are many, and they all depend on power of your imagination and ideas about personal comfort.

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