How to decorate a living room tips Pro

For new customers designer Yuliya Chernova created a bright and functional living room with a sofa, a dining area and a just for show. What generic techniques should take note, we learned first hand.

Julia Chernovtsypochta Smolensk Institute of arts majoring in design. Organized a creative Union of 3DGroup.


1. Zoned space with trim

When the room several zones, and unnecessary barriers to anything, use finish. Don’t be afraid of bright solutions, for example, on the wall behind the sofa for accent pokleit Wallpapers picture “banana leaves” — they are now in the trend.


2. Discard the doors of the deaf

Door with transparent glass will not only expand the space but also make room svetlee – for example, dark corridor. Another way to increase usable area – replace sliding doors on the walls.


3. Do not complicate the shape of the ceiling

The room a complex configuration (here is the l shaped living room) the ceiling should be simple – without multilevel structures. To make the surface more interesting, you can use a flat plaster cornice he delicately accentuate the transition from wall to ceiling.


4. Trim bright colors

To “soften” the color palette of the interior, use natural materials in the decoration. To fit the floor parquet, laid in a pattern “French tree”. For walls is a great option – wall panels made of natural veneer.


5. Think about the symmetry

When making the fireplace area bet on symmetry. Design the design of plasterboard: a niche for the fireplace stone graphite mirror that will reflect the flames from the candles. With two sides from the hearth, set the storage system – built-in or free-standing shelves in the niches.


6. Create multiple lighting scenarios

The light is a great help in zoning. In the TV area are just a few of the lamps on ropes: their height can be changed according to your mood. Next to the reading chair, fasten the bra and the dining area accentuate the massive lamp: if you choose two, take the one that more.


7. Put a “weightless” furniture

Living room should not look like the showroom of a furniture store. Where possible, use transparent furniture: for example, dining table with glass tabletop or coffee table with slatted base. At first glance it seems that they all weigh nothing.

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