How to create a beautiful winter landscape in the garden

17 Nov 2017

Autumn and winter, most outdoor enthusiasts associate with peace and quiet. Traditionally, towards the end of October until around mid-April life in the area dies, and the riot of colours is replaced by a power landscape that is one big white pile of snow. But why deny yourself the aesthetic pleasure? There are many ways to decorate the suburban area, and it can be done so gracefully, that every time you with great joy you will get out of the house to the street and enjoy a winter garden.

To create a beautiful winter garden, you need to conduct a serious preparatory work: before the winter need to collect all the dry grass and withered flowers, to insulate ornamental plants, to remove from the site debris that tends to accumulate over the summer period.

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After you clear the area, you should think about creating quality lighting on the site. Winter daylight hours are very short, and all your efforts may be in vain if most of the time the decor will be in the dark, and to appreciate its beauty is not possible. Besides using the original backlight you will be able to create a real fairy-tale atmosphere. Along the tracks it is best to install high lights, and the trees and the facade of the house to decorate lovely lanterns or colored lights.

If you love birds, you probably know that during the frost they have great difficulty obtaining food, is therefore a great idea to decorate a garden and stylish feeders. If desired, these houses can be installed on high poles, painted with bright colors. Thus, you not only “liven up” their territory, but will also help birds to survive the winter.

In the cold season in the country usually are almost everywhere the snow – they can also be used to give the area an original look. Especially good this way of decorating will be the case if you have children. Together with them you can make not only trivial snowman, but also various fairy-tale characters or animals. So the process was more fun, paint the figures with food coloring or ordinary gouache and then augment them with an old scarf and hat.

There is another interesting way to decorate a winter garden – colored ice spheres. To make them very simple: take regular balloons, fill them water mixed with food coloring, and out into the street. During the night the liquid will turn into ice. Gently removing the shell, you will receive extraordinary colored crystals that can be laid out along the track. And they glowed in the dark, set behind small flashlight. By the way, the spheres can be given not only round but also any other form, resorting to the help of various scrap materials, such as plastic bottles or old children’s toys.

It’s also possible to make interesting pendants in the trees. For this you can use any flat items (baby molds, silicone molds for baking), in which fill and freeze water. And that suspension was more interesting inside to add leaves, berries, flowers, twigs or pieces of fruit. And don’t forget to put in a bowl of water with a string that can then be easily hang the original figures on the trees. However, sometimes it happens that the winter is snowless. Do not worry about this: look for stones are interesting shapes, paint in various colors or draw on them an unusual ornament. Large boulders can be decorated with plants: gently glue them to the surface, and then cover with a special varnish.

Paradoxically, but the most extensive work on preparing the garden for winter, carry out early in the spring, when there is no snow, and leaves and grass have not yet appeared. During this period a great view of the entire area; so, armed with paper and pencil, sketch out a plan for the restructuring of the site. Mark it as empty space, and those in which the shrubs grow too dense. Schedule the planting of coniferous trees which will delight you all year round with the brightness and freshness of its verdure, or purchase seedlings from cones or beautiful juicy berries. For example, very beautiful on the white background will look Rowan (and it is not only red, but also yellow). But that’s not all: the garden it is possible to decorate trees with colorful bark. Some varieties of willow are red in color, and shrubs of the dogwood family is able to destroy its maroon-purple coloring.

If you want to make your garden amazing, unusual, try to give the branches and treetops of the original form. Clear dark lines on a background of endless white snow create a feeling of interesting geometric patterns. A perfect addition to them will serve a variety of herbs and ornamental Kale: covered with frost, they turn into real works of art.

As you can see, even in the winter garden to create a unique landscape. Most importantly, remember that the decoration should not be too much, as overwrought space often looks ugly and tasteless. If you follow all recommendations then you will get stylish landscape that will delight you throughout the long cold months.

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