How to choose the dishes in the house

30 Oct 2017

Stylish and beautiful interior is made up of many factors. It is important not only its main components like the right space division, individual selection of color, the right style of design and create designs which the house will be enough natural light. Not less important are the accessories that complement the decor, giving it a piquancy that emphasizes all her dignity. One of such important accessories is perfectly fit into the interior of the cookware, the corresponding General style of the apartment.

It would seem that complicated to purchase cookware? There are many shops specializing in the sale of sets and other items suitable for the table, and the cooked food looks a real work of art. However, all is not so simple as it seems at first glance. It dishes becomes a crucial element of decor, which finally defines the kitchen design, giving it elegance, refinement and comfort.

Of course, the first thing we always focus the customers and your own tastes, preferences and Hobbies. Should not be in conflict with himself, following only the instructions of specialists, and to purchase items that you really don’t like; but to ignore their advice too. As you know, there are various styles of design, and according to some sources, only about fifty. The most frequently used, popular, are considered to be only fifteen. In order to choose the right dishes that will complement the interior of your kitchen, it is good to understand how is decorated the room, and what are the main features inherent in it.

In the past few years, fashion has become firmly established ekostil, and every year it becomes more and more popular. Its main characteristics are natural materials, cloth, regular shape, natural colors and shades, rigor in the choice of decor. Homes and offices are decorated in a similar way, have a calming effect on people, calm him down, bring into harmony with itself. Accordingly, the dishes from which you will take every day the food must also be appropriate: clay, ceramic, glass or wood, earthy shades. Allowed modest ethnic ornament.

Somewhat similar to the ekostil style country. Sometimes it is also called rustic style. For dishes it uses the same materials – ceramics, wood, glass, – here the colors should be more saturated, filled with lively colors. The basic tone – dark brown, terracotta and light cream. As for prints and patterns, you can let your imagination roam with all sorts of carving, the abundance of various decorative elements, beautiful still lifes, and even images of landscapes – all welcome when making the apartments in country style.

Scandinavian style, along with the eco-style, is considered one of the most popular design techniques used for the design of apartments and houses. The rigour, restraint and maximum functionality attracts people of different income levels, so it is found in a luxury apartment in a Khrushchev and brezhnevkah. Main color of Scandinavian style is neutral white, and many shades. As bright accents and colorful additions can be objects and parts of the interior of any other colors. So when buying cookware in apartment, decorated in Scandinavian design, you must select two options: either purchase items for a meal moderate, neutral, light tones, or, on the contrary, bright and contrast so that they attracted attention and became the center of the kitchen composition. Form of dishes should be simple, preferably round or square. If you want to see any pattern on the plates, then give their preference discreet, plain and simple pattern.

If you are a supporter of style loft in the interior, with a choice of dishes you’ll have a bit more complicated: the dynamics of loft involves brutality, and sometimes even outright rude. Here there is a combination of industrialization and modernity: masonry, pipes, hidden in boxes, the floor covering simple textures. Accordingly, the dishes should blend in and complement this rather complicated design. Try to challenge the conventional standards and purchase stainless steel products. If such a radical step you would not like for aesthetic reasons, it is appropriate to become items of glass or ceramics black, brown and gray. As for the choice of the form, there you can not limit yourself: is appreciated the simplicity and the complexity of the lines. Not allowed just a sweet flower painted in pastel colors. Romance and loft – are incompatible.

Italian style in the interior is characterized by harmony and warmth of the Mediterranean. There is a luxury and adherence to ancient traditions. In the premises of the large Windows that they had maximum light on the ceiling observed the rough beams, allowed exposed brick walls and is complemented by the magnificence of wrought iron elements, fancy wooden furniture and homespun tablecloths made of linen. Accordingly, tableware, and decorative accessories should be made of ceramics, simple forms, bold, rough, with colorful patterns and repeating strict ornaments. The optimal color will become frenzied yellow, copper, olive, terracotta, chocolate-brick.

So, summing up, it should be noted that the purchase of ware house should consider not only personal preferences and tastes, but the style of the interior. If you do not want to waste your time learning the various nuances, it is possible to follow one rule: in almost any design will look good objects of simple shapes and neutral colors.

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