How to choose equipment for a small kitchen

Many foreign designers claim that they like small kitchen – it is much more comfortable. And the belief that it is impossible to place modern appliances, a mistake. Manufacturers do not forget about those who long for the coziness of small spaces. What is suitable for kitchen modest size?

1. Hood, over which has space for storage

A full hood is a good thing, but in the kitchen area of 6-7 meters, it will look ridiculous. Choose a more compact model: why waste a useful place?

2. Narrow dishwasher

The only thing that cannot be derogated from in any circumstances, from the usual level of comfort. Even the smallest kitchen can accommodate narrow dishwasher – it needs only 45 inches.

3. Cooktop two burners

Think about how much you value the ability to cook three or four dishes at a time. If not – choose a small cooking surface, it will save you space on the countertop.

4. Fridge and freezer under worktop

It is very convenient: you can put them side by side, and can be diluted for different walls. Have a small fridge of its advantages, always eat freshly prepared food, it is much more useful.

5. The refrigerator in the style of the 60’s

Oddly enough, but it will look great even on seven squares, if you pick it the appropriate environment. Remember the kitchen of our grandmothers – they were almost the same model. And how many guests fit in this kitchen!

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