How to build your own house with your own hands and how to do it cheaper

From this article you can learn how to build your own house with your own hands with minimal cost and choose the optimum for this material. The text describes the possible ways of saving and tips on how to avoid mistakes while working. The article considers the specifics of the projects on the basis of frame technology, bricks, timber, aerated blocks and other materials, and efficiency of each of them.

In order to understand what kind of house cheaper to build, it is necessary to explore the different options

The contents

1 How to build your own house with your own hands: the early years
2 What kind of house to build cheaper: the choice of an efficient project
3 How to build a house with his own hands: photo project of different materials
  3.1 Frame technology: what is inexpensive and high quality to build a house, pros and cons
  3.2 Features of building a house of bricks with his hands
  3.3 features of the construction of affordable houses of aerocrete
  3.4 How to quickly and affordably build a house of timber with his own hands
4 what is cheaper to build a house: a quick overview of prices
5 How to build a house with his own hands: the description of technology
  5.1 How to build a home of their own: creating the box
  5.2 How to build a house with his own hands: the use of insulation
  5.3 As with their hands to build a house: organization for heating, water and sewage
  5.4 How to build a fast home: work on the organization of flooring and roofing
  5.5 How to build a house: manufacturing of flooring
  5.6 How to cheaply build a house: interior decoration
6 How to build your own house with your own hands: a video overview

How to build your own house with your own hands: the early years

Building a house from scratch is always accompanied by high costs. Not every owner of a suburban area can afford to implement such a project, not paying attention to the numbers in the estimate. In most cases, you have to start building a cheap house with his own hands, to squeeze into the budget. However, resorting to savings, you need to clearly understand in what cases it will be reasonable, because later in the building have to live for the owner and his family.

The cost structure depends on the selected material

How to build a house cheaper: the choice of an efficient project

Saving starts with the rational allocation of funds and proper project selection. The more complex the form and the architecture of the building, the greater will be the cost of its construction.

After selecting the desired project, to build a house cheaply and quickly, but it is necessary to consider the following nuances:

  • The simple layout and scheme of the building.
  • The minimum amount of space.
  • Optimum materials.
  • The use of formwork substandard.
  • The right approach to land works.

Important! Do not skimp on quality materials or technical supervision, building an expensive project. It is better to limit your selection of building small in size with a normal roof and without complex architectural elements, then you wouldn’t have to resort to cut costs.

The layout should be modern and comfortable to stay

Choosing a project with a minimum number of architectural forms, you can increase the chance to fit in the limited by means of the estimate. To develop an optimal scheme, it is necessary to make reasonable use of space. One person is enough for 11 m2 of space. Multiplying this figure by the number of family members, and adding to the result room utility and sanitary facilities, it is possible to optimise all the parameters of the house.

No matter how complex on a plot of ground to build a house you need to buy the appropriate materials. Selecting from which to build a house, you should not strive for maximum economy at the expense of quality. The same applies to services of employees hired to perform work that you cannot perform with their hands, or documentation with the appropriate permissions. If you take lightweight materials, it is possible to reduce the load on part of the Foundation and to manage the construction of the simplified Foundation.

The simplicity of the architectural forms of the house will further reduce construction costs

Significant savings can be achieved using substandard for the construction of formwork. It is extremely desirable to reduce the cost of cement. Grade material should be of high quality, otherwise premature failure of the structure.

Calculating the mass of the building the right level of embedding, it is possible to prevent a strong shrinkage of the house. This will decrease the risk of appearance of cracks and other defects which in the future may require serious repair costs.

How to build a house with his own hands: photo project of different materials

If the construction will be performed with his own hands, compulsory calculation of cost — preliminary cost estimates. The most economical and fastest method of construction is frame technology. Such buildings are sustainable, practical and not prone to deformation changes. The lifetime of the houses built on frame technology, is about 75 years. However, there are no restrictions on the use of veneer.

The duration of the construction cycle frame method is one of the lowest

Construction time at home with your hands on frame technology usually takes a few months. In some cases you can do a few weeks.

There are two types of frame technology:

  • Panel.
  • Billboards.

Please note! To build a cheap house on frame technology, you can, if the length of the building does not exceed 20 m, and floors not more than 3. In other cases, such a project would be costly.

Frame technology has no limits “building season”

Frame-panel technology allows for the construction with his own hands. This process consists of the following steps:

  • making the frame out of wood;
  • laying of waterproofing and insulation;
  • the installation of the panels as trim.

In this case, significantly reduced the rate of construction of constructions, since each element is mounted separately.

As the insulation best suited materials that are resistant to moisture

Frame-panel technology does not require much effort, it is reliable, but is accompanied by high costs, than the previous version. This method involves the construction of houses based on prefabricated panels, panels factory production. The owner of a suburban area will be only to correctly assemble all of the elements of design

When the question of what to build affordable and quality house, in most cases, developers prefer the following materials:

  • brick;
  • a wooden beam;
  • aerocrete.

Timber houses are considered to be one of the most popular: quickly, varied in style, comfortable and durable

Based on these materials, you can create a beautiful and comfortable home with your own hands. In each case, the construction will have certain advantages and disadvantages.

Frame technology: what is inexpensive and high quality to build a house, pros and cons

Using frame technology, the owner of a suburban area dealing with both the advantages and the disadvantages of this method.

The positive side of this method is as follows:

  • Efficiency – technology allows you to personally create cheap housing.
  • Lightweight structure – due to this, you can simplify part of the Foundation of the building.
  • High speed of construction.
  • No shrinkage – walls are not subject to deformation changes.
  • Walls are great at keeping you warm, so it is possible to reduce heating costs.

Wooden walls perfectly keep warm in the house

Warming up frame houses. Since the walls are made of materials with low thermal conductivity, the heat loss is minimal.

The disadvantages of frame technology not so much. This method requires at least minimal experience in construction, so before you begin, it is advisable to get advice from the experts, read technical information and to view a vivid video reviews. Only in this case, the use of frame technology would be economically justified.

In addition, wood needs to be impregnated, so you’ll have to buy additional special means that provide protection from influence of negative factors:

  • fire;

The ventilation channels can be routed inside walls or partitions of the frame structure

  • insects;
  • water, etc.

Please note! It is desirable to provide the presence in the house good ventilation system. This is especially true of buildings with several floors.

Cheap to build house on frame technology can be of wood or metal. In the first case the material does not weigh down the building, the walls of the house breathe and maintain optimal climatic conditions. If you use metal, for the construction of the ideal lightweight thermal profile.

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Classification, components, materials, technological parameters and dimensions. Features ratio price-quality.

The advantages of thermoprofile:

  • full fire safety;

The frame does not have such defects as shrinkage and shrinkage

  • there is no need to use biological protection;
  • light weight.

Largely metal much better than wood however it is very important to monitor its condition and to protect from the effects of corrosion. What is cheaper to build a house every site owner to decide, although it should be noted that the service life of the metal profile a lot more than wood. As a basis you can use tape low-depth, pile or Foundation slab.

Features built the house of bricks with his hands

Brick is one of the most popular materials used for the construction of private and country houses. However, it is not ideal for those who seek to reduce construction time and to limit the minimum cost.

Bricklaying is performed only in dry, warm seasons

The disadvantages of building buildings made of brick:

  • the need to manufacture very thick walls panels;
  • formation of masonry takes a lot of time;
  • the building is subjected to shrinkage;
  • you want the mixture to fix the bricks;
  • a lot of weight structures requiring a strong and reliable Foundation.

In this case, the savings are impossible, because to bury the base will have up to the freezing point of soil, to hire experts or to rent equipment. Therefore, choosing what is cheap to build a house, you should not use a brick that will suit to a greater extent for the creation of a sturdy and durable buildings.

A long and labor-intensive work on the walls is an important drawback in the construction of houses of brick

The advantages of brick construction appear in the following cases:

  • the construction of the house is “forever”;
  • the site has the appropriate soil parameters and the required level of aquifer cores;
  • the owner is skilled enough to carry out all works independently;
  • the developer has enough time.

If all the above conditions the cost of construction of the house will be justified.

Features of the construction of affordable houses of aerocrete

For the construction of energy-efficient homes will be perfect aerocrete. These elements are presented in many sizes and shapes. Working with them is very simple, so you can easily carry out building houses with his own hands.

Aerated concrete building does not require insulation

The benefits of using aerated concrete block:

  • a possibility to reduce the thickness of the walls without compromising energy saving;
  • lightweight the weight of the building and the possibility of saving on the base part;
  • durability;
  • practicality;
  • high level of sound isolation.

Please note! House made of aerated blocks, has its own characteristics, so you will need to carefully select the finish and quality to perform waterproofing work.

Aerocrete have minimal background radiation due to natural components

To build a house for himself on the basis of the aerated concrete is also advantageous for many reasons. Such premises are not subject to shrinkage. To work you will need to purchase a special adhesive, but the construction time is kept to a minimum, and also three times lower consumption of fixative.

How to quickly and affordably build a house of timber with his own hands

To build a wooden house is much more profitable than to erect a building on the basis of aerated concrete or brick. This technology is more simple and affordable. Housing made of timber, very warm. If you comply with all the requirements, such a construction is sufficiently durable and will last long.

For the construction of better take rail with section size of 200 mm. will Also need a layer of insulation of thickness not less than 100 mm. Walls covered with 2-3 cm layer of plaster. The result is a cost-effective, attractive house, the durability of which amount to a few tens of years.

Before starting the construction work, it is important to choose the right material

What are the benefits of is accompanied by the construction of a house with his own hands out of wood:

  • All work can be done yourself.
  • Low cost material.
  • A high level of thermal insulation.
  • Small construction time.
  • The low weight of the building.

Timber is perfect for building cheap houses as an alternative to blocks and bricks. However, you will need to carefully study the characteristics of this process.

An important advantage of the construction of houses of timber — its low price

What is cheaper to build a house: a quick overview of prices

Selecting materials for cheap and quick construction, you must consider some factors:

  • the characteristics of the soil;
  • the specificity of the project;
  • the conditions at the disposal site under construction.

It should also be noted that the most expensive part is paying for the services of the workers, so many owners are interested in how to build a home of their own.

Average prices for construction of houses:

Type sanyazina, RUB/м2Каркасное890Из бруса1950Из газобетона2000Кирпичное2350

If you do not take into account the features of the site, the table shows that the most economical building is a house, built using frame technology.

Having the right skills, the developer almost all the work will be able to carry himself while saving the crew of workers

Please note! Prices in the table are based on averages: the level of freezing of the soil is 1.5 m, the water table at depths of 2, 5 m.

How to build a house with his own hands: the description of technology

Before you start working on home improvement on their own site, define the order of execution.

The main stages of construction:

  • Construction of Foundation.
  • The creation of the box.
  • Laying of communication systems (electricity, Sewerage and water supply).
  • The installation of overlappings.
  • Construction of the roof.
  • The finishing work.

3D schematic arrangement of the Foundation for a private home

The relief Foundation – the most effective way to reduce costs. It works, provided for the construction of walls selected lightweight material. If you are using a pile, slab, or low-depth foundations, the arrangement of the grounds is performed at 0.5 M. After this waterproofing works are performed.

How to build a house on their own: the creation of the box

To find out how much you will need material for the construction of the box, you must use a special formula. This requires the total building area, measured in m3, divided by the number of the piece of material in 1 m3.

The project of a private house

If you want to make the most economical construction, it is not necessary to use bricks for this purpose, suitable other materials:

  • Adobe;
  • foam;
  • concrete;
  • beam;
  • coquina.

Of all these materials coquina able to offer the highest steam permeability. This makes it possible to reduce expenses on the organization of the insulation, but in this case you will need good waterproofing. In the house of rakushnyaka necessarily tedious to reinforce door and window openings. For this you can use metal corners.

Coquina is a natural material with excellent structural and environmental characteristics

How to build a house with his own hands: the use of insulation

When the box of the building is ready, the work is done by its insulation. The most reliable and trusted materials are glass wool and mineral wool. Do not skimp on the quantity and quality of coils, because the more work will be done to the insulation, the less in future will be the cost of heating the home. There is another positive feature – increase the service life of the building, while the need for restoration and repair of the structure will occur not soon.

For the manufacture of internal partition in the box will fit the drywall. Sheets of this material are available in price and allow you to create light constructs of any shape, while maintaining high strength.

The use of the profile will strengthen the wall. These elements are easily fixed and sheathed with drywall sheets. Such works do not require high costs and are very fast.

Glass wool insulation produces thermal and acoustic insulation of walls

As with their hands to build a house: organization for heating, water and sewage

As the heating equipment for private homes suitable gas boiler. Allowed to use the furnace and water circuit. Of course, the furnace is accompanied by some difficulties, but it allows you to save money in contrast to gas heating.

A useful tip! Solar panels are a great alternative heating. However, it is suitable only for regions with a large number of Sunny days.

At the organization of water supply and Sewerage is better to give preference to Autonomous systems because they are economical. In order to drill a well will need the appropriate conditions, the process is quite simple. The owner of the site receives a constant water supply in the house irrespective of the centralized systems.

Autonomous heating system provides the ability to control the room temperature

For the organization of the Sewerage system can be built on the site of the septic tank. Construction will require proper installation and selection of equipment, but the work will be performed disposable. Quality septic tanks will allow for a long time to forget about this problem like blockages in pipes, etc.

How to quickly build a house: working on the organization of flooring and roofing

The construction of ceiling and roof can also be run independently. The work should use beams of wood. Pre-necessary around the perimeter of the building to consolidate reinforced belt.

To build your home with minimal costs for the organization of roofing is best of the budget segment:

  • slate sheets;

The folded roof does not require special care

  • Ondulin;
  • corrugated sheet;
  • metal.

All of these materials can be found on the shelves in a wide range, so will not be difficult to find coverage required colour or configuration. To increase the strength of fixation of the roof, it is recommended to build the crate. Will not interfere with additional insulation of the whole structure. This will prevent the leakage of heat through the roof. For this approach glass wool. As environmentally friendly material for roofing can be used cane, wood, straw.

How to build a house: manufacturing of flooring

Concrete floors – the simplified version. For this we need to organize a screed and pour cement mortar. Will only have to insulate the Foundation and perform finishing.

The floor insulation expanded clay occurs with special technology

Technology of production of concrete flooring:

  • cleaning grounds of debris and dust;
  • the crust of clay as a waterproofing layer;
  • the formation of sand-gravel cushion;
  • laying of waterproofing;
  • installation of thermal insulation material (polystyrene, basalt wool, foamed polystyrene or expanded clay);
  • reinforcement using metal bars or mesh;
  • the mounting rails;
  • preparation and filling of the solution;
  • alignment.

A useful tip! If the screed is on the upper floors, you need to perform additional reinforcement beams.

The application of a leveling layer on concrete surface

How to cheaply build a house: interior decoration

Interior decoration depends on your imagination and budget of the owner. As a finishing material for the floor will fit:

  • tiles;
  • laminate;
  • linoleum, etc.

Tile is the most practical and mechanically resistant material. It is easy to clean, but at the expense of application of system “Warm floor” finish will not be cold.

Finishing material for the floor depends on the financial capabilities and taste preferences of the customer

With the help of stretch ceilings can visually expand the interior space of a small house. Glossy surface creates a beautiful decorative effect by reflecting light. Fine decoration of interior design will be structural elements such as doorways, niches, arches. For the manufacture of these parts it is better to use metal profiles and plasterboard.

As finishes for wall surfaces, you can use these materials:

  • paintable Wallpaper;
  • decorative plaster;
  • wood.

With regard to technical supervision, to the decision of this question it is better to involve an experienced Builder or engineer, because no article or video can help to fully understand the peculiarities of this process. Also do not skimp on communication systems, comfortable rides in the yard and other points, providing comfort. Trusting the development of the project professionals, it is very important to get the opinion of different experts. The actions of the foreman and the designer should be consistent.

Great version of the design home wall Wallpaper for painting

Based on the information contained in the article, we can conclude that to build a house with his own hands without any construction experience is very real. This requires to calculate in advance the cost and the necessary amount of material to study the technology and draw up a work plan and allocate time in your schedule. The rest depends on the efforts and determination.

How to build your own house with your own hands: video-technology review

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