How to arrange a tiny kitchen in the Khrushchev: 8 examples

A small kitchen is one of the main problems of the model apartments. But it can be solved: follow the examples of professional designers and heroes INMYROOM, ventured to self-repair.

The kitchen is bright and warm colours

The design of the apartment and TV presenter Maxim Kovalevsky has developed himself. The kitchen apron is put multi-coloured tiles, and the countertop made of artificial stone and continued on the window sill.

  • Design: Maxim Kovalevsky
Kitchen-living room with marble

An exquisite accent in this kitchen steel apron and top made of marble with gold veins. Below the window sill on a few bricks, and countertops used travertine – get an extra seat.

  • Design: Olga Kulikovskaya-Ashby

4 squares and a lot of white

The kitchen area is only 4 square meters. Here is everything you need for cooking, even a dishwasher and gas “column”. Since room size is limited, the frames had to be custom-made. White furniture fronts found at IKEA.

  • Design: Maxim Tikhonov
The kitchen in the apartment with transformable furniture

Despite the very modest size (the area is 29 squares, height of ceilings – 2.5 m), Ekaterina Matveeva managed to turn this apartment into a stylish and functional space. The kitchen has placed equipment and storage systems, and a small bar carried outside.

  • Design: Ekaterina Matveeva
Gray walls and bright accents

Small alterations, neutral set and the emphasis is on the apron and the usual kitchen already looks special.

  • Design: Galina Arab
Monochrome interior and a sink at the window

The apartment owners have settled on their own. The kitchen was made as open as possible, with the sink placed at the window. Dining table chose a convertible, assuming several scenarios of meal: Breakfast during the week, guests or New Year. In this regard, above him appeared an unusual Italian Moove lamp shade which can be moved behind the table on a special bracket.

  • Design: the owners of the apartment
Yellow kitchen window sill instead of a table

The redevelopment in this apartment appeared the combined kitchen-living room. Accents steel bright color kitchen set and plastic chairs Eames DSW. The original height of the window sills – 75 inches – made excellent tables overlooking the green courtyard.

  • Design: Maria Solovyov-Sosnovik
Built-in appliances and open shelves

In this project the kitchen placed white furniture with integrated appliances. Part of the cabinets replaced open shelves — I didn’t want to turn it into a standard. For finishing the apron chose traditional white square tile. Over the dining table placed a makeshift chandelier of several individual lamps Edison.

  • Design: Anastasiya Antonyuk

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