House with panoramic Windows: photo examples of beautiful French glass

From the article you can learn what advantages and disadvantages has a house with panoramic Windows: pictures of country cottages and city apartments with the best window design will be presented as an example and inspiration. The text discusses the specificity of window designs, designed for panoramic glazing of buildings: technical parameters, features products, prices, selection rules Windows and their installation.

French glazing has been successfully used in different styles of interior design

The contents

  • 1 House with panoramic Windows: photo examples and specific designs
    • 1.1 the Advantages of apartments and private homes with large Windows
    • 1.2 Disadvantages of installing panoramic Windows in a private house or apartment
  • 2 Features of home designs with panoramic Windows
    • 2.1 the Price of the panoramic Windows glazing a house or apartment
    • 2.2 the cost of construction of a one story house with large Windows: additional costs
    • 2.3 varieties of panoramic Windows: photo and features of products
    • 2.4 material Selection frames for large Windows in a private house
  • 3 Tips for successful implementation of the project of the house with panoramic Windows
    • 3.1 the Choice of glasses for a one story house with large Windows
    • 3.2 Service cottages with panoramic Windows: glass cleaning
    • 3.3 the heating System in the projects of houses with large Windows
  • 4. Development of projects of houses with large Windows: photos and recommendations
    • 4.1 Bedroom with panoramic Windows
    • 4.2 Living room with panoramic Windows
    • 4.3 Kitchen with panoramic Windows
    • 4.4 Unique projects of houses with large Windows: alternative kitchen design
  • 5 Using the panoramic Windows in a private house: photo of interesting projects
    • 5.1 Design large Windows in a private home: pictures of houses with Bay Windows
    • 5.2 Projects single-storey houses with panoramic Windows on the porch
    • 5.3 Interesting projects of houses with large Windows: pictures indoor swimming pools
    • 5.4 Beautiful house designs with large Windows, orangeries and conservatories
  • 6 the Choice of decor and curtains to panoramic Windows: ways to design

House with panoramic Windows: photo examples and specific designs

The owners of suburban housing less restricted in the choice of Windows than owners of standard apartments in urban high-rise buildings. At the design stage homes allow you to choose the unusual design of the openings, choose the size and shape of window designs. Moreover, this choice will affect not only the interior, but the external appearance of the building. Windows control the atmosphere and mood of the room, the lighting level of the rooms, color palette and General design, so it’s important to make a good choice.

Interesting panoramic Windows not only will be the focus of the room, but also make the room lighter

Housing with panoramic Windows, regardless of apartment or private house, looks very impressive, bringing to the interior the surrounding space. If you intend to build using this technology, it is worth remembering that the choice of the panoramic Windows as their installation and subsequent operation, has its own characteristics.

Interesting fact! Projects of houses, with French Windows first appeared in Provence (the French province). Winter temperatures in this area never falls below $ 7ºС. This fact should be taken into account if you intend to use the panoramic Windows in cold regions.

French Windows with spot lights comes the charm of a small private home

Advantages of apartments and private homes with large Windows

System panoramic Windows offer homeowners many benefits:

  • beautiful scenery – this type of glazing is especially appropriate if around the house is something to see, for example, water or garden. Good views from the Windows of the buildings on the hills;
  • improved lighting – natural light is important for the comfort of the inhabitants of the house. With panoramic Windows, street light will penetrate the room throughout the day. The human eye needs natural light, which is beneficial for eyesight, prevents tension and quick fatigue;

Thanks to the panoramic Windows you can save on electricity as the room is always a lot of natural light

  • the beautiful design of the facade with panoramic Windows front of the house looks more modern, with a chance to save money on the exterior;
  • the increased cost of housing – a modern approach to architectural design of buildings increases the cost of housing. Market statistics realtors says that to buy an apartment with panoramic Windows or a house with a Bay window for the price of a cottage with standard Windows will not work. Selecting this glazing technology, the owner does a great investment in the future, should the need arise in selling a home;

The increased price of the property with panoramic Windows due to the high cost of designing the architecture of such a house

  • the ability to visually expand the space – this benefit is especially relevant for urban apartments, where the size of the rooms small;
  • advanced features in terms of design – the presence of these Windows allows you to create a home modern interior design with a variety of decor options, which can be laid with natural light.

A useful tip! In relation to the interior of the better to stay within the framework of minimalism. It is not recommended to block the window a large number of furniture.

French Windows in apartment buildings are very popular among the owners of the apartments on the upper floors

The disadvantages of the installation of the panoramic Windows in a private house or apartment

Installation of window designs panoramic type has its drawbacks:

  • large energy losses even the warm glass of the latest generation will be a source of significant heat loss. Housing with this type of glass requires 30% more on heating costs than in the presence of normal Windows;
  • increased risk for children – a panoramic glass window design is very close to the floor surface. If you do not install a special fence, a child while playing with a ball or falling can get seriously injured;

Ultra modern home design with full glass walls require large expenditures for heating

  • the need for frequent maintenance of the glass must be constantly kept clean, to be able to watch the beautiful scenery. For service Windows of that size would need a large amount of effort and cost;
  • lack of intimacy – the inhabitants of the house will not be able to retire from neighbors or strangers for huge Windows. Moreover, attackers can use a glass wall for quick penetration into the housing;
  • the high cost of repairs even minor damages can result in significant costs. And services to replace the glass will cost a lot because this job only to professionals.

Installing the deaf panoramic Windows on the upper floors, you will need to use the services of clearing services

Features of house designs with panoramic Windows

Panoramic Windows with the same success as established in private homes and urban apartments, only with the caveat that the architecture of the building allows it. When selecting the panoramic Windows you need to consider important points:

  • type of glazing (cold or warm);
  • frame material;
  • opening method;
  • a variety of glass;
  • the number of cameras;
  • the size of the opening for the project;
  • system care and maintenance products.

Some types of glass repel dirt and moisture, so there is no need to wash them after each winter-spring period

There are several technologies of panoramic Windows:

  • Cold – installation of Windows is carried out using aluminium profile. In fact, the installation of structures is performed frameless method. This method is used with the installation of panoramic Windows in the apartment when you want to glaze the balcony or loggia. Technology is also acceptable to design the veranda in a private home.
  • Warm – are used in mounting profiles made of plastic or wood. Such designs can be seen not only in apartments and houses but also in offices. Warm glass involves the use of two-chamber and three-chamber double-glazed Windows.

An example of using technology “warm” glass

Please note! The market allows you to buy panoramic window in the frame: plastic (PVC or vinyl), wood, aluminum, fiber-reinforced metal. Each of these materials has its own properties and features that affect the price of the products.

PVC prices are the most budget. However, plastic variants are limited in size. For the manufacture of wooden profiles used laminated veneer lumber. Metal products are the most robust and reliable.

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Price panoramic Windows glazing a house or apartment

First and foremost, the product selection is based on the size of the budget, however, other factors, for example, the design window placement and interior of the premises in which they are installed.

Price panoramic window structures of the type:

Type isDeleted, RUB/м2Панорамное plastic oknot 2000Окна imitation drevesiny 2000Окно with a frame of aluminum, wood, metalloplastiku 3000Алюминиевое, oknot 3500Панорамная the design of the stationary tipat 5000Стандарт, Bay window, угловое4000-5500Теплое aluminum oknot 6500

Because the decision to use the panoramic Windows was adopted at the stage of designing the house, it is useful to examine quotations on the construction of stone and wooden buildings with the use of these products.

The cost of construction of the cottage and the possibility of installing panoramic Windows depends on the choice of construction materials

The prices of finished stone houses with panoramic Windows:

Area м2Строительные materializing, RUB one-story здания134,3керамические blocks and газобетон2195000209,3газопластик and железобетон3420000Двухэтажные здания316,2газосиликатные блоки3960000377газосиликатные блоки4730000

Prices ready-made wooden houses with panoramic Windows:

Area м2Строительные materializing, RUB 124бревно2000000153,46брус3000000200брус8000000

Please note! The tables show the average rates on cost of the buildings with panoramic Windows. The exact cost depends on many factors: layout, type of Windows and profiles, their size, placement and quantity, plant specific, etc.

Construction of gas silicate blocks are highly durable and heat-retaining properties, which allows you to install large panoramic Windows

The cost of construction of a one story house with large Windows: additional costs

The construction costs of the building with panoramic Windows do not end up buying Windows. And on the final price of the product in addition to the size, impact and other highlights:

  • the presence of additional elements in the design – these elements include flow, inlet valves, nets, window sills;
  • the hardware type and its quality – Windows are equipped with opening mechanisms, handles and locks. Their price varies depending on the quality of material of these parts, as well as the pricing of the manufacturer;

Windows of unusual shape may differ significantly in price, as in most cases, made to order

  • the cost of services installation wizard, which is responsible for the installation of the panoramic Windows, needs to be qualified, which increases the cost of services. The price depends on the number of submitted works: dismantling of old Windows, installation of panoramic structures, installation of insulation, fit-out works, etc.;
  • the cost of transporting goods to the construction site.

Purchase profiles – the main item of expenditure for glazing. Reliable results provide only high quality products, of course, their cost is high. The lowest price have profiles white. Products of other shades and colors will cost more. The totality of these factors determines the cost of the panoramic Windows.

Please note! For good thermal insulation it is better to buy triple glazed Windows. The lowest price have the frame of the deaf type.

In winter, the glazed verandah does not heat, but it involves the use of highly durable moisture resistant materials for room

Variety of panoramic Windows: photo and features of products

Panoramic window design are standard (conventional), garden, corner. Also, in this category of products includes false Windows. In most cases, use the standard versions of the products. Design corner type are used in cases where the premises have been planned unusual interior design. A corner variant of the good that flows into the room a large amount of light.

False Windows can be used to budget a way to transform the interior. These products are panel lights and paintings that adorned the beautiful landscape. In the web you can find photos of the panoramic Windows in the apartments with the image of the city at night, beautiful beaches, waterfalls and nature. These products are applicable in cases where the view out the window is unattractive. They can be plain or angular.

To expand the space of the room also use false Windows mirror

By way of opening there are the following types of structures:

  • That swing is the most popular option. If necessary, the sash Windows can be open slightly or open completely.
  • Parallel-sliding type – products with a high level of impermeability and thermal insulation. The disadvantages include the fragility of the insulation.
  • Concertina Windows that fold like an accordion, provide a very low level of thermal insulation, so they are recommended for use in the construction of houses in warm regions.
  • Lifting-sliding type – products are considered to be the most functional. They are warm and quiet, work by lifting and sliding mechanism.

A convenient method of glazing the front of the wall is to install Windows that fold like an accordion

Please note! These types of Windows can be completed with frames or shipped without them (frameless glazing).

The choice of material for frames of large Windows in a private house

Products with frames that have a longer lifespan than frameless options and high durability. Metal frames are the most durable and are characterized by high emissivity. Such Windows may be the most diverse form, for example, rounded or arched. Metal frames are endowed with fireproof properties and show resistance to hacking attempts.

For glazing large areas of walls using sturdy metal frame

To a frame made from reinforced metal, lasts as long as possible it is recommended to buy the product, treated with anti-corrosion agents. Look attractive combine of wood and metal. Such products can advantageously emphasize the design of the furniture, and internal and external finishing of the building.

Houses from profiled timber it is recommended to choose Windows with frames made of wood. This type of material is popular among buyers due to its energy intensity and environmental friendliness. Products made from solid wood, to protect from fungus are treated with special chemical solutions.

Frames made of wood are not only more environmentally friendly but also retains more heat in the house

System panoramic Windows are equipped with aluminum frames. The composition of this material included special components that have a high margin of safety. Thanks to aluminum profiles with the same strength are more mild than frames made of natural wood.

Please note! PVC belongs to the category of the least durable materials, however in certain cases it may be more appropriate. Compared to metal, plastic is not so cold and is resistant to the adverse effects of environmental factors and moisture that can not offer wood.

Panoramic and sliding Windows can be unsafe in moving games of children, so it is recommended to set on the ground floor

Tips for successful implementation of the project of the house with panoramic Windows

Before buying goods selected such nuances:

  • security;
  • thermal insulation;
  • the size of the panoramic Windows;
  • design (both the products and the design of the facade and interior of the premises).

When choosing Windows it’s important to consider the overall style and design of the house

The dimensions of the products are selected based architecture and interior design, as well as their purpose. For large walls, use large Windows, almost the entire height of the surface, they are made to order. The glazing porches or gazebos small size in rare instances, the design standard sizes if they do not block street views and fill the space from floor to ceiling.

The choice of glasses for a one story house with large Windows

The most important technical parameters that affect the safety and thermal insulation of the house includes indicators of glass installed in the Windows.

Types of glass for panoramic window designs:

  • tempered – have an increased margin of safety. This figure exceeds the parameters of conventional glass 5 times;
  • triplex (glass lamination) – the product consists of several plates. These elements are fixed by means of a special film, which allows to achieve high strength;

In windy regions it is better to install Windows with tempered glass

  • glass with a coating of specblank – surface reinforced by a coating of a reinforcing film that provides additional protection from ultraviolet radiation;
  • reflective and tinted glass is intended for glass the Sunny side of the house;
  • energy-saving glass with the inner part of the glass material covered with a layer of tin oxide or silver, due to this indoors is better is warm.

For stained glass Windows using transparent glass of M1 class

Technical requirements for the Windows of country houses:

  • Glass thickness – minimum thickness is 6 mm. To ensure an adequate level of safety in the home it is recommended to mount multi, shockproof or low-emission glass.
  • The air layer thickness of air layer in the glazing for optimum thermal insulation shall not be less than 12 mm.
  • The class of stained glass – the glass should be as transparent as possible. This requirement corresponds to the class M1.

Please note! Relatively recently appeared in the sale of “smart Windows”. These designs are equipped with sensors that automatically control the indoor climate due to opening and closing, and ventilation systems. These Windows independently reduce its transparency when the temperature outside is too bright sun, and their good coating repels dirt and water.

If the room is on the Sunny side, it can be purchased samosatenus Windows that react to the sun’s rays

Service cottages with panoramic Windows: glass cleaning

About the problem of maintenance and cleaning panoramic Windows you need to think more in the design phase. During washing of the designs on the glass stains and streaks, making the surface lose its attractiveness and transparency. Normal Windows are easy to clean from contamination.

This procedure is more complicated if the panoramic design is located on the second floor or above. In this case, without the services of industrial climbers can not do. Will require skill and special equipment. Moreover, the process itself is unsafe, as the works are carried out at height outside the building. Industrial climbers are mounting a belt with a chain. It is fixed in the heating riser.

For different types of glasses you should select a special cleanup tool

To reduce the amount of pollution experts recommend to develop a system of stormwater drainage systems. With this system you can do the sink window designs only on the inside. High quality results will ensure the wiper and specialized detergents. For exterior window-cleaning is a special MOP. Some of these devices, thanks to its 1.5-meter length, can reach the blind slats and effectively clean them.

For washing large panoramic Windows, using the long magnetic brush or sponge

The heating system in the projects of houses with large Windows

Panoramic glazing at the stage of planning affects other components of the building project. One of them is the heating system, as large Windows become a source of heat loss in the house, and if you do not take care of creating the optimal building layout in advance, it is likely that in winter the rooms will be cold.

Conventional batteries cannot cope with a full space heating. Moreover, their design is not designed for installation in homes with panoramic Windows. Instead of the installation of low radiators for the panoramic Windows, which are designed for such operating conditions. The height of this battery does not exceed 20-30 cm

For country cottages a great way of heating is a fireplace

In some cases, do not use a low radiator. Instead, installed in the building thermal curtain. The heater can effectively maintain a stable temperature in the room. The design of the device is embedded in the surface of the floor under a window or installed over it.

A useful tip! Electric devices embedded in the floor, it is best to mount at a distance of 30 cm from the window. Otherwise, the currents of warm air will wander in the curtains.

An example of placing a radiator under a panoramic window

As additional heating sources can be used:

  • Underfloor heating systems (water, electric, air);
  • heaters of the infrared type;
    the heating baseboards;
  • electric or real log fires.

Typically, these fireplaces are located in living rooms or dining rooms, in rare cases, in the bedroom. This heating system is an architectural element of the building, so its presence is thought out in advance, including the layout and ventilation systems. You can find glasses with built-in electric heating.

In the pane smart window glass heated with elektrichestva supplied to window design

Development of projects of houses with large Windows: photos and recommendations

The project is a new house with panoramic glazing must take into account. If the building faces to the South or southwest, the heat loss will be much less. As a result of reduced costs for home heating. Panoramic glazing will be appropriate in cases where the house has beautiful views of natural objects or landscapes. This technology is also applied if the surroundings of the building can give exclusivity to the interior.

When designing the house and further setting large picture Windows, consider the terrain and location

The best place for the project home with panoramic glazing will be:

  • Playground on the sea coast;
  • edge of the forest;
  • area by the waterfall or river;
  • Playground on a hill with beautiful views of the city or the natural landscape.

Beautiful views will bring harmony and aesthetics to the room

Ordinary city streets or cottages are not suitable for such houses. The distribution of Windows on the project depends on the personal preferences of the owner. The most suitable for panoramic glazing are the following types of rooms:

  • living room;
  • kitchen;
  • bedroom;
  • hall or entrance hall (area with high traffic).

With the installation of panoramic Windows in the apartment, consider the noise level on the street

A useful tip! When selecting a location for the construction is necessary to find out about the development plans of the area. After all, today the Windows of the building visible from the forest, but tomorrow this space can flood the standard of the apartment buildings, which will ruin all the work.

Bedroom with panoramic Windows

The bedroom, like the bathroom, put forward high requirements for privacy. The installation of the panoramic Windows may be contrary to this requirement, so you should pay special attention to the location of the bed. Even if only one wall in the room has panoramic Windows, the room will be clearly visible on the outside, so it is useful to include the blinds or curtains.

French Windows in the bedroom are popular in country houses, where the low level noise from the outside

Accommodation options window in the bedroom:

  • tape construction – the best glazing option for the rest room. If Windows is installed on the floor level, then with the outside of the building will be visible only to the feet of the residents. When placed at a height of 70 cm similar designs in respect of privacy does not differ from standard Windows. If place them in the ceiling, tape constructions can be used without blinds and curtains around the clock;

The photo is an example of wooden construction that completely covers the picture window, which is handy at night

  • angled design – ensures good light levels and a review in two ways. Placed at a height of 70 cm from the floor, these Windows are quite convenient, but the corner type of accommodation requires the use of heavy curtains in the daytime to protect themselves from Intrusive sun.

The dressing area should be as far from the Windows.

Living room with panoramic Windows

Placement of furniture in the living room is also not devoid of certain features. Fitment depends on the room dimensions, the number of items of furniture and style in which decorated the interior.

Recommendations for furniture arrangement in the living room with panoramic Windows:

  • zoning area – area of the room is divided into several Seating areas with a certain type of furniture. From panoramic Windows you can set a coffee table and a few chairs or a small sofa size. This part of the room can be used for conversations, tea parties, Board games, reading;

With the help of French glazing can be zoned living, creating a feeling of open space

  • placement of furniture in the form of the letter “P” – this option involves the placement of furniture along the walls, so the household can watch the view from the window;
  • furniture placement in the panorama window method is used for small living rooms. This arrangement of furniture allows you to expand the chair to the window or to turn them in.

A useful tip! TV, as an essential part of living, it is better to install the window. In some cases, a wall between a pair of panoramic Windows, if any. Acceptable would be to place a telescope or a Grand piano in this area.

Kitchen with panoramic Windows

Any kitchen includes several functional areas: eating, working and storage area. In some cases two of these zones can be combined. Selecting the design of panoramic Windows for kitchen, you should consider its size, height, layout and purpose of individual zones of the room.

The best options of panoramic Windows for the kitchen:

  • the full height of the room is suited to the spacious rooms, studios, or private homes with a free plan of the first floor. In this case, the glass walls can be installed anywhere. The exception is the working area and the area reserved for storage;

Panoramic Windows look great in apartments, lofts, emphasizing style and design

  • at the height of 0.4-0.5 m from the floor – a good way to organize a dining zone in the kitchen can be used for walls where there are no functional elements. This type of glazing can be seen on flat walls or Bay Windows;
  • at the height of 0.75-0.8 m from the floor – this glazing option allows you to arrange Windows in one design over the entire area of the room. Thus, there is a possibility to put a Desk and in the dining area to keep a good overview. Allowed the placement of the kitchen sofas, as the Windows are placed high enough that the furniture looked appealing from the outside.

Panoramic wooden Windows beautifully sochetayutsya with kitchen in classic style

The kitchen is set narrow Windows, which can be tape with accommodation on top. Most often it is the design of the folding and hinged type. Windows-chips, located under the ceiling, will provide the room plenty of natural light, even if the room has a lot of furniture.

Unique projects of houses with large Windows: alternative kitchen design

There are several options of panoramic Windows of the working area in the kitchen. One of them can even be used for apartments where the kitchen has an adjoining accommodation with loggia. As a result, the owner of suburban housing may refuse to create a summer dining room or further build the bar right in the yard.

Please note! For the organization of panoramic Windows, it is desirable to use in this case fold “accordion” or design of the sliding type.

Thanks to the large panoramic Windows you can create a unique and unusual kitchen design

The first option involves the construction of countertops on the location of the outer window sill. The design allows you to open the window and do the table setting in the yard directly from the kitchen. In this case, the veranda of a country house or insulated balcony in the apartment can be used as a dining area for the whole year.

The second method involves the installation of Windows on the wall without arranging additional countertops. To use as a dining area table, which is located at the window, enough to push the flaps. Serving is done from the kitchen.

By sliding panoramic Windows of the dining area of the kitchen can be combined with access to the yard

The use of panoramic Windows in a private house: photo of interesting projects

There are several ways to create unusual designs with the use of panoramic Windows:

  • installation of Windows the original shape (radius of the structure, the Windows in form of arches, or polygon);
  • the use of parts of various sizes and shapes;
  • the inclusion in the project of a building of unusual architectural designs for the installation of the Windows;

Panoramic Windows can also be used indoors, instead of walls, zoning and room combining

  • the installation of the overhead of dummy strips;
  • buying window designs with frames in bright colors or their independent staining;
  • the combination in one room of Windows of various types.

Design large Windows in a private home: pictures of houses with Bay Windows

Bay window – an architectural addition to the building project, which is a small protruding element. It acts as a decoration for the facade of the building. An integral design element of the Bay is panoramic. This projecting part of the building is used to increase the living space. A Bay window can increase the amount of natural light entering the house from the street.
From the inside decor to fit the interior of the room.

A Bay window allows you to increase the internal space of the home, as well as to improve the illumination and insolation

In some cases the extension may function as a separate room. This space is often used for the organization of a study, living room, play area.

A useful tip! With panoramic glazing on site is possible to create a small winter garden.

Akrar often used for the outside of the house, at least — to exit the courtyard

For the design of the Bay window frame glazing is used. And brace frames located on the side, open. This files most often between the wall and the frames of Windows formed an angle of 30 degrees. The Bay Windows of irregular shapes, e.g., rounded panoramic Windows are placed orthogonally. Usually, this area is used for recreation. A similar design in addition the frames involve the use of flexible profiles and the additional connecting elements. The higher placed of the glass, the decorative Bay window looks in the project.

Projects single-storey houses with panoramic Windows on the porch

Porch is a part of the building, which is located at the same level as the house. This unit has its own walls, Foundation, roof and openings for Windows. Since the porch is part of a residential building, in the presence of heating it would be best to perform a warm glazing panoramic Windows.

Bright, spacious veranda can become a major place for leisure activities at home

This ensures reliable protection from the negative impact from the outside:

  • precipitation;
  • noise from the street;
  • insects.

As a result, the veranda can be used as a year-round areas. But the extension to the house is a separate structure which the project is adjacent to the building or installed at a distance from him. The Annex does not require the maintenance of heat, so it is enough to install a cold glass. Preferably without frames.

With the installation of the panoramic Windows for a porch, consider the future costs of heating in winter

Please note! Panoramic glazing porches or outbuildings may be full or partial. In the photo you can see the options with a glass roof.

Frame glazing terrace or veranda is considered as a simplified version of the design with the budget cost and the possibility of partial replacement or repair in case of damage. Frameless glazing, is considered to be a luxury and decorative option, although has a lower reliability, higher cost and complex mounting technology.

Interesting projects of houses with large Windows: pictures indoor swimming pools

Modern projects of country houses offer developers the construction of indoor pools. The owner of such housing will not have to visit a club or public institution, to swim. Depending on budget you can do the construction of the simplest design or build a chic luxury swimming pool. Correct glazing of such elements of construction is the key point of success. This protects from the negative effects of the weather and the beautiful exterior design.

French Windows — one of the most popular solutions for the private pool

The installation of the panoramic Windows during the construction of the pool complex view of facade works. This is due to specific operational conditions. Humidity the room which houses the pool, leads to the formation of condensation on the panoramic Windows. Severe frosts will turn the moisture into ice, which is unacceptable.

Often in projects the construction of the pool is constructed using large spans. It is recommended to use warm glazing technology. Also, subject to the restrictions on the size of the glazing. Given the high loads on the window increase and technical requirements for reliability and durability, our structures and glass in them.

Large Windows for indoor pools are usually used in country cottages, where the territory is fenced

A useful tip! The humidity in the room the private pool reaches 70%. Therefore, it is recommended to use material with water resistant properties. You can find Windows with a sealant designed for the withdrawal of excess moisture.

Beautiful house designs with large Windows, orangeries and conservatories

Projects of country houses with greenhouses or winter gardens have been associated with many expensive and respectability. In fact, the design can be variable and take into account different budget.

Modern winter gardens in relation to architectural features in many ways similar to Bay Windows and verandas. The only thing that distinguishes them – improved insulation and the best possible panoramic glass walls and roof. Thanks to modern technologies it is possible to perform almost continuous warm glazing.

For plants it is important a large amount of daylight, so by installing Windows, you can easily organize a winter garden

The presence of panoramic Windows help to integrate the surrounding nature into the house. Due to transparent walls of the greenhouse or winter garden, fully blurring the distinction between interior space and landscape design of the plot. Room going the maximum amount of sunlight which will be useful not only plants, but also the inhabitants of the house, decided to relax with a book or laze in a hammock.

To bring the neighborhood nature you can install sliding panoramic Windows. In the warm season, this room can be used as a relaxation area with fresh air and going outside.

In the photo example of a beautiful and practical glazing of the winter garden where you can grow citrus and other trees

The suburban housing projects with a winter garden allow you to increase the space of the house, visually reinforcing the massiveness of the building. Through an attached greenhouse to the building of introduced ornamental variety in its architecture, and the presence of a large number of transparent surfaces adds lightness.

The choice of decor and curtains to panoramic Windows: ways to design

The final step in the organization of panoramic Windows in the house is their introduction into the interior with decor.

For the decoration of the panoramic Windows can be used:

  • ordinary curtains;
  • Roman blinds;
  • blinds;

The choice of curtains for large Windows is quite large, but it is better to use light and not Intrusive fabric to give the interior of lightness

  • easy drape;
  • blinds;
  • Japanese curtains.

A useful tip! So the decor is not contrary to the fundamental purpose of panoramic Windows (pass sunlight inside the room) it is not recommended to use a multi-layered and dense options. Better to pick light curtains in classic or traditional style.

For the work area or office is better to use curtains blinds, which allow you to adjust lighting levels throughout the day

For draperies best are bright colors, inconspicuous or translucent patterns. Allowed to use fringe and tassels. Restrictions on fabric no. Rail varieties are very popular. Roller blinds will also be appropriate in the interior with large window openings. This kind of designs can be remotely controlled, making them easy to use.

Installation of Roman blinds from whole cloth is on the ceiling or in the window opening. Japanese curtains are suitable for the interior in Oriental style. Regardless of which version of the curtains are supposed to hang in the room, as long as they didn’t block the flow of sunlight into the room.

For high panoramic Windows you can purchase roller blinds with automatic control

Panoramic glazing is widely applicable in residential construction, it can be used to decorate a porch or covered pergola and thereby impart the architecture of the building is beautiful and a presentable appearance.

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