House-hut: an alternative housing design for the construction of suburban

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From this article you can learn what design features has the house tent: advantages and disadvantages of structures And shape, their specificity and common variants of design with photos. The text contains step-by-step description of technology of construction of a triangular house-the most popular projects and selecting the appropriate option, preparation for work and the main stages of the construction of buildings, as well as additional recommendations.

House-tents are not as common, immediately standing out for its non-trivial form of a series of buildings of traditional forms


1 Triangular construction of huts, their advantages and disadvantages
  1.1 Features of the houses-huts: photo and nuances of design
  1.2 House-tent and great benefits of such projects
  1.3 What are the disadvantages accompanied by the construction of houses-triangles
2 Development of project at home-a tent: dimensions and photos, construction technology
  2.1 How to draft the optimum design of a house-tent
  2.2 Initial stage of building a house: pictures and description of the process of creating the Foundation
  2.3 How to make a house-tent: the construction of a frame of the building
  2.4 How to build a house-a tent: laying roofing material
  2.5 Finishing work in the house-hut for living
  2.6 How to perform the interior finishing in A-shaped house

The triangular construction of the huts, their advantages and disadvantages

For the construction of country houses the majority of owners choose a traditional design with a standard layout. However, having a private plot of land, can be considered alternatives of buildings with an unusual design. Pictures of the huts in the forest, which can be found on the Internet, clearly reflect how attractive and natural can be design A-shaped house.

House-hut can be called one big attic room, which may have two or three levels — how allows the height of the roof

Features of the houses-huts: photo and nuances of design

The design of the hut is made in the form of a triangle. This home has two facades. Walls do not exist, their function is performed by the roof slope. If to speak in General terms, the building consists of a skeleton framework which is made of several frames of triangular shape. The roof type is lowered to the Foundation. Some photos of country houses you can see other variants of the design, where the roof starts from a low base.

The house-type tent no walls, replace them with larger roof, which is located under the living room

Such constructions are successfully used both as temporary and permanent housing. Depending on the project, the house can have one or two passes, and even a balcony.

Tip! Through placement of passages will allow you to efficiently organize moving residents from one side of the yard to the other through the internal space of the house. Besides, this arrangement will provide additional coolness in the summer due to the draught.

With a minimum of time, effort and money, you can build a great house for seasonal or even year-round

Triangular structures are quite easy to assemble, so the owners of suburban areas can bring to life beautiful designs of frame houses with his own hands without the help of professionals.

For construction you can use:

  • wooden shield;
  • clapboard;
  • beam;

If you are new in buildning projects I recomend that you listen to TedsWoodworking for more details and instruction.

The house of the tent was comfortable in the winter, the roof must be carefully warmed

  • dry board.

Since the internal space of triangle buildings is not so much to save the useful area of the fireplace and chimney should be placed outside of the building. The photo of the house in the woods with this design look very impressive. While this approach has its drawbacks, as much of the heat will escape to the outside.

Construction house-hut with a chimney, placed on the street

House-hut and great benefits of such projects

The popularity of the tents due to the large number of benefits. These buildings are characterized by simple mounting system. For the construction does not require the help of specialists, as owner of the land may collect a design of a modular house with his own hands. With skeleton design have to Tinker a little longer, but it will not cause serious problems.

An important advantage of the house-hut is a space saving, thanks to the triangular type of construction, which also does not obscure the sun plants

The building has no walls, so its construction will require less time. No need for masonry work or casting formwork. Simplicity of installation is due to low price of buildings in the form of a tent. In the estimate there are no costs for execution of masonry work, as well as the purchase of a solution for them. In addition, the design does not require heavy and massive Foundation, so construction costs are significantly reduced.

The relative simplicity of the construction design and the high pace of construction, due to the lack of walls — are important features of the house-hut

The building’s triangular shape allow you to save available space on plots of small size. In the web you can find a lot of ready projects of houses on 6 acres with compact dimensions, ideal for temporary residence in the country. Due to their configuration structures in the form of a tent provide a minimum of shadows, which is an advantage if the area light-loving plants are grown.

Gable roof, reaching to the Foundation or cap is the most suitable option for regions with a humid climate

House from natural materials perfectly fit into any landscape, whether a tent in the woods or a triangular building in the countryside. The same design will look good in open space, next to other data structures or surrounded by high trees and mountains.

The original appearance of the house-type tent in perfect harmony with the countryside

Roof with two slopes will be the best option if the house construction is on site with humid climatic conditions, where in the autumn there are long rains, and winter is accompanied by abundant snowfall. Due to the low location of the roof protects the Foundation and other areas of the building from moisture and destruction.

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What are the disadvantages accompanied by the construction of houses-triangles

Function main walling performs the roof, which is not able to provide a high level of protection from the cold. To create comfortable conditions for living in the winter time, it is necessary to insulate the high-quality construction materials.

If you do not care about the special attic Windows, the rooms can be too dark

Forming side walls of the building, the roof slopes gradually narrowed upward. Because of this housing becomes a significant part of the internal space that could be used under the room. If the project at home involves the construction of two floors, will have to pitch in stair design. It is not only difficult to implement, but leads to an additional loss of usable area.

In the summer of gable roof due to its considerable size is exposed to intense heat. The heat is transmitted to the interior, so the air conditioning system installation will be useful. Moreover, steep slopes complicate the installation of roofing material.

Gable roof-the shed gets very hot in the summer, due to its considerable size

Large slope of the roof imposes other restrictions, so construction will have to buy extra long rafter lengths. These products are made exclusively to order. To do this, use high-quality wood. The same difficulties arise with panoramic Windows. It is most commonly used in the mechanical parts of the house, occupying most of the facade. Panoramic Windows and special Windows will have to buy to order. Besides wash these large glass panes in the future employment difficult.

Sloping walls require a special approach in relation to the interior. Will have to carefully select pieces of furniture or even make them to order, since the standard designs can conceal useful inches in buildings with an unusual configuration.

Sloping walls can not everyone will like, because you can arrange the furniture in such a room — not an easy task

Project development home-shelter: dimensions and photos, construction technology

Before you seriously think about the housing in the form of a tent, be sure to view the photos of the houses in the country and to choose the most appropriate project.

Mistakes made at this stage, to correct very difficult and sometimes impossible. It is therefore necessary to carefully select the design of the building, its dimensions and develop the site plan. These data will help to determine the correct place for the construction site. This question is especially relevant for sites of small size.

Ready to find the types of projects home-tents difficult, as a variant of the construction is not too popular and widespread

Importantly! Selecting a place for construction of houses, should pay attention to the plants that are on the site. Construction should not interfere with the growth of trees or shaded areas, needing the sun.

In the absence of construction experience, you can enjoy the finished project A-shaped house. In this case, the professionals will select the optimal location for placement, calculate all the parameters and dimensions.

In most cases, the standard design involves the following types of work:

  • construction of Foundation;

The house-tent

  • the creation of the frame and partitions;
  • the construction of the roof;
  • the installation of Windows, stairs and doors and a floor;
  • warming and finishing.

Each company offers their own list of standard works. Before you order the execution of the project, it is desirable to clarify this point.

How to make the best design of the house-hut

Due to the steep slope angle of the roof, the building loses a significant amount of internal space. That is why many developers prefer a roomy and low houses, such as bungalows. To reduce these losses to a minimum, selecting the proportions of the structure, it is desirable to dwell on the variant, consisting of two triangles the right shape. In this case the figures will have the next size angles: 30°, 90° and 60°.

Essentially a house-tent consists of repetitive structures, namely, wooden frames that resemble the letter “a»

If the angle of the roof slope will be equal to 28°, then the person with a height of 1.8-1.9 m will be able to stand at a distance of 1 m from a slanted surface of the wall. The area under the ramps, which is below the human growth can be divided by vertical partitions and place in the closet area or storage lockers. If people will be staying in the house all year round, the walls are used for vertical zoning, it is necessary to insulate.

The space below the height of the person under the sloping walls of the shed can be separated by vertical partitions

Roofing materials most commonly used decking or metal. These coatings have a smooth surface, so snow load on the roof is minimal. Precipitation is not linger on the roof, sliding down the steep slopes. For this reason, the construction of a house-tent with their hands will be the best option for areas located in mountainous areas or regions with snowy winters.

Importantly! Don’t forget that the high roof creates windage, causing the building is exposed to significant wind loads. When choosing a place under construction, should take into account the wind rose. Better to give preference to reliable and qualitative base trim frame part.

The high roof of the house of the tent causes a significant wind load on its Foundation

The initial stage of building a house: pictures and description of the process of creating the Foundation

The selected site for construction should be leveled and cleared of rocks, debris, stumps. Then with the help of pegs and cords are laid out basic axes of future Foundation. With the developed plan of the excavated trench. Its size should slightly exceed the parameters set out in the project.

Typical dimensions and diagram of the device monolithic Foundation

At the bottom of the trench is formed of sand-gravel cushion. The stones are laid down, and sand is sprinkled over the top to the lower level of the markup. Each layer of the material should be thoroughly compacted. Along each of the trench necessary to install formwork shields. The upper part of this design is connected with planks. It must be done so that between the walls formed a distance of 0.3 m.

The tab strip Foundation of a house-hut

Then laid rubble stone. For the first row uses the boulders of large size. They are dry stacked and compacted. Only then can you fill the Bud. It is better to use the brand M100. The following ranks are formed so that the stones were a bit utaplivanii in the solution covering the previous clutch.

Rubble foundations for the house are environmentally friendly and perfectly resist the effects of soil water

Performing operations such as piling and pouring concrete, should focus on the design elevation – 0,230. How high quality and installed correctly these elements depends on the installation of load-bearing purlins. Before lower metal pins into the solution to apply to them the appropriate markup to indicate the offset from the base and parallel axes. This piece is 2.5 cm In places where mounted fitting parts, it is desirable to use a filler of small size.

Diagram of strip Foundation in the context of

The finished basement kept in formwork for the past 3 days. All this time basis should be regularly wetted with water. After removing the formwork, the resulting voids should be filled with sand, and build on the perimeter of the building, the pavement width of 0,7 m. the Optimum design of pavement consists of a layer of sand (0.1-0.15 m) and gravel (0.1 m), and concrete or asphalt pavement.

Removable wooden formwork for strip Foundation

Tip! It is desirable that the coverage blind area was located at a slight slope to collect rainwater dripping down. Due to this, the Foundation will not sweat and will last much longer.

How to make house-hut: construction frame of the building

The frame of the building is constructed on the already finished Foundation. Because it is made from wood, it is important to protect material from the effects of moisture. This is especially true of those elements that are in the ground. They should be treated with antiseptic and covered with waterproofing material such as roofing material. The parts that rise above the Foundation, it is necessary to pass through a slot in the protective coating, after which they are filled with hot bitumen. After that, the waterproofing load-bearing girders are mounted.

The scheme of construction of the frame of the house type tent

To simplify your work when creating a wireframe country house with their own hands, this operation can be divided into smaller steps. Truss legs must be placed on the ground, taking into account the configuration of the roof. Then the ends of the beams are connected with ridge overlays. Can be a bit to grab them using bolts M10. Then, checking the segment between free ends of floor beams are fixed in position. Only then bolts to the ridge site is fully tightened.

A-shaped rafters of the shed of the house going on the finished insulated ground floor slabs to pattern and rise in the design position

In the further Assembly of the rafters is desirable to build some semblance of stocks, focusing on the first set of items. At this stage, the assembled construction is fixed on a flat surface by means of pegs. They are slaughtered, so that all elements can be removed. Then in his place, fit the following parts assembled in the same way.

Assembly of A-shaped elements of the frame house of the tent

The mounting of the frame on the supporting girders:

  • The installation of extreme rafters, which is part of the gable facades.
  • Check the verticality with a plumb.
  • Fixing the rafters with props and bond the bottom corners with metal plates and screws M12.
  • Marking zone of fixing frames on the ridge Board.
  • The installation of the frames with nails.
  • The installation of the rafters under the ridge.

This problem can arise with the length of beams of the roof, you may have to splice to achieve the desired height

Once completed these works, at the top of the frame to attach wind power. They are fixed to the rafters. You can then remove the temporary bracing. Similarly, each edge connects all three frames.

With all its simplicity, a triangular building has an original appearance, concise shape, and a fracture of the upper wall emphasizes the uniqueness and comfort.

You can even get more that 16 000 similar project with details instruction on Wood Working Plans.

How to build a house-tent: laying of roofing material

As a roofing material to be used sheet slate. Work on its installation begins with the installation of obreshetochnyh design. To do this, take the boards with an average size of sections and fasten them to the rafters. These wooden elements are set in increments of 0.5 M. After that, the bars should be let outside frames located on the edge, about 50 cm on Top of received crates need to roll out the roofing felt, to lay and secure slate with nails.

Importantly! To fix the sheets, you should use rubber gaskets. Slate is very fragile and can be damaged during the installation process.

All works on installation of roofing to perform better in the upward direction. In this case, the leaves will overlap each other, preventing the ingress of moisture under the roof. The skate also needs to be protected. You can use a strip of roofing metal, bent accordingly.

Installation of slate is overlapped along edges, in one or two waves

Finishing work in the house-hut for living

In the first stage of finishing works formed the floor. To do this, on bearing purlins rafter frames stacked wooden logs. These elements are placed in increments of 50 cm For their fixation, it is desirable to use nails.

Device the bottom overlapping frame house shalashnaya type

Then, you should form a floor finish. For this purpose, high-quality and durable boards. They are placed perpendicular to the joists. Boards can be replaced with special racks, designed for floor. The thickness is 2.8 cm, the Advantage of rails is the presence of spines and grooves. Thanks to these structural features of the floor coating is durable and reliable, and assembled on the same principle as laying laminate flooring. There is no need to customize the items and control the size of the gap between them.

The exterior of the building can use the Board. They should be placed horizontally. For these purposes it is possible to use an ordinary material that is nailed in the overlap. Allowed the use of the boards with a quarter.

Coatings of wood has high strength and exceptional insulation properties

How to perform the interior finishing in A-shaped house

The interior walls are in need of good insulation. For these purposes, perfect hardboard with soft structure. The optimum thickness is 2.5 cm of insulation used and solid versions of the material, such as hardboard. In this case, the material should be thin, not thicker than 4 mm.

The use of such insulating material as MDF with a soft texture, even safe for people prone to allergies

If the finish is applied sheet material, to its installation must be mounted on the supporting structure bars. They are mounted along the frame at a distance of 2.5 cm from the front edge. Installation of hardboard is done over soft insulation. For masking corners you can use the plinth. Reiki lining will overlap the joints.

When the interior work is finished, will only have to install door and window units. Under in advance prepared apertures. To ensure the drainage of rainwater, you can perform the installation of metal drain. The design of the house is very simple in execution. The arrangement of the terraces and porches will expand the space. Interesting look projects with outbuildings, large-scale glazing and carving.

For more details on how to build whatever you want click here.

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